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"Are you an angel?" The human gasped
"Sure, we can go with that" the demon shrugs

Okay so ive got kind of a fun idea i guess??

Theres a human, a demon, and an angel.
Idc whos who, but uh yeah lol..

Im kind of thinking someone like supernaturalish? If you havent seen it thats fine ♡

So the humans a prophet and there are these tablets. Three of them and the prophet (the chosen one whatever) is the only one who can read them because theyre in some different language.
Demon tablet
Angel tablet
Human tablet
Each tablet holds their weakness ans strengths ans secrets. Yada yada. Ill explain that a bit more in like a google doc or somethin idk
The human is kind of really clueless and theyre maybe like struck by lightning or they drowned and washed up on a shore ans thats where it begins.
The angel and the demon are obvious enemies and are both trying to get ahold of the prophet human. And the human is kind of tossed back and forth between the two, being kidnapped by the demon and saved by the angel over and over again.
The two beings are trying to desperately find the tablets and keep them to theirselves and save from the others and they need the prophet to read it.


Uhm thats all ive got so far.

Just dont be a jerk
Please proper grammar and no dry replies.
I can say no but i most likely wont.
Ill post a template once youve joined
Please be decently active thanks. I dont want this to die so quickly TT^TT
Uhm i can explain the powers and stuff of the demon and angel whoever you wanna be. The humans a normal human lol.
The demon and angel cannot be the same gender. One has to be a chick and the other a dude. Or else my idea wont really work properly

Ill tell you more once you join
(I may or may not be either the demon or the angel because once again, ive got an idea but idk yet. If one of you would like to be the human thatd be cool beans)

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Human template

Appearence: (links are very welcomed but if not, be descriptive)
Backstory: (optional)

Demon template:
For their "powers", okay have you seen Supernatural? If not i can explain it

Appearence: (links are very welcomed but if not, be descriptive)
(Demons and angels dont have any family members other than their fellow demons and angels.)

And ill put my angel template up later today


Name: Abellona Sallow
Age: She looks around 19-20
Gender: Female
Appearence: (links are very welcomed but if not, be descriptive) Long black hair that falls to her waist in messy waves, pale porcine skin, and mismatched eyes (one a vibrant emerald green, one a cool story gray). Rocks a dark-boho vibe (think either Izzy Stradlin from Guns N Roses or a vampire that probably got turned at Woodstock)
Personality: She acts shy and quiet at first, but if you spend longer than an hour witch her, you'll find she's actually very sarcastic and passionate, and you'll find she's actually a giant dork if you stay even longer and you're alone together. She comes in layers.
Likes: Music, the stars (she's always secretly been a little jealous that the angels could see them so often), fire, mischief, the idea of not dying, making things harder and more complicated than they really need to be (especially for other people)
Dislikes: Silence, bright lights (they hurt her eyes. She's been in the dark for a lot of her life), water, salt, stupid people who "jokingly" summon her and act all surprised and scared when she actually shows up.


Name: Alexander (Alex) Rondra
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Appearence: (links are very welcomed but if not, be descriptive) Alex is a fairly tall, thin boy. He has light brown hair that is gently wavy and is cut short on the sides but sligtly longer on the top. Deep brown eyes and a thin straight nose add to the thinness of him, as well as the fact that he's anything but muscular. Long fingers and a sharp jawline as well as pale tan skin. Tends to dress in layers to hide how thin he is.
Personality: Alex is not a super outgoing person. He's not quiet around his friends, but in public he doesn't normally speak. He's a smily boy when he's happy, and will laugh to almost any joke that makes sense, funny or not. Alex is very loyal, and even if he's not strong enough to fight someone physically, he can destroy people with his arguments if given the chance..or just by annoying them sometimes. More TBD
Likes: Reading, music, dogs and cats, rainstorms, winter nights and roaring fireplaces.
Dislikes: Tornadoes, physical fighting, rats, jocks.
Family: Theodora Rondra (Mother), Celis Rondra (Father), Allia Rondra (Older sister)
Backstory: (optional) Eh nah

@Celeste_X0X0_ group

I like them!!
Heres my boiyo ♡

Name: Gabriel
Gender: male technically
Age: appears 21 but angels have been here since the beginning of time
Here’s a Pinterest board i made for him uwu
He stands decently tall at 6 foot exactly, his wings about three times his arm span, dusty black feathers only visible to other supernatural beings or if they choose for certain humans (the hunters) to see them. (No, this isn’t in the tv show, but i wanted to add it. Sue me)
Dark chocolate skin, muscular and always in formal clothes,( as all angels are) and well kept hair. Yellowish green eyes that light up at the sight of another angel or if they are healing someone.
Rather big, rough looking hands, but soft as silk. They have a warm welcoming, peaceful aura about them that compels others to them. Nice plump lips and only about an inch of frizzy hair. Nice, well kept eyebrows to no surprise, along with his dark as hell eyelashes.

