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Name - What is Guide Zephyr’s full name?

Guide Zephyr

Role - What is Guide Zephyr’s role in your story?

Secondary Character

Other names - What other aliases does Guide Zephyr go by?

Guide, Zephyr, Dad

Gender - What is Guide Zephyr’s gender?


Age - How old is Guide Zephyr?


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Height - How tall is Guide Zephyr?

6 ft. 3 in.

Hair Color - What color is Guide Zephyr’s hair?


Hair Style - How does Guide Zephyr style their hair?

Slicked back with a receding hairline.

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Guide Zephyr have?

Slowly develops messy scruff.

Eye Color - What is Guide Zephyr’s eye color?

Dark brown

Race - What is Guide Zephyr’s race?

Twilight Region, born in Nightsphere.

Skin Tone

Tanned pale skin

Body Type


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Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Guide Zephyr have?

Slow and zen

Motivations - What motivates Guide Zephyr most?

Wants to protect his loved ones.

Flaws - What flaws does Guide Zephyr have?

Lack of confidence, doesn't believe in his own cause

Prejudices - What prejudices does Guide Zephyr have?

Same as Pax, but stronger.

Talents - What talents does Guide Zephyr have?

Very charismatic

Hobbies - What hobbies does Guide Zephyr have?


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Education - What is Guide Zephyr’s level of education?

Part of Daysphere education

Background - What is Guide Zephyr’s background?

A Twilight community leader who escaped from the Daysphere.

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