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Name - What is Pietyr Hanne’s full name?

Pietyr Hanne

Role - What is Pietyr Hanne’s role in your story?

The Guard

Age - How old is Pietyr Hanne?


Gender - What is Pietyr Hanne’s gender?


Full Name

Pietyr Alexandre Hanne

Other names - What other aliases does Pietyr Hanne go by?

Officer Hanne





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Defending Men

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Race - What is Pietyr Hanne’s race?

Human, born on Yeley

Body Type

Average height, slender with some muscles

Weight - How much does Pietyr Hanne weigh?

Average, maybe a bit below

Skin Tone

Light; some freckles, mainly across his cheeks

Height - How tall is Pietyr Hanne?


Hair Color - What color is Pietyr Hanne’s hair?

Not quite blonde, not quite brown

Eye Color - What is Pietyr Hanne’s eye color?

Hazel, a bit more brown than green

Hair Style - How does Pietyr Hanne style their hair?

A bit long, yet still within the strict guidelines that government officials must follow.

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Pietyr Hanne have?

None, a fact he finds quite annoying


  • Gets a black eye when attacked by Tabitha Meyer while he attempts to bring her in

  • Shot in the leg while the main case is escaping the Academy, sort of kidnapped by Katya Kels

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Personality type - What personality type is Pietyr Hanne?

Pietyr is very devoted to his job as a guard. He's fiercely loyal to the Wolsan government, and takes his position as a guard very seriously, even if all he's doing is looking for thieves on Kauff. He's quiet and a bit standoffish, not to mention quite naive to the Director's plans. While he is not Gifted himself, he holds a bit of resentment for those who are, since he believes that having a Gift would allow him to advance to a more high-paying career. Despite his seemingly-professional outlook, Pietyr is a bit of a mess when in contact with something he doesn't have rules to help him with, such as betrayal or a pretty person. Although he tries not to let his youth show, he's still a bit more excitable than his peers, and a bit more awkward. Very earnest, he sincerely wants to do what's right, and thinks he is.

Skills and Hobbies

Memorization, a fairly good shot

Motivations - What motivates Pietyr Hanne most?

To make a life for himself on Wols

Hobbies - What hobbies does Pietyr Hanne have?

Playing cards, reading up on Dirran history

Flaws - What flaws does Pietyr Hanne have?

Naive, blindly loyal, sees himself as a means to an end more than as a person, awkward.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Pietyr Hanne have?

Against most people in positions worse off than his



groups Social
Favorite possession - What is Pietyr Hanne’s favorite possession?

His uniform

Closest Friend

Liesl Dollon

Lovers (Current and Past)

Favorite weapon - What is Pietyr Hanne’s favorite weapon?

His stun-gun

Occupation - What is Pietyr Hanne’s occupation?

Guard on Kauff, and later the Academy once he secures a student

Favorite or Associated Color


Favorite food - What is Pietyr Hanne’s favorite food?


info History
Background - What is Pietyr Hanne’s background?

Born on the Wolsan moon of Yeley, Pietyr always had governmental aspirations. The youngest son (by far) in a family of esteemed government officials and war heroes, he quickly applied for a position in the guard force. He was accepted at age seventeen, and spent a year working on Yeley before being promoted to Wols at eighteen. He stayed on Wols for almost two years before being transferred to Kauff. Pietyr disliked Kauff, seeing it as a lesser version of Wols (both are very industrial, but Kauff lacked the finer elements). Luckily--or unluckily, considering what ensued--he caught Tabitha Meyer with stolen goods and tried to take her into government custody. A scuffle ensued, with Tabitha giving Pietyr a black eye and a split lip before he stunned her. After bringing Tabitha to the Academy, Pietyr was promoted to being a guard there.

Education - What is Pietyr Hanne’s level of education?

Fairly high

Birthday - When is Pietyr Hanne’s birthday?

August 30th


Julius and Irene Hanne, although they often paid little attention to him.

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