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Name - What is Jayden Sefu Hunter’s full name?

Jayden Sefu Hunter

Role - What is Jayden Sefu Hunter’s role in your story?

Main Character / Team Muscle


Huntsy (Casual nickname for the Huntsmammal)

Gender - What is Jayden Sefu Hunter’s gender?


Age - How old is Jayden Sefu Hunter?


Alter ego

The Huntsmammal


No one (Initially) / The Crusaders

face Looks
Hair/Fur Color

Greyish-brown with spots

Eye Color - What is Jayden Sefu Hunter’s eye color?

Chocolate brown


Spotted hyena

fingerprint Nature
Motivations - What motivates Jayden Sefu Hunter most?

  • The frustration of not having been able to avenge his family (Initially)

  • The collective need to put a stop to Clawe and his legion (After his recruitment into the Crusaders)

Flaws - What flaws does Jayden Sefu Hunter have?

His judgment is clouded by frustration due to lack of closure (such as the vendetta he couldn't fulfill), leading him to become resentful, and rash if provoked/angered enough

Prejudices - What prejudices does Jayden Sefu Hunter have?

If he finds a felon, a thug, or even an ex-Drowned, they're likely doomed to suffer at the hands of the Huntsmammal

Personality type - What personality type is Jayden Sefu Hunter?

Beside his resentfulness he also tends to snark

groups Social
Occupation - What is Jayden Sefu Hunter’s occupation?

Vigilante (Initially) / Superhero

Favorite color - What is Jayden Sefu Hunter’s favorite color?

Black and Red

Favorite music

Linkin Bark

Favorite possession - What is Jayden Sefu Hunter’s favorite possession?

Pictures of himself with his family

Favorite weapon - What is Jayden Sefu Hunter’s favorite weapon?

His powered claws and fangs

date_range History
Birthday - When is Jayden Sefu Hunter’s birthday?

November 9, 2020

device_hub Family
grade Powers

Transforming his claws into long and impossibly sharp blades and his teeth into large and equally sharp fangs; Enhanced agility

Obtained from...

2nd Purple Sky incident

shopping_basket Inventory
book Story

In his youth, Jay lived with his mother and brother, and the three were among those who survived the earthquake-tsunami in Zootopia that was afterwards named "the Wave".
Then, came the rise of a terrorist cult known as "the Drowned". Jay's family was caught and —as he, hiding, saw it all unfold— put through the group's "initiation". While his brother survived and was taken into the cult, his mother did not. Her death and his brother's abduction sparked hatred and a desire for revenge within him. However, he never got an opportunity to avenge his family, as soon enough, the Drowned fell at the hands of the city's group of newly deputized superheroes, Team Ceartais, leaving Hunter with no closure whatsoever. Thus, he grew up living bitter and sorrowful, starting to frequent a bar to drink (though still underage) at around 18.

Story's Events

Enter the second Purple Sky incident, in December 2038; Jay is one of the many that are affected and gain powers. After beholding his newfound abilities, he makes the decision to become someone new: a vigilante. Thus, Hunter begins to search for thugs and felons as a way to vent out his ever-burning frustration, quite lethally... Eventually being dubbed "the Huntsmammal" by the news.
This, however, eventually leads him to catch the attention of a crime organization going by the name of "The Winter Claw", after killing a few of its members. Thus, an enmity is sparked between the hyena and the syndicate, which culminates into a one-mammal raid carried out in their HQ, annihilating nearly every member and fueling the vendetta of Clawe, the group's head, even further.
Some time after the formation of The Crusaders, the Huntsmammal finds someone he never thought he'd see: Marina. Due to her exact resemblance to the Drowned's leader, Hunter goes into a rage, chasing and attacking the cheetah. Luckily, before he can do much damage, he is found and apprehended by the Crusaders, who also take Marina in. Jay is then persuaded to work with the team, on the condition of him not taking a single life more, in exchange for not going to prison and getting help to let go of his long-lasting grief and frustration. He's then given a rifle (albeit more resembling a crossbow) loaded with non-lethal ammo so he doesn't use his powered claws and fangs as often.

edit Notes

NOTE: "Huntsmammal" is due to the setting (Zootopia), where "-mammal" is used instead of the suffix "-man" (Idk if this is official tho?? I'm just going off of the Take A Stand fics)

audiotrack Voice
Ideal VA (English)

Quinton Flynn [Raiden (Metal Gear franchise) | Axel (Kingdom Hearts franchise) | Reno (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children)]

Ideal VA (Latin-American Spanish)

José Antonio Macías [Captain America (Marvel Cinematic Universe) | Johnny Storm (Fantastic Four film duology) | Deadpool (X-Men Cinematic Universe) | Joker (DC movies) | James (Pokémon anime) | Emmet (The LEGO Movie)]

help_outline Trivia
Zodiac sign

Scorpio ♏️


  • Raiden in Metal Gear Rising

  • The Red Man from Deadman Wonderland

  • Wolverine in the X-Men Cinematic Universe

  • Pennywise in It 2017 (insp. for the powered fangs)

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