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Being judged, spiders, loneliness, love, loss, Mika.

folder_open Breaking Point
What would break this character?

Losing anybody close to him

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What's the worst thing in this character's life?

The fact that his brain won't let him accept himself as not straight and not like all the other boys.

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Idols/Role Models

The people brave enough to stand up for themselves

Music Type

emo music


Isaac and Lilian Ridley

Lilian died when he and Mika were young, but she left him her journal. Inside were all the adventures she went on, everything she did, everyone she met. She was a hairdresser and she heard all kinds of gossip at the salon.

Isaac was a swordsmaker Mika took an interest in. Isaac was always tough on Jackson for not being manly.


Mika Eileen Ridley, a mystery to him.

List of Adventures

*visiting the places his mother wrote about in her journal
*taking Mika and Azusa places
*exploring himself by painting what he feels

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