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Arae smiled brightly as Kaidei planned a government revolt. A flicker of what might be on the outside passed through her mind, a glimmer of hope in her eye, before quickly fading with a shake of her head. 'Don't let your imagination get too wild' Cody would always say to her. She had been here 10 years. Sixteen years old and all she could remember of life were these dimly like corridors and the dingy, musty smell of bad pipes.

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Juniper just watched the interaction. She made a decision.
"Hey," she stood, holding her notebook. "I've been working on a map of the place for a few months." She held it out to Moss, on the pages with the hazy pencil lines marking the corridors. She looked him right in the eyes, her own eyes squinted just a tiny bit, scrutinizing his reaction.

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