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In a world where different is considered evil…’The Society’ has found ways to control its people and remove any outsiders that may have what they call, ‘The Open Eyes’. Anyone who is too creative…too open will be locked away…or even killed.

Those who have The Open Eyes have grown accustomed to hiding their genuineness. Those who were unable to, or had enough with the system, would disappear forever.

Now, teens have been the most likely to be docked away deep underground. Never to see the light again for their brilliance. For their creativity. For their determination. Little does The Society know…locking all these brilliant minds in the same place, will lead to their downfall. Insane or not…

The Society will fall.

Ayo! I just had this thought since I think this contributes to real life and my own opinions. I think this would be pretty fun too. I might make this a VERY small group rp, but idk yet.

andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)’s rules. Be nice. Cussing is fine. Most of us are teens. Adult characters welcome.

You are allowed to have 2 characters per person plus one adult/guard. If you want more, just ask and we’ll see how they work with the plot.

Slurs are NOT allowed. There will be made up ‘slurs’ for this so you can use those if you want.

Try to reply at LEAST once a day. I don’t want this to die. If you can’t reply, that’s ok. Just let me know and we’ll put the rp on halt.

Made up names/slurs to call people.

Rats and Creatures are for the people underground.

SpaceHogs are what the creative and genius ones call The Society.

Teens who are supposed to be or are underground call adults botchers or dust collectors.

I’ll get my character up soon. If anyone wants to join, let me know! I’d prefer if you’re usually very active. If I deny you the rp, please don’t feel bad. It’s just that I want this to last.

I forgot to add! Guys! You can have MILD powers. Like Matilda for instance. Brain power unused turning into physical power. Just nothing too op.

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(I can be active, but some days of the week I cant be online. this seems fun, but idk yet. I have had much luck with other ups Ive tried to join or start.)

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Ok! I don't have much for Arae's personality on the page because I'm still fleshing her out, but I'll add more as the rp goes on and I figure her out. Cody's pretty much down-packed though

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Also! Quick question. How long have your characters been in the underground? Have they just arrived? Have they been there for a while? Also make sure to write how they got there and how they were found out

@Eli-the-transboi group

At one point, Moss thought he was getting away with his intelligence. Or…not? He knew too many government secrets. Too many conspiracies. Too much information. He would correct anyone on the most simple subject. Food, clothing, how things are made…government bases. Ah. That’s where he went wrong. He shared information. After everything he did for his mindless friends, they report him to The Society for his smarts. Fuck them. Fuck them all. Those incompetent idiots would pay.

Moss was then dragged out of school, kicking and screaming all sorts of insults. “SpaceHogs! Fuck you all! You’ll see! You’re all destroying yourselves! They’re controlling you! They’ll kill us all! Everyone is evil! Those aliens will kill us all! They want to control us! They’re brainwashing you!”

Soon, the boy was dragged out to the middle of nowhere to a hidden base no google maps could show. On his way inside, he had bit, scratched, punched and kicked 13 guards, broke 3 guards bones including nose, leg, arm and hand. No matter how many times the guards had tried to knock him out, he managed to fight back with ease. Not breathing when a chloroform rag was pressed to his face, moving his head just the right angle to not get knocked out by a punch, tensing his muscles so they couldn’t hit any pressure point, breaking every needle they had. The guards soon gave up after the 20th try to render the boy unconscious. Moss grinned and spat slurs at the guards in victory. “I know everything now. I’ll spill every secret you have, SpaceHog. You’re done for.”

Moss was eventually thrown into the underground, the metal door slamming shut as he was left in his new, temporary home. Moss looked around, his heart racing with panic and pure anger. Moss patted himself down and grinned as he realized something. They forgot hos phone. They…forgot the most important weapon. Moss whipped out his phone and tried to get onto the internet. But when he tried, he realized everything…everything was blocked. “FUCK!” He screamed as he kicked an empty bed. “FUCK YOU! YOU’LL REGRET EVER EXISTING!”

Moss already knew his parents will never be told where he went. Only that he was confiscated. And his poor, old, stupid parents would go on with their lives. Not caring their genius son had been taken. Well screw them. Someday…their son will be standing over the dead leader of The Society. He will win. Soon…very…very soon.

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(I'm not down to write a whole paragraph, so imma just summarize. He's been underground for about 2 years for creating little cloud animals and making little drawings of police officers in classes. He was found out when the teachers noticed his art and stupidly good grades. Constant 100s, no fails.)