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(yes i read that, just still felt a bit weird haha, sorry major in mythology over here lol. Yep all g.)

(Oh i didnt know that lol. Thats really cool! If you’ve ever got anything to add to this, you totally can lol)

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Okay so theres three more slots to be taken. @The-Magician you can take one more if youd like. But other than that, theres room for one more person to join then i think we’re gonna close once all the character slots are taken. Once everyone’s filled out their templates, ill write up the starter, which by how things are moving will be late tonight or tomorrow. ❤️


Name: artemis
Age: 16
Gender: basically the opposite of apollo
Personality: she is quiet but is very set in her ways. out of her and her other half, she is the logical one. she worries about her brother a lot, well, its more a he worries her on purpose kinda thing. she will break your hand if you even look at her in a flirt-y way. shes good at finding her own entertainment. basically she is the exact opposite of her twin brother but they fit so well together.
Likes: her brother, laying on the grass in spring listening to music at 2am, killing every man that breathes.
Dislikes: having to talk about what she thinks and feels, school, being trapped by herself, her father.
Family: zeus & co.

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Name: Hecate
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: She's 5'10" and has a defined hourglass figure with thick thighs and large cleavage that she tries to make smaller by wearing baggy tops. She loves wearing clothing of the gothic and dark academia aesthetics and can often be seen in high-waisted plaid trousers and knitted turtle-neck tops.
She has big, round, jade green eyes framed by round wire glasses, always lined by sharp black eyeliner. Her left eye has an amber–almost golden–pigment that takes up half of the iris. Her overall complexion is rather pale, the type of pale that wouldn't stand out in a field of snow, which she dusts with a light coating of blush to give herself some colour, and her face is rather rounded. Her lips are full and naturally a dark pink-red that she usually just applies a clear gloss over. Her eyes are always sporting some new blend of dark eyeshadow that make her eyes pop. Hecate's hair is black, mid-length and full of waves– with natural amber highlights that only really stand out, and look like they're sparkling, in the sun. Her hair is parted down the side, with her fringe often falling over her left eye.
Personality: This lady is sharp-tongued, witty, dark humored and sassy. She isn't afraid to say what she is thinking and doesn't always care what people think of her opinions. She is very independent and doesn't like having to ask for help from others unless she has no other choice. If she is close with you, she will treat you like a friend, otherwise she will treat you like you could poison her in her sleep. She does hope of finding romance one day since she remembers her mother speaking fondly of her life with her husband.
Likes: Reading, fashion, smoking, animals, listening to other people's gossip, late night walks and meet-ups.
Dislikes: Sweet food and drink, people who interrupt her, idiots, narcissism.
Family: Two younger sisters, an aunt and a mother.
Backstory: After her father passed away in a car accident, Hecate and her younger sisters were raised by her mother and their father's sister. She was taught how to be strong and independent by the two older women and raised to always trust her own judgement over another's.

Name: Atlas
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Atlas is roughly 6'4" of just pure muscle. (The best way I can describe his muscles is Jason Mamoa in Aquaman XD) He has broad shoulders and strong arms, and of course his abdominal muscles are well defined. His skin has a natural sun-kissed glow from being out in the sun for too long and a few freckles can be seen along his arms and on his face. He has a sharp jawline, a slight cleft in his chin, and a soft stubble along his jaw. His eyes are almond shaped and a light, icy blue, with long eyelashes that some women have been known to show jealousy over. His dark hair comes down to the bottom of his neck and has a slight wave to it. He's rather simple when it comes to clothing, he is mainly seen in jeans and a plain t-shirt, usually with some sort of plain jacket over the top.
Personality: He is a massive Geography nerd, there isn't a place in the world that he doesn't know some random fact about. Most people think he is a brawl over brains kind of guy, but he is actually a kind person who shows social awkwardness more than people expect. He doesn't trust many people unless they have given him a reason to trust him, but to those whom he classes as friends he treats them with the upmost respect and shows an undying loyalty to them. This being said, when he's angry he will not hesitate to hurt someone and his build definitely does a fine job at intimidating people.
Likes: Being alone, talking about places in the world, hot chocolate, hugs, small fluffy things, nature.
Dislikes: Idiots, rudeness, people who make assumptions.
Family: Adopted parents and their other child.
Backstory: His biological father left his biological mother shortly after Atlas was born, and his mother couldn't afford to raise him so she did what she thought was best and put him up for adoption. He was taken in by his adoption family not too long after and they treated him like their own son. They made sure he was happy and had everything he needed.

(I think that's it, are they okay?)

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Okay, nobodys joined, so @LaniGirl if you still wanted Hermes you can take them. If anyone else wants a third character they can take Asclepius. And if nobody else wants to, im totally willing to also. I wanna try to get this started up today or tomorrow


Name: Hermes
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: (links are very welcomed but if not, be descriptive)
Most notable features are his eyes (bold and penetrating), his snake tattoo on the side if his neck (for his mother), uncontrollable dirty blonde (boderline-brown) curls, clutter of piercings and sharpppppp jaw.
Personality: Look, he's rough on the edges. He's seen a lot. Mainly of which, was his own fault. When his Father remarried two weeks after his mother died and his new stepmother was already very pregnant, he was horrified. It changed him, not for the better. He became reckless, hung out with people he shouldn't, explored paths he should've left alone. His father sent him to a military school and by the time he got back his little half-siblings were born (apollo and artemis), he absolutely worships them and he absolutely hates his father. He'll only soften and listen to his siblings. He doesn't talk much at home but outside he knows everyone and everyone knows him, works as a sort of messenger, knows the hotspots for parties and drug selling, people come to him for gossip and advice.
Likes: his siblings, late night maccas runs, music, tattoos, jewelry, campfires, his phone
Dislikes: the smell of gas, his father, memories of the basement at military school and the way his stepmother winces any time he hugs her kids.
Family: zeus & co

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Okay so since nobodies replied, ill take Asclepius, so ive got the template filled out, so here ya go
And once we got everybody, ill post the starter

Name: Asclepius
Age: 18
Gender: male
The first thing you need to know about him, is never judge a book by its cover. His looks are terrifying yet deceiving. He stands tall and slim, a diamond shape to his torso and his face is narrow and sharp. Asclepius has unruly, prince blonde hair that falls into natural coils before brushing them out.
His skin is pale, as he spends most his time indoors.
Mismatched eyes, one blue and one brow, gives off an odd impression already. Even though he is a God of healing doesn’t mean he wants to heal everyone. And he looks like it.
He has darker eyelashes and eyebrows as hes naturally dirty blonde but bleaches the hell out of his hair.
He tends to wear darker clothes, and refuses to wear white. Its too easy to get dirty.
His eyes are narrow along with his nose, though a smooth bridge. He has decently filled lips and a defined Cupid’s bow.
Personality: hes quiet and sensitive, getting irritated at decently small inconveniences. Hes not very patient, but he is gentle and calm. Never showing his negative side, not one to lash out too much.
He thinks romance is a joke, and it only blossoms from lust and loneliness, as hes never experienced romance himself. Hes close minded and very stubborn. Hes a gut thinker more than a heart thinker, not basing anything off of his emotions. He’s extremely good at following orders and doing what hes told to do.
Likes: poison. He finds it intriguing. Healing and the science behind it, birds and coffee
Dislikes: dogs. He hates them so much. Apollo and Persephone, sweets
Family: none. (No, in this hes not related to Apollo)
Backstory: tbd

I came up with him on the spot, so dont hate on him lol. But here he is