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"Nobody is alone. Not here anyway. There's always someone around. Rotting or not."

The outbreak's been going on for only 6 months and by that time, it's feeling almost impossible to find anyone whos not trying to eat you. Human or not. The worlds a scary place and not just the zombies are the ones you should be scared of.

So first things first. This is going to be a decently big group roleplay that I've been dying to start for a good while now.
These zombies are your average, typical zombies. Just like the walking dead.
Take out the brain, take out the zombie. Easy as that. They're heavily attracted to sound, so try your best to be quiet and fast.
They're easy to take out with just a few if you know what you're doing. If you don't…you're screwed with just one bite. Its very easy to be overwhelmed by them in numbers.
Cities are where they gather the most, though forests are their second option. They'll eat anything live they can get their hands on.
That's it about the zombies, as if you're here, you most likely know just about everything else. Any questions, you can ask me anyhow.

For the humans. As said before, they're not all friendly. The smart ones have trust issues and don't hesitate to kill. The desperate are a little too trusting and just want company. The loneliness drives them insane.
There are multiple groups, all of them think they're the good guys in their own eyes. To others they're either potential allies or enemies.
We decide who is who.


First things first. I can say no. For any reason. Don't take it personally please. I don't say no to people often but don't totally rule out the possibility please.

Don't put any basic characters please. No Mary sues or whatever. Have some originality.

With that, make sure the characters you put in are going to be important to the plot of the roleplay. Make sure they're not dragging the roleplay down or holding it back.

I don't put up with unnecessarily short responses. I get it if there's nothing more to say but that's about it. Don't just put in what they're saying. Put in what they're feeling, thinking, senses of all kinds. Three sentences at the very least. If your replies are unreasonable, and consistently short, I will call it out. I'm not a bitch i swear but i do want a good roleplay and i want everyone to have a nice time.

There will be romance. Take smut and stuff to the pms please if there is any.

There will be gore, violence, and mention of triggering topics. Specifically with the mention of triggering topics, put a TW at the beginning of your post.
triggers include: Mention of SA in any way shape or form, mental illness, self harm or the action of any of these things.
As for violence and gore. do the same thing please. Just put like a ///gore warning/// thing at the beginning or before the gore happens in bold and youre good.

My rp my rules. They're not unreasonable but if you don't follow them, you will be kicked. They're easy rules to follow.

You may have 4 characters max. You can add them in any time in the roleplay. So take advantage of that and have fun

With the character sheets. Links are welcomed for appearance. Even if you do have a link, please give us a heavy description of your character's appearance. You don't have to be super detailed on personality, for we will find that out in the roleplay as we write together. If you don't know what details to put in your character appearance go off of mine. You don't have to ofc.

I think that's all for the rules. I will ask for a writing sample of yours if I'm not familiar with your writing.

Here's the character sheet

Personality: (optional)
Backstory: (also optional)

here are my characters I'm gonna use throughout the whole roleplay. i am in a roleplay with these exact characters as well. if yall see this, don't judge these are my apocalypse people and i love them.

Name: Cassius Avian Thomas Sandoval
Age: 26
Gender/pronouns: male He\Him
Sexuality: pan
Shipping: not particularly, but ya know we can see. He’s more of a caring, father figure than anything.

