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I was in an RP a while ago where we Rp In someones world and the User acted as a narrator. I would love for a few people to Rp in my world.
This is Denma

Filled with mystical being's and Lore to discover, Denma is home to several creatures each one with it's secret's and culture to explore. What will you do with the chalanges it presents, Who will you be? A wealthy Noble from Nonalia or a humble Farmer from Clandrel. Or perhaps, you're one of the magical folk. Who's side are you on in this war? Do you take a side, or are your moralities so grey you can be swaed by a bit of Coin?

Welcome! All you need to do to play is fill out Your character, Use the Document above for help filling in some of those nitty gritty details. You can play as any of the Humanoid Creatures listed. Here are some ground rules.

  • This World is my Baby. I'll do my best to allow your creative mind do play with it. That being said if I decide you are using a Magical ability in a way that would not be possible, please respect my decision and edit your response accordingly.
  • Shipping is Fine, Romance is fine but keep it PG-13 please.
  • Depending on the Race you choose I will PM you a few things to keep in mind. These will include, cultural aspects of the Race, Knowledge about the other Races that they would or wouldn't know and so forth. Again I ask that you respect these unless it makes sense for your character to not fallow them based on their background and personality.
  • Please don't let this die! If you are not on for a while, I reserve the right to Narrate your character out of the picture until you are back, This should make it easier for you to jump right in with out having to read what you missed, and the Rp can continue in your absence.
    -Have fun! I know that's a lot of rules and regulations to keep track of so don't worry if you break a few, Making Mistakes is ok and if it turns out being super cool, I might just allow it ;).

If the category doesn't apply to your character don't include it. If it has something in parenthesis delete it.
If you want to know more about the culture of your character, Tell me the Race and/or Kingdom before you complete the character Template. I will PM you the detail's you need to know sooner rather than later.
Appearance (Reference the Document for individual race characteristics, If you are a Feana please include what type of flying creature you have or what creature you bonded with)
Magic Level (Normal or advanced, Only applies to pure blood magic creatures):
Kingdom (Only applies to Human's and Magic creatures that have left their settlements):
Personality (Doesn't need to be super detailed):
Backstory(Doesn't need lot's of detail, But if you have it I would love to see it):
Other(Magic weapons, fighting ability, any thing else I as your Narrator should know):


(seviens, or half half nonalia half griffin)

(I am confused on what you mean by Half half nonalia and half griffin, one is a country and one is an animal, Senvien I understand. If you could clarify I would appreciate it)


(half human** (specifically nonalia))

(So you want to be Half human half what, Sorry for the questions I just want to get you the right info. Half Senvien isn't an option as they do not interbreed with human's or anyone else for that matter they are a very isolated society)


(half girffin)

Half griffin doesn't exist, Feana can bond with griffin's and through a very secretive process obtain griffin wings, but Griffins are not a humanoid so breading with a Human would be a bit weird. There are Half Wenads and Half Feana)


(let me know if anything is wrong or if you need more info)

(She is excellent! I'll have to send you more information about Denma though because it's in her backstory)


(Hey guy's, I'm planning on getting this started either to tomorrow or Tuesday, If you could have your characters up by then it would be great :)