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she smiled " so what else can I do to get punished?"

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" seems to be something you like" she said and teasingly moved eves fingers from her waist

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Anya's back arched, biting her lip in an instant ( pm? XD)

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" you'd be surprised," she joked until a knock on their door made Anya jump
Eve's eyes widened, and her magic quickly pulled the sheets around them. "Shit."
anya nuzzled into eve " come in!"
Farah opened the door with her magic and stepped in. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything."
"no not at all"
"Mom, what do you want?" Eve muttered.
"Oh nothing," Farah hummed. "Just wanted to let you know how loud you were this time."
anya's face went bright red "sorry!"
Eve instantly flushed the same color as Anya. "Y-You heard?"
Farah laughed knowingly. "Please. I can feel the spike in your emotions every time. But no, I don't listen."
" oh gods, i swear. " she covered her face.
Farah laughed harder at that. "You didn't seem embarrassed when I found out about you two having sex in the first place, and this is what sets you off?" she asked, arching an eyebrow curiously.
" its because had you walked a minute later you'd have seen it.."
Farah smirked a bit. "I know."
Eve squeaked and hid her face.
anya tried to hide her face " you really ain't got no shame.."
"Please. I'd never walk in on you two."
" really?"
"Yes. You don't believe me?"
" no, hell you walking into the girls lockerroom once."
Farah arched her eyebrows. "I did not."
" you dont remember that?" she said with a raised eyebrow
"No, because I did no such thing."
" i could have sworn you did.." she raced over her memory
"No," Farah countered easily. "Never."
anya shrugged and ran her fingers in eves hair
"Is all you wanted to tell us is that we were loud?" Eve asked, her voice muffled.
Farah shook her head. "I wanted you both to come to my office. Discuss the opportunity we talked about earlier."
"Alright, can we get dressed?"
Farah laughed and shook her head. "Yes." She left, shutting the door behind her with her magic.
" im snatching some of your clothes."
"No!" Eve protested, still hiding her face and holding Anya tightly.
" yes, and you can have mine"
"But I like my clothes!"
" mee too." she teased
Eve frowned. "You can't always steal my clothes!"
" can," she corrected
" why not?"
"Because you have your own clothes! An entire closet and dresser full!"
" so? you do too"
"Yes, and I use them for me!"
she laughed " fineee"
Eve stuck her tongue out.
anya bit her tongue
Eve's eyes widened.
" what?"
Eve sat up straight and looked around. Her eyes narrowed. "Something's off."
" what"
"I don't know…"
" eve I have to know to help" she said softly
"I don't even know what it is."
" then tell me what it feels like
"Uneasy," she murmured.
"like something bad?"
"I don't know. Just… unsettling."
“ let’s go fine out,”
Eve nodded, frowning as she stood up. "Rosalind has limiters on," she whispered. "It can't be her."
“ I’m just going to make sure,” she said, following the old path she knew to the woman
Eve followed Anya's lead. "Farah and Ben brought her in themselves once we defeated her. There's no way she's escaped."
“ I know and I trust them, I just don’t trust her “
Eve scoffed under her breath. "You're not the only one."
“ then let’s go fine out”


"Alright," she purred. "Lead the way."

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Eve nodded and closed her eyes as she reached out for Farah.


The headmistress was sitting in her office, working on paperwork with Saul keeping her company. Abruptly, she rose to her feet and shivered.

Saul frowned and stood up from sitting on one of the couches in her office. "Farah? What is it?"

"Something isn't right," she murmured, looking over to the bookshelf that hid a passage to Alfea's undercroft. She made her way over while her magic moved the shelf. She held her hand up to remove the cryo-inducement veil before heading quickly down the passage, Saul trailing her by a step.

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Farah's eyes widened, and she hurried along toward the voice calling for help. Saul wasn't farther than a stride behind her. "Who's there?" Farah asked, using her magic to assist her hearing through the maze of passages.

Eve perked up. "Mom!"

Instantly, Farah and Saul broke into a run. "Eve?!"

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Farah ran even faster.

"Anya!" Saul yelled.

The couple nearly ran into their daughter and her girlfriend as they rounded a corner.

"What's going on?" Farah demanded.

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Farah's eyes narrowed and turned silver blue. A surge of power rushed through her that forced Rosalind out of Eve and Anya's minds.

"Leave them alone," she instructed her former mentor coldly. "If you come near them again, I won't hesitate to do what I should've done years ago."

Rosalind laughed, only heard in Farah's mind. If only you had the strength. With that, she was gone.

Farah Inhaled sharply, then sighed as the tense feeling left. She quickly gathered the girls in her arms. "Are you alright?"

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"Thank you," Eve breathed to her mother.

Farah put her fingertips on Anya's temple and tried to draw out some of the pain. "Does that feel any better?" she asked before pressing her lips together. "What were you girls even doing down here?"