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Name - What is Minnie Colt’s full name?

Minnie Colt

Role - What is Minnie Colt’s role in your story?


Lovable Dumb*ss

The Leader

Other names - What other aliases does Minnie Colt go by?


Full name: Minerva

Middle name: Anne

"Villain" alias: Gunpowder

Hero alias: Firework

Gender - What is Minnie Colt’s gender?

Woman, she/her

Romantic/Sexual Orientation


Age - How old is Minnie Colt?


face Looks
Weight - How much does Minnie Colt weigh?

115 lbs

Height - How tall is Minnie Colt?


Hair Color - What color is Minnie Colt’s hair?


Hair Style - How does Minnie Colt style their hair?


Bob cut, shoulder length

Side part, pseudo bangs

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Minnie Colt have?


Eye Color - What is Minnie Colt’s eye color?

Golden brown

Changes to a glowing gold when using powers

Race - What is Minnie Colt’s race?


Skin Tone


Body Type

Thin and underfed

Develops more muscular and curvy build later in story

Identifying Traits

Lots of freckles

Various scars scattered around her body

accessibility Outfit(s)
"Everyday" Outfit

Top: Over-sized plain black hoodie, two lapel pins on the pocket depicting an alien and a strawberry milk carton

Bottoms: Worn jeans with a small tear in the right knee

Shoes: Black Doc. Martens

Socks + Other: Blue socks w/ duck pattern, large moon-shaped earrings, a small light blue backpack with two pins that say "Pluto is still a planet" and "Chaotic Neutral" respectively link:

Summer Outfit

Top: Light pink t-shirt w/ strawberry decal

Bottoms: Denim shorts

Shoes: Old black and white sneakers

Socks + Other: White socks w/ a strawberry pattern, moon earrings, backpack, alternatively wears dark blue two-piece swimsuit w/ colorful dino pattern

Winter Outfit

Top: Black hoodie, tan trench coat

Bottoms: Jeans

Shoes: Doc. Martens

Socks + Other: Fuzzy white socks, moon earrings, sometimes wears white earmuffs, white scarf, and/or white gloves

Formal Outfit

Top: Navy blue suit jacket on top of a simple white button-down

Bottoms: Matching navy suit pants

Shoes: Black oxfords

Socks + Other: Strawberry socks, moon earrings, matching moon ring, optional light blue and white striped tie


Top: Old white t-shirt w/ a strawberry decal

Bottoms: Red shorts w/ white drawstring

Slippers: Simple, fuzzy, and white

fingerprint Nature
Habits, Preferences, and General Quirks

Sleeps in fetal position

Prefers tea to coffee

Always makes tea too hot

Never gets too cold

Minor pollen allergy

Never sleeps with any blanket thicker than a quilt

Summons small sparks when she snaps her fingers

LOVES a good horror movie

Reads a lot of fanfiction

Big sweet tooth

Hates sour foods

Motivations - What motivates Minnie Colt most?

Her earliest actions are brought on by desperation

Wanting to "prove herself"

Fear of getting too attached



Generally good morals

Flaws - What flaws does Minnie Colt have?

Comes off as standoffish

Very closed off emotionally

Cold and rude to new people at first

Anger issues

Kind of paranoid


Fear of cops

Fear of the open ocean

Dislikes CPS

Dislikes loud sounds (ironically)

Talents - What talents does Minnie Colt have?

Super strong

Great actress

Good at drawing

Bakes a mean pie

Hobbies - What hobbies does Minnie Colt have?



Reading fanfiction

Watching movies


Looking at memes

Personality type - What personality type is Minnie Colt?

ENFP; The Campaigner


Can spontaneously combust anything

“Goes off” with emotional outbursts, excitement, sadness, anger, panic, etc

Can summon sparks and small flames

Fireproof skin, insides still flammable

Her powers are hard to control, extra flames can appear when not summoned, sparks flare around her as she “goes off”, size is hardest to control, most explosions are large

Larger use of her powers lets out a sound similar to a canon firing

Can overheat if left using powers for too long

Largely enhanced metabolism, healing, and strength

Cannot retract what she has summoned

Has a REALLY tough time w/ power control when sick, drowsy, delirious, having a panic attack, or overheated

Always feels warm to the touch, great for hugs

Less conscious in full “going off” mode

groups Social
Religion - What religion does Minnie Colt practice?


Current foster family is Christian

Politics - What politics does Minnie Colt have?


Occupation - What is Minnie Colt’s occupation?

High school student

Favorite color - What is Minnie Colt’s favorite color?

Pastel blue

Favorite food - What is Minnie Colt’s favorite food?


Favorite possession - What is Minnie Colt’s favorite possession?

A pair of large, moon-shaped earrings, a birthday gift from her foster sister

Favorite weapon - What is Minnie Colt’s favorite weapon?

Mainly uses powers

Likes knives too

Job - What job does Minnie Colt have?

No formal job at the moment

import_contacts History
Birthday - When is Minnie Colt’s birthday?

June 4th, Gemini

Education - What is Minnie Colt’s level of education?

