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I'm at 2,277 words, we already have two deaths… oops. And we're about to go into a mental break down for one character so, let's do this. My hope is to get to 3 or 4 thousand before going to bed.

My first ~600 words are about the world itself (and everything on it) dying. (Mass) deaths are a great way to start! :)

Thanks! The first ~ 700 words are the main character witnessing his father brutally murdered by his own friends and individuals he grew up with so, followed by those people trying to kill him.

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I’m a little over 5000 words and pretty happy with what I’ve got so far. Pacing could use a little work, but that’s only because I haven’t written in a bit. Already on a much better start than before.

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Kicks in the door a day late
I'm writing a musical

Glances at the musical I've been "writing" for three years
God help you

There is no god but me up here
No literally I'm putting myself into the musical as god
why? becuase why not

☁ 𝙲𝚕𝚘𝚞𝚍𝚒

This is pretty cool!

Currently, I'm still planning out my novel. I keep planning out events that are going to happen 5 books later and I have to keep telling myself YOU'RE STILL AT THE ORPHANAGE WE WANT TO LEAVE THAT PLACE
So, yeah…I've been pretty stuck on how my character leaves it and now I've got a plan I'm definitely focused on to make that work (looks left and right *), and all I have to do now is write the scene.
Due to my very, very first ideas, my books were to be called-
I can't even say it (
embarrassment *)

But that title has nothing to do with the series now, as it's a totally different piece of work. The story of its development is pretty interesting, but I think you people have better things to do than listen to its backstory (*nods sadly)

So, I also don't want to bore you guys with my plot (although if you want to, just ask!), and my main character. But whatever I'll tell you a bit about him.
Ehhhrugh no me too shy.
OK bye (for now)

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Heyo, I'm attempting. I've already started this book, it's called Two Gay Princes, it's exactly what it sounds like, and I have a beginning and end clear in mind and a vague plot in between. I'm attempting 50k words but ¯_(ツ)_/¯ we'll see

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I'm 4,513 words in and all we've done so far is buy a good hiking backpack and a gun. The other dimensions planet has not crashed into us yet. We'll get there don't worry.


I'm currently ahead of both of my sisters word count wise, usually I don't have as many words as they do, but not this time.

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yeaaahh so I'm reworking the entire baseline for my world for no other reason I can explain except the vibe wasn't what I wanted. Hopefully I still get some writing done lol, it shouldn't completely change my script but it will definately change the details.

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My best friend and I hold competitions while doing NaNo almost every year XD. I have 14,230 something words, but that’s only a couple hundred words ahead of him, and he's a wicked typist and has an amazing idea for a novel, soooo, I don’t expect to stay ahead for very long.