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Okay so i theres this webtoon that i found…an interesting concept and i wanted to do something like it? The webtoons called Lore Olympus and this is of course a group roleplay.
Lots of romance, lots of drama, all that cool jazz.

Ive got a list of the characters and \you can have two each but its fine to only have one.
For your characters, have them actually fit the characters of the Greek gods and goddesses. Please have the characters actually be the ones i put here with the right names and stuff. It just makes things less complicated tbh.

Taken: 🥀
Open: 🌹

Artemis : 🥀 @fluvoxamine ☑️
Aphrodite: 🥀 @Josuke-Higashikata ☑️
Hades: 🥀 @fluvoxamine ☑️
(Brother of Artemis)Apollo: 🥀 @LaniGirl ☑️
Hermès: 🥀 @LaniGirl ☑️
Persephone: 🥀 Me sorry ☑️
Eros:🥀 me also ☑️
Atlas: 🥀 @The-Magician ☑️
Hecate: 🥀 @The-Magician ☑️
Asclepius: 🥀 me again ☑️

I’m fine with taking any character slots, so you guys just go ham.


Ask before joining please
If I haven’t seen you around ill want a sample of your writing please. (With the samples. Don’t take something from like one of your best pieces or something really old. Don’t try to impress me. I just want to see how you write regularly in a roleplay. Chill XD)
I can say no if i want but i prolly wont.
Don’t be jerks please. If you are, i have the right to kick you, so just be nice.
Characters can be jerks to other characters, i dont care about that. If anything its welcomed. Because character development!!
Please no super short replies. Give me something to work with and we’re good. I dont want novels though when it’s unnecessary. I get short replies if nothing much is going on. Thats fine. Just at least two lines thanks
Good grammar and spelling please
Please be relatively active if you join. At least like 1 post a day, more is very welcomed.

Here’s the template <3

Appearence: (links are very welcomed but if not, be descriptive)
Backstory: (optional)
Honestly with the backstory, you don’t have to follow everything by the Greek mythology. The only thing i ask you to follow is the characters personality, name and genders lol. But other than that, you’ve got free reign for your characters ❤️


Name: hades
Age: 19
Gender: male
Personality: a morbid sense of humour, bit of a softie, cares for the people he's close to, a sense of extreme confidence but crippling insecurity simultaneously which seems almost very much impossible but oh well-
Likes: persephone, his three-headed dog, winter, the very thought of watching the world burn at his feet, dandelions.
Dislikes: spring, cotton candy, (will add more later-)
Family: zeus & co.


Name: Apollo
Age: 16
Gender: Fabulous (male but feminine if he feels like it because gender has always been a lie)
(this is a picture his sister Artemis took at some point, on a roadtrip probably and he's pulling a stupid face)
loud and bubbly, terrible humour, the light in every dark situation and lives like the world revolves around him (he is literally the sun after-all). His attitude comes off as a confident, friendly, reckless one, searching for part time flings and fun and gets bored very easily. His other half, the only permanent thing in his life, is his sister and so everyone else is temporary to him. The only opinion he truly cares about, truly listens to, truly worries about, is his sisters. He loves her a lot. It's not just a twin thing, it's a, 'I think everyone hates me but you' thing.
Likes: his sister, roadtrips, the beach, flirting with everything that breathes
Dislikes: schooooooool, his father, being alone in a room and being forced to think about how he really feels (mental health wise)
Family: zeus & co

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I love all of them! Though, @Josuke-Higashikata could you make your template a little longer, detailed and maybe descriptive or something? I’m sorry but i cant know the character much with the information you gave.)

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I love all of them! Though, @Josuke-Higashikata could you make your template a little longer, detailed and maybe descriptive or something? I’m sorry but i cant know the character much with the information you gave.)

(Idk what else to say, tbh. I think Im better with showing, not telling off the bat, ya know?)

@Celeste_X0X0_ group

So here’s my peeps!

