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Name - What is Kitsune's House's name?

Kitsune's House

Description - How would you describe Kitsune's House?

This large house looks like an old japanese castle and is in average condition. The interior is done in warm colors. The yard is moderately-sized and is neatly-trimmed.

Type of building - What kind of building is Kitsune's House?


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Owner - Who owns Kitsune's House?
Tenants - Who lives or works in Kitsune's House?
Affiliation - What groups or organizations is Kitsune's House affiliated with?


Capacity - How many people can Kitsune's House hold?

11 people max

Price - How much does it cost to enter or upkeep Kitsune's House?


format_paint Design
Architectural style - What style of architecture is Kitsune's House?


Facade - What does the outside of Kitsune's House look like?


Floor count - How many floors are there in Kitsune's House?

1 floor

Walls - What kind of walls does Kitsune's House have? What color? What material?


extension Purpose
Purpose - Why does Kitsune's House exist? What is it for?


Is this building a shop?


location_on Location
date_range History
Construction cost - How much did it cost to build Kitsune's House?


Construction time - How long did it take to build Kitsune's House?


store_mall_directory Neighborhood
Neighborhood name - What is the name of the neighborhood Kitsune's House is in?


attach_money Financial
Last sale price - How much did Kitsune's House's previous owner sell it for?


pool Amenities
Cooling - What kind of air cooling system does Kitsune's House have?


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