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Juniper lifted her head from her notebook. A commotion had caught her attention- lots of screaming, cursing and fighting. hmm. new shmuck, aye?
She placed here pencil inside the lined pages and set them on the bed. She'd been here for five years, but still didn't think of it as hers. She slipped out the door, leaving one bare foot in the door frame. With here head and most of her thin body leaning out into the hall, she could see Arae and a two unfamiliar people standing, talking. One was obviously male, his body covered in minor injuries. the newbie. Other than Arae, a blond person was chatting.
She saw Arae making tiny, almost nonexistent motions with her head and limbs that corresponded with bigger movements of the blonde. Ahhh…an illusion.
Juniper decided to sit outside her door and watch. She could assess the new boy, and see how he might react to her sitting in clear sight but not engaging– would he ask a question or assume she wanted to be left alone? Little things like that could tell her a lot about him.
She retrieved the notebook and continued her high-detailed map of the tunnels. Not to escape, just to occupy her mind and hands. She sat her bony butt on the cold, damp earth and focused o the lines on the page.

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Moss looked down at the blond person then took a long, deep breath through his nose. “Thanks for letting me know.” he mumbles, letting his breath out through his mouth. After a moment of silence from him, he tossed his phone down on a blanket and leaned against a wall. His dark clothes were now stained with blood and dust, and his makeup with smeared. He did have on an upside down cross necklace, a chain choker, and a pentical earring with several other stud and ring earrings. He also had on very chunky rings that were also covered in blood. Yet, despite his rough looks, his deep brown eyes were soft, and so was smile.

“Anyways…I’m moss…what’s your name?” He murmurs. He looked tense. Very tense. He then looked around at the underground society and chuckles. “Looks kinda like a mall got mixed with a prison and that got mixed with a hotel. All about 2 stars-“ the boy laughs, his eyes flashing a purple color.

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Arae smiled warmly as she stepped from behind the rock and the blond ran off, seemingly into the darkness, but truthfully into thin air.
"Name's Arae. A pleasure to meet you, Moss. And you're right. It's a bunch of stuff, none of it very good, and all of it kinda dumb. All in all, it amounts to 3 stars." She smiled and plopped down on a rock. It didn't look very comfy but she looked used to it. "The privacy's pretty nice though. You'd think they'd have more surveillance, considering the amount of 'rats' down here"
At that moment, a tall man with black hair stepped out behind her, grumbling, "They did at first. Most are broken, the others are covered, and no one comes to fix 'em."
At the sound of the deep, gravelly, voice, Arae's casual demeanor shifted dramatically as she jumped what must have been 50 feet into the air. "Cody! What the FUCK"
Cody smiled an uncomfortable grin. "How many times have I told you to stop running off?"

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Yui was starting to get aggravated with Kaidei and kept wrestling him, them both tumbling out of Kai's preferred room and into the common area. Kaidei was biting Yui's arm as she tried to simply brush out his hair. "Lemme go, woman! I do not appreciate this treatment!!" She then tossed him onto his front and held him down and finally brushed out his hair properly, not caring if the others are staring or anything. Kaidei then calmed when she got finished brushing his hair and styling it.

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(Love the responses everone! I’ll soon introduce the oldest member of this underground chamber. He’s been here the longest and hasn’t ever spoken. You’ll see his picture soon ;)

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Juniper cocked an ear to the ruckus from Yui and Kaidei, but returned to her sketchbook. She was having a hard time focusing, so she put it back on the bed and did a stretch- sun salutations, to keep her body nimble. That was her options for occupation almost every day; drawing of some kind, making food for herself and sometimes one or two others, making paints and using them on the walls, and stretching her body out. Occasionally she did cardio, but it bored her.
She held a plank for as long was she could, which was a very long time- approximately three minutes by her count.

(she really just waiting for interaction, I can't see her going and seeking it her self. I guess that's the problem with rp-ing with a non-outgoing character😅 which is new to me )

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(XD that’s ok. Luca won’t come in until later. He’s so quiet hardly anyone notices him.)

Moss looked confused as he watched the blond person basically disappear, and a girl walk up to him. He looks at the girl and grins. “Oh…yeah. At least you’re more forgiving than I am.” He shrugs. “but aye…we got each other. Even the government officials are morons. But who cares really.” He looks around in the dirt, then starts to dig into it. “maybe we can dig our way ou-“ He was stopped by his fingers scraping against metal. “Ah. That’s why.” he knocks on the metal and grumbles. “Too thick…fuckers.” He mumbles.

“Well…guess I’ll start taking pictures of everything. Just so when I get out of here, I can show everyone everything.” he picks up his phone and starts recording. “Such a dump. At least we make it ethical. Do we even have any clothes and shit?” He listens as guards talk outside the door. Deliveries?

Moss presses his ear to the door as he listens.

“That rat has a box of shit being delivered. Yeah. Just clothes and belongings and shit. We’re clearing his room out. Leave no trace.”


“Quiet, rat!”

“SpaceHog!” Moss yells.

“Shut it before I shoot you!”

“Do it, dust collector!” Moss laughs, kicking the door. After a moment, he huffs and looks at Arae. “I’m Moss. Nice to meet ya.” he nods, sighing. After a little, he looks over at the commotion. Just a few people arguing, but he couldn’t see who. He didn’t have his glasses, and it was too far. But he did see someone else sitting in the hall. “Hey! Come socialize so I don’t go nuts, will ya? I’m Moss!” He waves.

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Once Kaidei calmed down and Yui gave him a small rye chip as a reward, he took notice of Juniper. He got up and went over to sit next to her. He smiled and offered a little cloud sheep he made to her. He was very happy and quiet with her and didn't wanna make her upset or scared with him being too hyper or jumpy.

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Juniper took it, examining the texture. She tilted her head, squinting her keen eyes as her fingers gently smushed into the fluffy moisture. “Thank you,” she murmured. “Does it have a name?” Her voice lilted, revealing a soft, childlike curiosity while her face remained blank and maturely observant. She blinked her big, dark eyes at him.

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He nods in excitement. "Her name is Mandy. I could make more if you'd like?" Kaidei spoke with a cheery, playful smile as he offered to make more. He always loved making friends through his art, quite literally. He glanced at Yui to show he wanted her to see how happy he was. Soon, some small wisps of clouds appeared around him the more he anticipated making more little cloud sculptures.

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"That's ok, I don't need any more than Mandy." a smile flickered across her face, just a tiny twitch of her lips. then she blew, ever so gently, and pushed the little cloud Ito the air. boosted by her warm breath, Mandy floated up to the ceiling and just chilled there. she tilted her head, saying silently "interesting".
"What do you think of the newcomer?"

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"I'm not sure if I met them yet. Maybe I will once mealtime comes around again." Kai answered as he made his own little cloud shaped like an angel. He gently held his cloud angel and swayed side to side next to Juniper. He enjoyed the company of others, especially when they were interested in the things he made. "So, how long have we been here? I forget."