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5 immortals have been around since ancient times. They've looked out for each other, protected each other, kept each hidden from the world, until now. With a increase in photography, and the ability to find information in a second, a mortal has pieced together everything, and plans to find them.
So I just finished The Old Gaurd and I absolutely fell in love with it. This is going to be somewhat based off of that, but you don't need to see that to understand this. There will by 5 immortal's and 1 mortal, though that can be adjusted based off of how many people want to be the mortal.

@Shadow_Knight group

Age: (Their appearance stops ageing around mid 20's to 30's,)
Clothing or Style:
Backstory (optional):
Other: (Favorite time period they lived through, favorite person they've met, weapons of choice)
Shipping: (Characters can already be in a relationship together but please ask the person playing the other character for permission)

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Name: Zara Rodgers
Age: Looks to be about 24 but is actually 812 years
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Appearance: Zara keeps her black hair in pixie cut with dyed silver tips. She has blueish grey eyes. She is average body shape (not too skinny but not heavy either) and stands around 5'10.
Clothing or Style: Zara liked to wear clothing that makes her loose her body shape. Big oversized jackets, bulky cargo pants, and box Tee shirt and things she wears. Her favorite outfit she wears are camo cargo pants, a grey tee shirt that says "Fight Me" on it, and a large black jacket.
Backstory (optional): Zara has seen a lot and been through a lot.
Other: Zara loved the 1930's, despite the problems there were going on. It was a time of freedom for her, as nothing tied her to one spot and this was when she got involved with crime than she usually did. Zara tries not to get too attached to anyone, but found out later that she had talked with Al Capone. Zara prefers blade weapons but she can use just about anything.
Shipping: Yes.


Name: Roslyn "Rosie" Sparrow
Age: Looks around 20, is around 808 years old
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual, leaning towards girls
Appearance: Long, wavy black hair she's taken to dying pastel pink streaks through, bright green eyes, tanned skin and freckles. She has a skinny, petite frame, and is a little on the short side.
Clothing or Style: After the fifties- if it has or had anything to do with rock, she'll wear it. Wears a lot of vintage stuff
Backstory (optional): TBD
Other: She loved the 70s. The music was either emotional or loud, the people were either full of love or rage, and people had the most fun ways of dressing. She had met Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix during the time, and she still plays their records on warm summer nights. She also picked up a smoking habit in the 50s, and her favorite weapon is a knife gifted to her by an old friend.
Shipping: Yes

Is she okay?


Name: Eudora Althala, goes by Etta unless around the other immortals
Age: Looks 25 but in reality is just under 900 years old (892 but she'll claim she's older)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pan
Appearance: Eudora is built like a pencil. She's around 5'8" but most of her height is taken up by her legs. She has deeply tanned skin, and large chocolate eyes that could easily pass as black, as well as long, waist length hair. Normally it's also a dark dark brown, but currently she has it dyed a light black color, just shy of a sleek gray.
Clothing or Style: Her style varies a lot, and even though she was in love with styles of the past, especially the dresses and fancy clothes, she tries her best to dress fancy and feminine, lots of dresses, heels, things like that, even at home. Loves the style of acrylic nails and always has them on, currently a pair like this:
Backstory: She's been around for a long time, seen too much to remember and has tried her best to make an impact on history (Specifics tbd)
Other: Loved the renaissance and places like the middle East, was good friends with many painters from then, but her favorite person she's met is Marilyn Monroe. Her favorite weapon has to be a set of katana like blades, and she also has a soft spot for animals, of any kind.
Shipping: Open to shipping!
(If you think a guy would work better, I can easily switch her to a guy!)


Took a while to decide if I wanted to be mortal or immortal, but here's my man.
Name: Jacob Theodore
Age: Looks 24/Really 985
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi
Appearance: A short Caucasian man standing about 1.6m, Jacob blends into most places, looking pretty average. He has messy light brown hair and a thick Riker beard.
Clothing or Style: Likes the 2000s and 2010s. Usually jokingly wears hipster clothes, with thick glasses and either a flannel or button-up, tie and vest.
Other: His favourite periods were the 1980s to 2010s for the technological advancement, culture (though particularly the 80s), and generally the pace the world has been moving at. He has a wide arsenal he likes to use, but some of his favourites include a bastard sword, a Five-seveN and rarely a SPAS, heavily customized.
Shipping: Hasn’t really been interested in anyone.
Lemme know if you want anything edited. (By that I naturally mean the shotgun.)