So here's some paintings I did of him ♡ in my stories he's a vampire but in this he's a human dw. But imma show you some vampy paintings of him I did as well ^^
Human Cass/aka Cass in the rp:
Vampire Cass: (im only doing this bc i have a lot more paintings of him like this so you can have more of an idea on his appearance :)
(On this board you can look at his board as like a whole if you'd like. All my art, or other sections. I don't mind. I'm pretty sure it'll just take you to it)
So all of these are his face and body, the only difference is his pointy ears, teef, snakey eyes, and his long hair.
Now for the description!
Cassius is a tol boiyo standing at 6'4" and has a beefy stance. He weighs about 225 maybe a little more. He's too big. Broad shoulders, filled out chest (thiccc thights) He has big rough hands but they're not big as in like a box shape. They're only big in size, as they're on the slimmer side.
His skin tone is a rich chocolate brown and his hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes are a nice white blonde color with more saturated orange undertones. It goes down to probably just above his shoulders and he normally has it up in a bun with little strands strands sticking out in his face.
He has a beautiful egyptian nose, going along with his narrow face shape. He has decently full lips? But not a whole lot. I'd say a medium length.
He has beautiful chocolate brown eyes, looking gold in the sunlight. His nose has one nostril swirly piercing on the side (all his jewelry is gold btw) and a small, septum ring.
His ears are decorated with cold rings as well.
He has very sad looking eyes, more on the downturned side. They're not small but they're not big by any means. They're very soft as the rest of his demeanor. He keeps his expressions very calm and almost a longing look? He doesn't do it on purpose I swear •~•
Okay He has a scar going from his left eye (you're right if you're looking straight at him) dead enough to completely blind that eye and down through his top and bottom lip on that side. His lips have healed good for the most part but they are partially cleft. If that makes sense?? The pictures help except it's a lot less in this)
His other (hurt) eye is always closed bc he doesn't wanna scare anyone bc when he opens it, it just looks real nasty. He was attacked by his (now dead) bestie when he was younger :(
On the side side of his eye he has a huge tattoo of a snake crawling up his arm from the back of his hand to up, wrapping around his neck. The head at the back of his hand and the tail wrapping around his neck. It's a nice tan color with nice black scales with an upside-down cross on the head. It's a bit faded but not a ton. Still terribly noticeable
I think that's all???
(Oh he also wears a golden, wedding ring)
Personality: (optional)
First things first. He makes up for how scary he appears to be in how sweet he really is. He is a protector and like a lovely father to anyone he possibly can be.
He talks slow and nice, his voice scratchy but his words oh so soft. He doesn't use any fast movements unless need be.
He's a very sad soul and he can explain why in the rp if you get close to him :,) and it shows in how he treats everyone. With such respect, care, and love.
He is very mentally healthy other than the fact that he's just a sadder person. Oh he also has like severe ptsd.
Cassius is very easy to talk to but won't stand any threats. If someone tries to hurt him he's not hesitating to break their arm. He will avoid killing a human being at all costs though. You could say that's a flaw in this situation. Weak even.
He doesn't care about what others think of him but he does care about how they feel because of him.
Cass can be tough, quick on his feet, and smart when he needs to be. But other than that he's really relaxed. Again, is seen as weak a lot.

Backstory: TBD

Name: Opelia Christine Sandoval (Cassius' daughter)
Age: 6
Gender/pronouns: female. she\her
Sexuality: idk shes a baby
Shipping: lol no
She is a smol bean with dark skin like her father and dark wavy (very messy) hair that's just a big darker than her skin. She has nice brown eyes like both of her parents, nice rosy cheeks and a smaller nose, taking after her mother :)

Personality: (optional)
Every now and again you can catch her being very giggly and joyful with her dad though :)
You can tell by her kind heart and gentleness that she was raised by Cassius. He's a good dad lol
unlike her father, shes very trusting and honestly just wants a friend.

Backstory: (also optional) tbd
Name: Jesse Nadhi (pronounced Jessy. Dont call her Jess shell punch you)
Age: 23
Gender/pronouns: female she\her
Sexuality: lesbian
Shipping: yes
Ive got these paintings of her i did :3
She stands tall at 6’2” and Weighing roughly 180-190lbs. Jesse has more of a muscular build with more broad shoulders and a good bit of definition in her muscles.
She has darker skin (as seen in the painting above^) with green eyes and a caremel faded color along the rim of her irises.
Jesse is part arabic part german. She has a thick german accent and a low, raspy voice.
She has a wolf cut goin on with thick back hair that she sometimes slicks back. She has a black bandana on her at all times be it on her arm or in her hair.

