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(Justin, he's vampire, if I of that was clear or not, is just going to stay in one place until his starvation drives him crazy and he did son a rampage and drains the first living thing he comes across- unless someone comes and helps him.)

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(Im gonna just be mainly a guide since I'm definitely gonna be doing a lot of writing for everyone who needs a 'starter'. So if you need a feel of what you're doing, pm me.)
Then Rhys.

I'm doing the order of who joined. But if you have something urgent or an idea, write it down! Just ask the people who are before you if you can go.

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(also, sidenote, i forgot to mention. duke can be gravely injured but no one, including himself, knows if he can die. also he doesn't age but can shift appearance to some degree.)

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(Nice! Also I've decided that post order will probably be only for when people are interacting. So feel free to write down your experiences alone rn. Or if you happen to meet up with anyone)

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(ig i'll just…)
while he was exploring a random cave at some point duke found himself in a large room with mono-yellow wallpaper and a weird smell and seemingly no way to get back. he wandered around for a while, sometimes hearing weird noises in the distance at which he'd turn and walk in the opposite direction. from time to time he found doors but never opened them. he was all too used to things hiding behind a "harmless" piece of furniture. at last he stumbled upon several voice recorders on small tables and desks and even the floor and picked one up, it took him a while to figure it out, but finally it started to play…:

"if you're hearing this…my base is in level 9.42. If you find level 9, find a house with a purple light and go in it. Level 9 is not safe." The man's voice was soft and slightly raspy, but he sounded nice. His voice was even calming slightly.

There was a soft meow from somewhere coming from the recording and the man chuckles. "Shh. I'm trying to help people." He clears his throat and continues, "There will be food, drink and resources. Find my cabin. People in the level are friendly. If I'm not there, wait for me." The recording ends.

he had no idea what that meant, and considered eating the tape, just because he probably could and he didn't have anywhere else to keep it, but decided against that idea and kept walking, more cautiously this time…
(if i said/say anything contradicting the lore please tell me and i'll edit the post. also my posting may be unreliable at times so please don't wait for me)