The serious, strong silent type, not getting much humor,( the mor angels are around humans, the more they will get humor) hes very logical and he doesn’t like doing things out of emotions. Near the begginning of meeting humans anyway. Hes very confused a lot of times, and sometimes its cute if he didnt look like he would murder you.
Once Angels are around humans and demons more, or anything else other than angels, theyve developed more of a personality. Hes cocky and strong willed and maybe a little flirty every now and again. Gabriel doesn’t get distracted easily and wont let much get in his way when needing to get something done. He doesn’t get the concept of romance and love, but is trying to understand it.
Hes quick to think of what to say and is very independent. Unlike many other angels, hes been on earth a bit longer and he doesn’t take well to be ordered around.
Treat him like a bug and he’ll squish you like one.

Likes: flowers, fairies, anything really tiny actually, whenever he sees white angel wings (he thinks theyre gorgeous), dolphins and cacti

Dislikes: Scared of dogs but not puppies, and hates long awkward hugs. Demons, liars/deceivers, succulents. Hes weirded out by them. Hates following orders and being bossed around. He has a pride issue ngl

@Celeste_X0X0_ group


(This takes llace in moder time btw)Soo the story starts with the human supposedly "dying"
Lets say hes crushed, shot, drowned, anything. But the thing is, he survives. Thats when the demon shows up and tries to lure the human onto their side without the angel getting to him first.
Then fhe angel comes of course lol.
So woukd you like me to start or do you want to start by writing your character supposedly "dying"?
Its fine either way


Dying for Alex was anything but painless and quick. He wished there was no pain. A slippery cliffside road, a deer, and the jerk of a steering wheel before he was flipped down the side of a cliff in his car, pinned into the metal coffin as it rolled and bounced into the rocky sea below. Nothing could've prepared him for it, and as he finally was aware of the situation when he finally landed, sinking in the water, he couldn't even panic. Freezing water rushed in around him, the large wounds lacing his body dumping out who knew how much blood, and to top it off, he was pinned into his car by part of the doorframe.

He had only been heading home from his sister's graduation party, a drive to his hometown that he had made thousands of times before. And yet, he wasn't going to make it home this time.

Before he knew it, the water was up to his neck, then his nose, then over his head. It left him with barely a breath of air in his lungs to utilize, the water rushing in much too quickly as he yanked at his seatbelt. Every breath he tried sucking in was filled with stinging water, adding to his dillema. In the span of less than a few minutes longer he couldn't physically fight his body giving up, no matter how much he was panicking now. And so, as his eyes closed, he died. Great way to end a suprisingly good day.


Abellona sat on the cliffs edge, watching the car go under. The human inside would be theirs this time, surely. She grinned, wolfish, slipping off the edge herself and laughing as the water engulfed her, swimming towards the car to get there before the angel could get there. "Come here, fucker." She whispered, keeping an arm out towards him, dress floating up around her.


("Come here, fucker" lol best sentence I've seen all day 10/10)
Alex barely was able to make out a shape coming towards him in his final moments, figuring that it was nothing interesting and wondering what death was going to be like instead. His family wasn't religious, and in the most positive he could be, death seemed like nothing more than nothingness. Anything different than that and he would be utterly suprised. He floated limply in his car, still trapped by the frame and very much dead now. Humans weren't very hardy when it came to dying, and he was no expection to that rule.


((Thank you I do try))

Abellona let out a small hum, grabbing his arm and yanking him out. She kicked hard, bringing him out a little in the water so she could climb out easier (dead bodies are hard to pull out of water, this was one thing she wanted to make easier). This one- this one was for hell. No doubt about it.


Alex was fairly light, being the twig of a human being that he was, but he was also dead weight; literally. His body didn't fight back against the demon, but he didn't help her yank him out of the wreckage either. It was all her job unless she could bring him back to life in some way.


Abellona finally reached a bit of land, smiling as she climbed up and yanked the body out of the water, laying it on the ground. "C'mon…" She mumbled, standing up, hair dripping over him. "Gimme that soul."