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Name - What is Sage Stevens’s full name?

Sage Stevens

Role - What is Sage Stevens’s role in your story?


Love Interest

The Heart

Other names - What other aliases does Sage Stevens go by?


Middle name: Claire

Hero alias: Lynx

Gender - What is Sage Stevens’s gender?

Cis female, she/her

Romantic/Sexual Orientation


Age - How old is Sage Stevens?


face Looks
Weight - How much does Sage Stevens weigh?

150 lbs

Height - How tall is Sage Stevens?


Hair Color - What color is Sage Stevens’s hair?

Raven black

Hair Style - How does Sage Stevens style their hair?




Facial Hair - What facial hair does Sage Stevens have?


Eye Color - What is Sage Stevens’s eye color?

Golden green

Change to look like cat's eyes when using powers

Race - What is Sage Stevens’s race?


Skin Tone


Body Type




Identifying Traits

Old surgery scar on right hand

Small mole on neck

Large feet and hands

accessibility Outfit(s)
"Everyday" Outfit

Top: Black t-shirt, pale red plaid flannel, a small lapel pin of the lesbian pride flag

Bottoms: Black jeans with a few tears

Shoes: Worn pastel-pink sneakers

Socks + Other: Red-and-white striped socks, brown leather satchel, occasionally wears a faux gold pocket watch as a necklace

fingerprint Nature
Habits, Preferences, and General Quirks

Sleeps on her side, curled around pillow

Likes most hot drinks, but prefers chai tea

Purrs involuntarily when content

Cannot handle/hold her alcohol (it's a cat thing she swears)

Great swimmer

Loves any movie with solid characters

Can't sleep without earplugs/noise-cancelling headphones


Hair gets really thick in winter, thins in spring

Loves a good burger

Hates sushi

Motivations - What motivates Sage Stevens most?

A desire to be loved and cared for

Fear of abandonment

Love for Minnie

A strong moral compass

Flaws - What flaws does Sage Stevens have?

Somewhat standoffish

Can be really rude when angry

Bottles up emotions

A little selfish

Overly emotional


Dislikes high-up dance companies

Slight internalized homophobia

Fear of spiders

Dislikes vacuums

Talents - What talents does Sage Stevens have?

Great dancer

Great swimmer

Really fit

Makes THE BEST hot chocolate

Hobbies - What hobbies does Sage Stevens have?



Reading fanfiction

Watching movies

Watching musicals


Personality type - What personality type is Sage Stevens?

ISFJ; The Defender


Enhanced metabolism, strength, speed, smell, taste, touch, and healing

EXTREMELY ENHANCED EYESIGHT AND HEARING, can see through solid objects if needed, night vision, feline hearing capabilities

Big, strong hands w/ retractable claws

Can climb structures easily, uses claws to do so

Can jump high and far

Great at stealth, silent stalker, the only one on the team capable of being quiet at home besides Reese

6th sense, can tell when you're lying


Can sense others with powers

Can temporarily disable any sense in another person

Long, sharp canine teeth

groups Social
Religion - What religion does Sage Stevens practice?


Raised Christian

Politics - What politics does Sage Stevens have?


Occupation - What is Sage Stevens’s occupation?

High school student

Favorite color - What is Sage Stevens’s favorite color?

Pale red

Favorite food - What is Sage Stevens’s favorite food?


Favorite possession - What is Sage Stevens’s favorite possession?

Light red flannel

Favorite weapon - What is Sage Stevens’s favorite weapon?


Also likes swords

Favorite animal - What is Sage Stevens’s favorite animal?

The Fennec Fox

Job - What job does Sage Stevens have?

No formal job at the moment

import_contacts History
Birthday - When is Sage Stevens’s birthday?

February 16th, Aquarius

Education - What is Sage Stevens’s level of education?

Currently in high school

Has had normal education otherwise

Background - What is Sage Stevens’s background?

Normal childhood w/ loving parents until age 11.

Parents die in car wreck.

Taken in by her only family, her uncle, a scientist named Martin who saves her life w/ surgery but becomes obsessed w/ operating on her.

Martin is verbally abusive and sometimes gets physical when intoxicated.

Any money earned from dance competitions goes to Martin, he uses her dance hobby to make money.

Martin ends up giving Sage her powers in an experiment/punishment.

He threatens her into using her new abilities to steal for him.

She refuses and runs, going to Minnie for support in a panic.

Minnie takes her back to the TL tower and explains her situation to Cap.

Cap. decides to give her a place to stay.

Sage's uncle is later arrested and she moves in w/ the rest of the Terra Legion.

Takes the alias "Lynx" and joins the team.

Eventually falls in love w/ Minnie.

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edit Notes

Sage starts off seeming rude

The mom friend of the group

Panics when she first has feelings for Minnie and tries to push her away

Eventually accepts feelings


The Catra to Minnie's Adora

Theme song: Dance Monkey (Tones and I)

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