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Jax glanced at Fia, checking to make sure she wouldn't explode. He knew kids didn’t have much patience. The muscles in his neck tensed slightly. He was familiar with the feeling of having to wait for the adults to finish their tasks, but it was quite over the top. He tried to keep in mind she was only six, but Jax hadn’t interacted with a child in a long time. In recent months, his patience had waned. He gave the girl a quick pat on the head out of sympathy. “You’ve got to be super patient.” Despite his body language, he spoke softly.

Jax whipped his head around, suddenly distracted by Cass’ statement. “Oh don’t worry! I don’t plan on it. It would cause more trouble than anything.” He collected a few bits of wood from the shed. It could be nice for carving a few arrows, although he wasn’t sure if it would be effective in catching animals. “Alrighty, stay safe by the riverbank, though. Don’t want anyone falling in, especially if you don’t plan to come into the forest.” He gripped his bag, ready to head out, until he caught wind of Ophelia's words. He went awfully silent and glance away. “I guess. I mean, I was trying to be kinda like a fun uncle.” He shrugged. But I might not have made it all the way up the bank. I could have broken the sutures. Jax attempted to ignore the long grass that was scratching against his legs as he followed Cass across the lawn. Numerous vibrant flowers were present, but none of his favorites. Little bugs buzzed around, and a little bee landed on his arm. It freaked him out, but it was a little bee. What could it do? Sting him? It flew away, going to pollinate a cornflower.

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(im gonna wait for someone else to reply so it's not just us going back and forth and this doesn't turn into a one on one. i hope it doesn't anyway :,)
(but in the meantime, y'all are amazing writer ofc and i was wondering if you guys would be interested in joining a roleplay i recently started. You can check it out and if you don't like it, that's totally fine. If you know anybody who would, definitely send them my way ^^)
( here it is! )

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Ophelia lets out yet another heavy sigh "thats what dad says too" she rolls her eyes, crossing her arms and sticking her bottom lip out.
Though as soon as she sees Cass and Jax make their way across the lawn, she races into the house and to the front door, jogging and skipping in place now as she impatiently waited for them. It was something Cassius had taught her to do while waiting so she didn't resort to anything reckless.
It seemed to help quite a bit as she was naturally an impatient human. Though her being a child of course never helped.
Cass looks up to the sky as he turns around, holding the door for Jax. The dark clouds were heading southwest from the house so that was good for them. Though not great for anyone else around.
He looks down to Jax "you got everything you need?" he asks, looking down to his own small back of supplies.

Jesse takes in a deep breath, "intimidating is fact. Why you apolagize for that i do not understand the reasoning. And call me what you want as long as it is not-" she stops herself, not wanting to talk to her anymore, nor seeing the point in doing so.
She turns to look down to Ghabiun as he pants heavily beside her, raising his ears whenever someone moves or talked, tilting his large head every now and again. It was obvious he was itching to get up, lifting his paws every now and again. He stays by Jesse's side still, licking her hand whenever he wants her attention. Which she gives him with a few pats on the head and scratches by the ear.
When Cherry speaks again before shrinking back Jesse looks back up to her "i look at you when talking dont i?" she says, turning back to her dog and continuing to pet him.
She doesn't say anything for the rest of the time, but instead she heads over to the RV where she opens the door and lets Ghabiun hop in first. He shakes the whole vehicle as jumps in and walks around. Jesse steps in, leaving the door open for everyone else to step inside, including Cherry unfortunately.
"food in the cooler near the front. Water too. Dont be a pig" she shouts to them from inside.

(haha sorry its a bit shorter)

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(It's been a hot minute 😅. I'm on vacation, so I've been sporadically active)

Jax trudged through the yard. It hadn’t been ten minutes and his clothes were already stuck to him. The humidity didn’t help, but neither did the black shirt he was wearing (I don’t remember the color of the clothes Cass gave him :’). “Good God, it’s sweltering today. The song the cicadas sing is enough of a warning that you could fry an egg on the sidewalk.” He shook his head, trying to shake off the pieces of black hair sticking to his forehead. Little flowers sprinkled the ground. “Do you think I put too many flowers in my hair?” Giggling, he stepped into the cooler house, thanking Cass for holding the door open. “I’ve got what I could find. If I need any tools, I can use my Swiss Army knife to craft something.” He titled his head slightly. “So in simple terms, yes, I have all I need.” He grinned at his own realist behavior, moving through the kitchen and to the front door. “You have everything you need?”

(Now I need to paint Jax and his blue flowers. I’ve been trying out digital painting)

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(ah i hope vacation has treated you well!! Be safe please!)
(also, you totally should paint Jax with blue flowers!! He deserves it TT^TT<3)
(and dw i forgot the color of clothes Cass gave him as well XD)

Cassius chuckles at his comment, stopping at the front door and turning to him.
"i believe so." he says, looking down to Fia. "what about you hun?" he asks her. To which she replies with a big nod. "yeah! now lets go!" she says, grabbing the door handle and swinging it open, using almost all of her body weight to do so because of her excitement.
He smiles to her, holding it open for the two. "if you've got everything as well, lets get to it. We've got a bit to go and i dont want to be out at night." he says to Jax.
"it's light out! we don't be here at night!" Ophelia jumps in before running out to the front yard, the tall grass reaching just above her knees. The dandelions mostly hidden in the brush.

(sorry it's short. i don't want to get too far ahead of the others. That's also why i haven't been posting as often. I want to give everyone else a chance to post before we get too far ahead)

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(Hey so sadly guys, due to some things involving a player inside this roleplay I'm gonna have to close this down.)
(Thougj I would love to do a reboot of this soon and I can tag yall in it (whoever interested) so lemme know what yall think. Again, I'm sorry I had to shut this down :( )

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(I apologize, guys. I loved this role play and absolutely every one of your characters are amazing as well as each of you guys! Definitely one of my favorite role plays, even if it was short lived. There is just a crap ton of really important and serious things going on for me personally right now and notebook is definitely not the only platform I ended up ghosting because I didn’t have time or energy. I’m actually wrapping things up and going offline almost completely now. Had I known things were going to clog and spill over in my life, I wouldn’t have even joined this role play because I don’t like to leave you all hanging or ruin it for everyone else.)
(With that being said, I just wanna say how much I enjoyed interacting with all of you guys and your characters! You’re all such beautiful and fantastic humans and I’m so glad that I got to hang with you. I really enjoyed this even though it was short lived. I hope if you do reboot this that it goes well! I love you all ❤️ I hope everyone had a lovely summer)

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(i hope everything goes alright for you dude. i really enjoyed rping with you too, but it's more important that you see to your personal life as that's what matters the most, you don't have to be sorry for that. hopefully things will get better for you though, wish you the best fam <3)