Currently in high school

Has had a normal education otherwise

Background - What is Minnie Colt’s background?

Taken from her parents at age 1.

Raised in facility until age 8.

Trained to fight + experimented on in facility.

Early experiments made her fireproof and gave cold resistance, enhanced strength, and enhanced metabolism.

Others were kept in facility w/ her, many did not survive experiments, there was a group of 11 survivors before “the incident”.

“The incident” occurs at age 8; facility began experimenting w/ a new power source, Minnie’s main powers were not intended to be given. Minnie wakes from a nightmare and goes off for the first time, completely destroying the facility. Wakes up the next day on the outskirts of a public park w/ no memories of who she is beyond the name “Minerva Anne”.

Brought into CPS by a stranger, placed in foster care system. Passed between three different homes, in the third one when story begins.

Becomes criminal (codename; Gunpowder) out of desperation when her foster family doesn't feed her enough for her enhanced metabolism.

Taken in by Cap. Halo when he's sent to capture Gunpowder (he makes a different call after learning of Minnie's situation).

Trains w/ Cap. and becomes the hero "Firework" while trying to redeem herself.

Eventually forms the Terra Legion w/ Cap. Halo, Lynx, Paradox, and Makeshift.

Falls for Sage (Lynx) real quick, doesn't know how to tell her.

home Family
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format_quote Incorrect Quotes

Minnie: In short; wear comfortable shoes, square your shoulders, and walk like you've been sent to murder Captain America.
Sage: Why in the name of aLL FUCKS-

Minnie: They may be idiots but-
Random citizen: My life is in the hands of an idiot??
Minnie: Nonononono- fOUr idiots.

Minnie: Oh! I have a Brita filter!
Sage: No, WE have a Brita filter- dO NOT PEE IN OUR BRITA FILTER, MINNIE

Reese: We need to talk about your immaturity.
Minnie, having just shoved Ethan off of the couch: Bold words for someone who's standing in lava

Ethan: Now for some witty back-and-forth banter! You go first!
Minnie: (incoherent violent screaming)

Minnie: We did it… we won!
(Villain of the week slowly stands back up)
Sage: (Starts to point)
Minnie: NO. We won. I am NOT turning around and looking at it. WE. WON.

Sage: Are you holding my hand?
Minnie: That was an accident.
Sage: …You're still holding my hand Mina-
Minnie: It's still an accident.

Arthur trying his best to train the gremlins: Ok, one last time! Simultaneous alien attack and tornado; what do you do?
Minnie: Call the Terra Leg-

Reese: If the rest of the team jumped off a bridge, woul-
Minnie: Probably

Minnie: Dear Santa;
Minnie: I'm writing to let you know that I've been naughty.

Minnie: (Bursts into the room and starts packing a suitcase)
Sage: Woah, what happened?
Minnie: Calm down, no one died.

(On a call w/ Arthur)
Minnie: Seriously, I really appreciate the new suit.
Arthur: It's no problem, kid. But shouldn't you be getting to your club-thing?
Minnie: Oh, right! Bye, love you-
Arthur: Love you too.
Minnie: (Crashes through window) dAD

Minnie: Sure, I don't really get a healthy amount of sleep like SOME PEOPLE do, but can they do tHIS (Stands up, blacks out for a second)

Minnie: Whenever I see a frog on a lilypad I'm like yeah man… that's exactly where you're supposed to be

Sage: When you said 'magical in bed', this wasn't really what I-
Minnie: (pulling a playing card out of her sleeve) Is THIS your card?
Sage: Oh my god

Ethan: The sexual tension between two gas stations on the same intersection though-
Sage: I am so sick of this shit. Two gas stations can't even be on the same block without some walnut shipping them, but I can't find a single fic for Denny's/Applebees with Denny's bottoming.
Minnie: You're literally out of you mind if you think Denny's isn't a top.
Reese: You all make me want to walk into the ocean and never return.

Video game loading screen: The tactis screen allows you to-

Minnie: (off-beat kazooing)

Sage: Oh sure, the media will tell you about how Minnie nearly died of pneumonia once, but they don't know about her worst illness.
Sage: It's called dumbass disease.
Minnie: (in the backround) No, I don't need a parachute-
Sage: And it's incurable.

Ethan: Are you a top or a bottom?
Minnie: I'm a threat.
Sage: (from the doorway) She's a bottom.

Reese: There were two snipers up ahead, but I took care of them.
Ethan: Really? Wow, I didn't hear you at all.
Reese: Hey, that's the first rule of battle; don't ever let the enemy know where you are.
Minnie: (in the backround) WOOOO! (explosion sounds) I'M RIGHT HERE YA BASTARDS, RIGHT OVER HERE!! YOU WANT SOME O' THIS?? YEAH YOU DO!! C'MON-

edit Notes

Minnie starts as a reluctant villain

Trained to be a hero by mentor/adoptive father

Has a hard time expressing her feelings at first

Learns to be more trusting and open over the course of the story

Big ol' lesbian

Adora vibes

Theme song:
Icarus by Bastille

Still a work in progress

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