Personality: (optional)
She likes socializing, but isnt very good at it, as she comes across as mean and crude in a lot of her words and actions. Jesse is playful but again, in kind of a rude way. She doesn’t get along with others much. She isnt very likable (at first anyway, but ill let you guys be the judge of that)
Once you get to know her, shes protective and easy to hang around, not caring what anybody thinks of her and the word “YOLO” is her motto. Or her excuse for doing wild things for no reason. She isnt the most trusting and her morals are literally non-existent. You try to get in her way, she will do everything in her power to get you out of the picture. She has a very hard time expressing love

Backstory: (also optional) tbd


Name: Francesca “Frenchie” Eireann Russo (Call her Fran, I dare you)
Age: 19
Gender/pronouns: Female, she/her
Sexuality: Bisexual
Shipping: If you can convince her, sure
Appearance: (I have a tendency to be terrible at descriptions so please forgive me, I’m more than willing to give clarification as need be)
Frenchie is small, 5’4” and 110 pounds of pure muscle and spite. She has strong shoulders and arms but isn’t particularly built in her upper body, more so toned for power than absolute strength but still packs a hell of a punch. She has a prominent set of hips for her size and thick thighs along with it; her legs are pure muscle and hold a lot of her strength.
She has slightly darker skin, somewhere between type 3 and type 4 (Google the Fitzpatrick scale for reference) with russet brown eyes and dark golden brown slightly wavy hair that falls to the middle of her back. She usually keeps it in either a high ponytail or a braid/braided bun to avoid it getting in the way but refuses to cut it.
Frenchie is both very Italian and very Irish, causing a heart shaped face with a small, upturned button nose and a healthy smattering of freckles all over her face and body although they heavily pepper her nose and cheeks. Not to mention a constantly switching accent between a softer, r rolling Italian one and a permanently aggressive but respect commanding Irish one. With full lips and a gap between her front teeth, her smile makes her look 5 years younger.
Frenchie’s eyes look too big for her face, round and piercing as they stare into your soul. They’re extremely expressive, only helped by her equally as expressive thin and high arched eyebrows and seemingly never still hands and arms.
She has two tattoos, technically four if you count the second one as three. The first is a phoenix with a bright red eye on the back of her neck and the second is her name; written on her right arm with her first name in her father’s handwriting, her middle name in her mother’s handwriting, and her last name in her little brother’s handwriting. All of them are fairly recent, only done in the past couple of years, so there’s no fading.
She has two piercings, a normal earlobe piercing and a helix piercing.
(I think I got everything?? Descriptions are hard y’all)
Frenchie is an absolute spitfire. Her exterior is very defensive and protective, showing how she won’t let her small frame define her as weak or needing someone’s protection. And her interior isn’t much softer. She’s sarcastic and a bit of a smartass but only to balance out how fiercely she cares about people. She has massive trust issues but if you can get her guard down, she’s a total mama bear. She’s loyal to a fault and is unwaveringly stubborn. She cares very deeply about people, more than willing to jump headfirst into danger to protect those she loves. When she’s on your side, she’s in for the long haul until you give her a reason not to. Plus, she gives the best hugs.
Frenchie’s entire personality is to the absolute extreme and she jumps to extremes just as quickly. With her short temper and “swing first, ask questions later” attitude, it’s safe to say that she doesn’t like new people, especially when she considers them a danger to her friends or family. She has, can, and will knock people’s teeth out without a second thought and she’s not opposed to killing when she has to to protect herself or others. One could call her ruthless, heartless, a cold-blooded murderer. She doesn’t care. If it keeps her alive, she’ll rip someone’s throat out with her teeth. She has a killer intuition that never steers her wrong and trusts her gut over anything else.
She’s a total chatterbox, never knowing when to shut her mouth and loves to talk. She knows both Italian and Gaelic from her childhood. Unfortunately with her accents and endless bounds of energy, she talks incredibly quickly and switches languages often so people often lose what she’s saying.
In the end, Frenchie is incredibly resilient, a warrior in the face of adversity but can and will give up her own life for those who’ve earned it. She’s seen as a wild and dangerous nomad, an ace in the hole or a joker ready to stab you in the back at any second. She has her mission and is determined to fulfill it, no matter who or what stands in her way. But if you’re willing to help her, she may just throw you a bone.
Backstory: Since Frenchie is so secretive of her past and defensive of her personality, you’ll just have to get to know her in character to find out ;)


