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Name - What is Abigail Hunter’s full name?

Abigail Hunter

Role - What is Abigail Hunter’s role in your story?

Round, Main Character, Bridge

Other names - What other aliases does Abigail Hunter go by?

  • Abby

  • Abi

  • A. Hunter

Gender - What is Abigail Hunter’s gender?


Age - How old is Abigail Hunter?

13 and a half

face Looks
Weight - How much does Abigail Hunter weigh?

About 80 pounds

Height - How tall is Abigail Hunter?

5' 3''

Hair Color - What color is Abigail Hunter’s hair?

Midnight black

Hair Style - How does Abigail Hunter style their hair?

Long black braid down her back, sometimes over the shoulder. Slight bangs.

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Abigail Hunter have?

Slight bangs

Eye Color - What is Abigail Hunter’s eye color?

Hazel, but more on the green side

Race - What is Abigail Hunter’s race?

Bridge, but she still looks completely human

Skin Tone

Her skin is slightly tanned year-round and provides sharp contrast to her black hair.

Body Type

Of slight build, but not exactly fragile-looking. Tall for her age.

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Abigail Hunter have?


fingerprint Nature
Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Abigail Hunter have?

Abigail is impulsive but slow-acting, she will act fast once she knows it's the right thing to do.

• Tugs hair
• Shys away from conversation
• Avoids eye contact
• Jumpy

• Small smiles
• Meets your eyes
• Cracks jokes
• Engages in conversation

• Talks somewhat snippily
• Doesn't really look in your eyes
• Sort of in a state of skepticality

• Gets worked up easily
• Voice has definite edge
• Tugs hair when making a point
• Talks louder than normal

• Eyes downcast
• Retreats to inner shell
• Avoids people in general

• Voice squeaks somewhat
• Eyes sparkle
• Tugs hair

Motivations - What motivates Abigail Hunter most?

After she finds out Mallory is a ghost, she continues writing and communicating with Mallory because of the hope that she can 'see' her Dad again. She is also motivated because she wants the book published, and more so because it would be Mal's Third Task, which would let Mallory pass to the Ünterworld, so that Mallory won't Fade and Knox will still be alive.

Flaws - What flaws does Abigail Hunter have?

Abi is sort of prone to writers block, and at first doesn't believe Mallory and almost talks herself out of believing that Mallory was a ghost. Abi can be very persuasive when she needs to be.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Abigail Hunter have?

She, like most humans, believes ghosts to be malevolent beings, and finds it hard to believe that the Ünterworld is a good thing, a good place.

Talents - What talents does Abigail Hunter have?

She is an avid writer, and a good one at that. She is also a Bridge, a link between the Ünterworld and the human world, aboveground.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Abigail Hunter have?

She writes, mainly in her notebook. Mal's the one who types most of it.

She bakes cookies because her mom works too late to cook dinner.

She paints. Just because.

Personality type - What personality type is Abigail Hunter?

Abi is an ambivert, and readily believes things once she has solid proof of them. If you don't have proof, she doesn't pay any attention.


groups Social
Religion - What religion does Abigail Hunter practice?

I don't really talk about that in the book, for fear it would offend certain people, but she's a Christian.

Politics - What politics does Abigail Hunter have?

She normally has none, but after seeing the Ünterworld, she hates the Above politics a whole lot more, and literally seethes with anger every time the news turns on. Talk about influenced!

Occupation - What is Abigail Hunter’s occupation?

She writes, and is a pretty good painter! She paints the cover of After Life herself!

• After Life is the book Abi writes with Mal as the Third Trial so that Mallory won't Fade and Knox will still exist

Favorite color - What is Abigail Hunter’s favorite color?

She likes China Blue, because it was her dad's favourite colour.

Favorite food - What is Abigail Hunter’s favorite food?

She loves enchiladas.

Favorite possession - What is Abigail Hunter’s favorite possession?

Her pen, the cheap dollar store variety that carries enough power to wipe out North America.

(see Notes)

Favorite weapon - What is Abigail Hunter’s favorite weapon?

Her pen. 'The pen is mightier than the sword'.

Favorite animal - What is Abigail Hunter’s favorite animal?

She has a sort of fondness for goats.

Job - What job does Abigail Hunter have?

She writes, and wants to write for a living.

date_range History
Birthday - When is Abigail Hunter’s birthday?

Abi's birthday is May 26th.

Education - What is Abigail Hunter’s level of education?

She is a seventh grader at Cedarview Middle School.

Background - What is Abigail Hunter’s background?

See backstory.

device_hub Family
Pets - What pets does Abigail Hunter have?

She has a pet fish named Larry.

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edit Notes

(about her pen)
Abigail is a Bridge, and like all Bridges, she has an object that acts as the vessel of and for her power. It basically has nuclear ink made of power.

edit_location Spirits / Ghosts Known
Why is this crucial?

Mallory is crucial because they story revolves around trying to help Mallory go to the Ünterworld. Mallory has been stuck for seven years as a ghost. All she wants is to be reunited with her dead mom, who is successfully in the Ünterworld.

Frank is crucial because she has to help her dad AND Mal pass their Trials, and eventually she has to choose between him or Mallory.

Wes is crucial because he breaks them into ANUB1S, the station that controls who lives and who dies. After that... he's expendable.

Which ghosts and spirits does this character know?

Frank, Mal, and any and all other ghosts.

format_quote Quotes
Inspiring Quote from this character:

'Life is just a series of Trials. Why should Death be any different?'

Snappy Comeback from this Character:

'I didn’t mean to push your buttons. I was just looking for mute.'

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equalizer Backstory
What is this character's backstory?

So, Abi is real interesting....

She was born in a regular hospital, but soon after her Uncle Sammi, who was in his prime, died. Cue the paranoia in the Hunter household. Her mom, Cass, and Frank, her dad, rush to buy a new house far away from the city where Abi was born. They stumbled upon a large antique-vibe-giving house for a low price, out in the suburbs. In Cedarview. They snatch up the offer. By the time they move in, Abi is 2.

All goes well in Cedarview until Abi is seven. One day, Abi comes home from school. Neither of her parents are home. She tiptoes up the stairs. A quiet aura has settled upon the house. And then she sees her first ghost. An old man, translucent and yellowish, is sitting on her bed and looking lost. Abigail walks up to him timidly. 'Hello," she says, and the poor old man looks like, well, like he's seen a ghost. Then he disappears, and Abi's parents come home soon after. It is not mentioned, and her parents aren't even aware it happened.

The years go by, uneventful, until Abi is twelve. That is when it all changed. 'Bye, Dad," she says, leaning on the doorframe. Frank is going to get some material for his 'research'. The hours go by. No reply from Abi's calls. No messages. Eventually, Abi calls her mom. Cass is just as worried as Abigail is. They both go looking - and they both receive the news. Frank died in a car crash.

Since then, Cass has become overprotective and Abi has retreated into an inner shell. And that's why Abi didn't tell Cass when a second ghost appears. Not in the house, but Abi sees it when she's walking home from school. This time, it floats closer until Abi gets so creeped out, she tells it to 'Go away!' It disappears on the spot.

A month later, the story begins.

account_circle Quirk
What is a quirk this character has?

She twirls her hair almost 24/7.

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