Name: Persephone
Age: 17
Gender: female
Appearence: here’s a link to a board for her. Ignore the name. This is only her looks and aesthetic. I’m using a pre-existing character for her. If youd like some more info, or more description for her appearances or if you have any troubles with the board, I’m totally more than willing to give you a detailed description on her. But for now, I’m gonna do a decently short one, sorry ❤️
Shes 5 feet 3 inches, and has more of an hourglass figure, though leaning towards a pear but not quite there. Thick thighs with a nice rounded body overall, weighing 145, holding her weight well. She loves wearing miniskirts or sundresses and finds literally any excuse to be extra with her outfits. You’ll most likely find a bow in her hair if not a numerous amount of flowers.
Shes fully korean with a light complexion. Some may say pale but she prefers the term “porcelain”
Big, round almond eyes with light more natural makeup and usually some sort of small flowery painting on her cheek. Heart shaped lips always tinted strawberry pink. You wont find Persephone out of the house without shiny lip gloss and the scent of vanilla follows her around anywhere she seems to wander.
You’ll more than likely see her with a bright white smile on her face and when its cold she gets white freckles, harder to tell with he light skin unless youre close enough to kiss her.
More than most wears pastel colors, but rocks any hue of red like a boss. She doesn’t have a ton of confidence unless hyped up by her friends.
She wears a lot of small jewelry, made up of fragile glass, silver, pearls, light diamonds and rubies. Small diamonds lining her left ear, though usually covered by her long white hair which goes down to her knees. Shes been planning to cut it for quite some time now, but has never mustered up the courage to do so. And so far, everyone else has been against it too.
Her eyebrows and eyelashes match her hair, being white and she does nothing to hide that fact.
Persephones eyes are a light pastel pink with small white flecks in them.
Uhm, i thin thats all?
Persephone is a soft soul with a lot of love to give. Gentle with her movements and her words, shes graceful yet sometimes a bit clumsy.
She loves playing games and she loves a challenge every now and then, even if shes not good at whatever she might be challenged to (if that makes sense)
Shes always up for a bit of playful teasing every once in a while and she acts a lot more innocent than she actually is. She writes poems and stories in her pass time but tells little to no one.
Persephone always tries her best to stay calm in stressful situations and is very motherly, always wanting to tend to a loved ones needs and she more often than not forgets about her own needs.
Shes more extroverted and outgoing than ones would think.
Likes: any sort of living creature, good or bad and pretty or ugly. She loves all, from the bugs to the trees and flowers. Anything sweet, (like cotton candy) but not TOO sweet. Secretly likes black coffee and those real dark Russian chocolate and cuddles.
Dislikes: forcing any sort of relationship onto anyone. Rude people of course. More wealthy people though she tried to give people a chance. Spicy food
Family: her mother and little sister, and her kind of controlling dad.
Backstory: tbd

Name: Eros
Age: 17
Gender: male
Since i have so little ont his board, ill give you a brief discription on his appearances other than from what you saw.
So hes heckin tall, standing at 6 feet 3 and built like he works out everyday. Which he does yes. But also, hes a god of war, what’d you expect huh?
His skin is a soft chocolate tone with nice orange reddish undertones that shows it off well in the sunlight.
Broad shoulders and more of a diamond shape to his torso than a bulky triangle. His hair is a fluffy mess, not shaved or pressed down in waves like in the pictures. He keeps it soft and nice as he does with the rest of his body unless hes in a depressive state. His hair is of course a deep black that shines a bit in the light.
Dark chocolate eyes, almost looking fully black but not quite. Hes got freckles along his body, but theyre not very noticeable. His hands are nicely shaped ig.
Sharp jawline and messy eyebrows along with extremely thick, dark eyelashes. His smile comes off as flirtatious most of the time, and well a lot of those times it kind of is. Eros keeps his teeth nice and white and i think thats all?

Has chaotic neutral energy, putting everyone on the edge of their seats whenever he does something stupid. Like light his clothes on fire or something utterly careless like that. His nickname is Karma, for a multitude of reasons.) He loves war obviously and loves tactical thinking games. (Lowkey addicted to dnd but he doesn’t share that)
A hopeless romantic at heart but doesn’t show it. He doesn’t get flustered easily but when he does its pretty cute ig. The rest is tbd
Likes: loud places, it drowns out his own thoughts, yelling, beating the hell outa people who deserve it, romance, or at least the thought of it and cats.
Dislikes: the quiet for obvious reasons. Being awkward, marshmallows, bugs, and anything really hot. He doesn’t like the warmth too much either, and tight spaces
Family: none. He doesn’t keep in contact with any of them
Backstory: no, this isn’t following the Greek gods backstory. Sue me
I’m not gonna reveal much, but he grew up in a rough household, having a very morphed concept of love, and honestly anything else good until around 16.
Hes got some trauma too

Anywho, hope you guys like them


(can I grab Hecate too if no one comes by tomorrow or so? also how is asclepius going to work seeing as he is Apollo's son xD)

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(Honestly, if nobody comes by and you can handle that. Go ahead hun. And also, as i mentioned earlier, we're only following their names and personalities and the fact that theyre gods and goddesses. So none of them are related unless said otherwise lol)