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Jenna was just walking to school, like she does every day. Nothing about her routine had changed. She had no idea how she got to this weird place, she just tripped and fell over a curb on her way to school, and now here she is. The walls are a weird yellow color, and there’s a mystery liquid all over the carpets. And the sound of the fluorescent lights humming was already driving her up the wall. Why are they so loud? As soon as she starts exploring, however, she gets lost. And when she tries to go back, the pathways are completely different. How is that possible?

As she explores this strange place, Jenna enters a room and sees several voice recorders on some small tables, desks, and even the floor. She looks around for a moment, then presses play on one of them. She hears the voice of a man. His voice has a slight Russian accent, but he's speaking English.

"If you're hearing this… my base is in level 9.42. If you find level 9, find a house with a purple light and go in it. Level 9 is not safe." The man’s voice was soft and slightly raspy, but he sounded nice enough. His voice was even a little calming.

There’s a soft meow from somewhere in the recording and the man chuckles. "Shh. I'm trying to help people." He clears his throat and continues. "There will be food, drink and resources. Find my cabin. People in the level are friendly. If I'm not there, wait for me." After that, the recording ends.

Jenna tilts her head slightly. I don’t think I understood any of that… Level 9? Level 9.42? What do all these “levels” mean? What level was she on? How does she get to level 9?? She looks around a few more times, then continues exploring, jogging a bit this time.

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Rokaiyu was hiking around her normal path, out of the way of humans who would think she was a monster. She saw a tree she'd never seen before, one that seemed slightly off. The leaves were too green, the trunk too vibrant. She approached it, before suddenly falling. She found herself in a weird place, with ugly yellow walls and an annoying buzz from the lights. The carpets were soaked with some kind of fluid. She was alarmed, but was also exited for the new adventure. She started looking around.

While exploring level 0, Rokaiyu sees several voice recorders on small tables and desks and even the floor. She grabbed one, but didn't know what kind of creatures might be around her, so she opted to just put it in her backpack and continue walking, making as little noise as possible. She continued exploring for a while.

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Nery was falling.

For how long, she wasn't exactly sure.

So of course it came as a shock to her when she lands in the middle of a raging, crashing, violent ocean.

I suppose this is- she starts to think as she plunges down.

Then, the ocean flings her back up.

It tosses her around. It felt alive, karmic. As though it were punishing Nery for all the crimes she'd committed

But this ocean couldn't know, could it? Or maybe it could.

This was the backrooms, after all.

Days pass.

Nery was sure at this point where she was.

Last Light. The resting place for those who died in transit, or something close to that.

By this point, she could nearly touch the Isle shore.

She knew where she needed to go.

The Isle of Threes. The last place for those who'd lived centuries, for those whose inner flames had started to get overwhelmed by the outer.

Most of them were like that, at least.

She pulls herself to shore. Already, she could feel her injuries healing, her old strength returning, as she makes her way down the path.

She'd heard this place allowed for manifestation and creation. She decides to put it to the test.

"Contained singularity," she utters, and a small pinprick of black appears in the air.

Nery doesn't dare to touch it, but smiles nonetheless.

With a wave of her hand, it disappears, and she creates a sidebag, large enough to fit food for a week, almond water, a lighter, and some other useful things.

She takes a step towards a peculiar patch of grass and laughs.

Well, this'll be easy. . . she thinks, stepping forward and no-clipping into Level 0.

The Yellow Rooms.

After a couple hours of walking, Nery comes across a tape recorder and a tape. She listens to it.

"If you're hearing this. . . my base is in level 9.42. If you find level 9, find a house with a purple light and go in it. Level 9 is not safe," a man says over the recording. He had a nice, soft voice, slightly raspy. Not comforting, but calming, at least.

There was a soft meow from somewhere coming from the recording and the man chuckles.

"Shh. I'm trying to help people." He clears his throat and continues, "There will be food, drink and resources. Find my cabin. People in the level are friendly. If I'm not there, wait for me."

The recording ends.

Nery starts her journey to Level 9.

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Rokaiyu (autocorrect…) eventually decided to stop and rest, but she wasn't going to sleep. She was more careful than that. she just sat down on the weirdly damp floor, drinking a bit of specially treated water. It would probably kill a human, and most animals, but if the water wasn't specially treated it would make her sick. She also nibbled on a piece of vegetarian jerky. She was glad that she was hiking when she fell, because if she wasn't, she wouldn't have anything to eat or drink down here. Feeling for vibrations in the air carefully, she decides to play the tape recorder.

After she had finished reading the sound, she was a bit confused. Level Nine? What did that mean? She was sure she'd be okay for a while, at least untill she could get a feel of the place.

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As Rokaiyu continues wandering, after listening to the recording. After a bit, she sees… two different staircases. She walked over to each, reading the vibrations in the air carefully. One had extreme heat radiating from it, and the spiral staircase had water, she could tell by the scent. The water would poison her, and the heat might be unbearable… She glanced backwards, considering her options. She eventually turned back, going back the way she came.