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Oh everyone! Please tell me what level you wish to 'start' at. If you aren't new to the backrooms then you chose what level you want. If you are kinda new you will start at level 0-5 and you may chose which one you want. If you are very new, you start at 0.

@Eli-the-transboi group

(XD since you're very new then you should start at 0. That's where every wanderer starts. But you get to chose how you get there in your writing! And ill be interacting with you off character. Moss won't be there but you may find some things that he left for wanderers!)

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Name: Jenna Solace
Age: 13
Gender/pronouns: female, she/her
Personality: she’s generally a pretty shy and soft-spoken individual, and she doesn’t like to talk much. She’s startled easily, and she’s really bad at fighting. She tends to make empty threats when she feels threatened or scared. She’s a little ADHD baby (inattentive type) like me <3
Appearance: pale from not going outside much, frecklessss, one light blue eye and one dark brown eye, blonde hair pulled into space buns with bangs, she wears a pastel pink Hello Kitty hoodie and white skirt, along with some white knee-length socks and brown boots (think uggs kind of). Her nails are painted with a clear, bad-tasting polish to keep her from chewing them. She carries a small Hello Kitty backpack with some fidget toys, food, and a small white water bottle.

(Lemme know if I should change anything-)