Ahhhh, I'm bad at personality descriptions, I'm better at writing them in character but I think I did okay?
And I've never done so much Googling for one character. But I wanted my specifics and I wanted to get them right dammit!

@Anxietyfilledcinnamonroll group

Name: Jaxon “Jax” Ashvale

Age: 21

Gender/pronouns: Male (He/him)

Sexuality: Straight

Shipping: Eh. I don’t recommend it unless you can help him open up. He's also super reserved, so another reason why that would be a bad idea. But you can try your best :)

Appearance: 6’2. He has a combed-over style with medium-length, jet-back hair. His cheeks are hollow. He has an oval face shape. He has sharp arctic blue, eagle-like eyes. He has a hook nose with a kink in it. His skin tone is honey beige and his build is spare and fit. He has a faint scar over his mouth and on his clavicle. He has a long scar on the side of his abdomen from being stabbed. His clothing is a black bomber jacket over a plain white t-shirt. Sometimes wears gloves to avoid callused palms. He wears a leather belt with daggers and throwing knives. He wears black jeans and black combat boots.

Personality: (Hope you don't mind that I copy and pasted it from his notebook page. It gets a bit complicated) Jax is a realist. He gives suggestions on what is achievable in meetings. You will hear him shooting down ideas not possible in this world. He does not daydream about fantasies that could happen; they are just a figment of his mind that will lead to hope. He makes plans based on the realism of the attack. Jax is very down-to-earth. As a child, he had many hopes and dreams; he threw them away after the traumatic event that led to his reserved personality.

In the beginning, Jax's emotionally detached from people. His PSTD got worse after being diagnosed with PTSD two years after his traumatic event. He became emotionally detached to protect himself from the drama, anxiety, the stress of his PTSD, the questions, and the help others offer. He’ll be blunt with others. Jax is not open with his emotions with many people, and that can lead to difficulty. Ηe calls himself numb.

Tying into his emotional detachment, he is a reserved person who rarely shows his genuine feelings. He mostly has a neutral face and tone. His tone will sometimes turn to irritation or change when he’s pleased. Many times, it seems the many manipulative tricks others use do not affect him at all. He acts as if he has a wall around him. Jax rarely contributes his thoughts in situations unless asked, or he feels it’s crucial. He has complete self-control in consequential circumstances, but he might lose it when his bottled emotions become expressed. Jax is polite to people; he respects other opinions and feelings. Jax is self-sufficient. He doesn’t want to dump his emotional baggage on others, he’d rather deal with it on his own time. He won't display his emotions in public. He excuses himself to have his own alone time. Alone, he’ll express his bottled feelings. Two of the biggest exhaustions of his bottled emotions are through crying or anger. Contradicting not displaying his emotions in public is when he snaps and starts sobbing. It happened when he was younger and now in his twenties. It doesn’t matter who’s around him. It occurs on missions, or in times he can’t get alone time.

When someone he cares for gets hurt, his emotions will cloud his judgment. He’ll often jump to action against the enemy instead of thinking it through. Jax is awfully loyal to his friends. He'll protect them with his life. Jax is doubtful of himself. He fears he’ll never pull through and be there to save the ones he loves the most. Jax fears he’ll fail his biggest goal. Jax will claim he isn’t good enough or will screw up everything. He is a humble person. He would never boast about his skills, his only input when asked, “How do you fight so well?” would be Years of tough training. Being humble ties into his reserved and doubtful image.

Backstory: The biggest part of this backstory is the house fire that set him on the road as a loner. It’s also important to understand his PTSD.