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A demon and an angel who have been at odds for years have been faced with a new challenge. Who will be the first to impress the girl? In the late 1800s, the grand Victorian era, there is a girl who is of great prowess. A sweet voice, possibly nauseating to some, and completely absorbed in the ballet. Many people come to see her perform, but her performance has piqued supernatural interest.

The demon is on the lookout for a girl who can help them carry out their evil scheme. To use her solely for the sake of her pure soul. Their challenger prevents them from letting all of hell loose, but no angel can harm a girl. A girl, on the other hand, would never trust a demon. They disguise themselves as a lovely angel to deceive the girl, but when they're not around, they curse the angel for their folly.

The angel is looking for a companion. One who could keep them company while they were on this planet. Their adversary keeps him in the background, and they must compete for the girl's attention. They pursue her to a location where the demon is unable to enter. The theater's upper tier. They must prove that they are the true angel who isn’t after her purity.

In her free time, the girl goes to rehearse her dances and pamper herself in the dressing room. Unfortunately for her, these locations are located on the theater's lower level. This level is known as hell, and it is here that the demon dwells. This is the point of no return and where he can deceive her at best. The adventures and performances of the girl, on the other hand, take place on the second level, where the angel resides. But there is a catch to the second level.
She is not interested in a lover but is suggested to take up one by her mother. She starts to consider one of the two, but whom?

The story begins at a masquerade ball, where each guest will be masked. During the long night, the girl runs into both of them. Both have a chance to swoon the girl in one night, but neither succeeds. This begins the demon's masking and the angel's wall of defenses in order to protect her from an uncouth creature. Will the girl be safe from the demon's mask, despite the angel's efforts?

That was a very messy explanation of the plot. This is heavily influenced and a small retelling of the Phantom of the Opera but with angels and demons. You don’t have to know the book or play to join, but I do suggest you listen to The Mirror to get a feel of the story (You don’t have to though).

With all that said, I am going to tell you that the setting is in the 1800s at a theater and the city it is in. The countries I was thinking about were either France or England. We can decide that. We can also decide on a further plot if needed.


The angel: AAA_Batteries

The demon: Me

The (Human) girl: Sweet_Pea

  • I’d appreciate three sentences or more per response and some detail
  • No OP characters
  • No smut
  • Andrew’s rules
  • Swearing allowed. No slurs
  • If you have any questions or suggestions, please tell/ask me
  • There may be mature themes


(I kinda know it I know she get's kidnapped and trapped under a theater by a guy who has a crush on her so that kinda sucks, please tell me more)


(I've not been on this site in three months and I've not roleplayed other than dnd…I may be a bit rusty, but I think I could do well at this. Mind if I play the angel?)

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(Of course you can! I don’t mind that you may be somewhat rusty. For some background, the angel is based off Raoul whose major task is to keep Christine safe and ward her off from seeing the phantom (Le demon)

@Anxietyfilledcinnamonroll group

(And for the background on the girl form the book, @Sweet_Pea, you’re pretty much right on that. Another than that, she spends time all over the theater and some outside it. She is chased by the Phantom almost everywhere. She’s not a fan of either boy, but she soon comes to love only one after the learning who the phantom is. The knowledge you have is good and all I need to say is to utilize the locations very well. I’m doing this from the demon’s perspective and I’ll give some directions on what to do so you guys aren’t in the dark.)


Name: Sebastian Swift
Age: Appears as 20 but is actually around 600 (still young for an angel)
Gender: Male
Species: Angel…human?
Appearance: Has medium length, ruffled brown hair, a composed posture, and gentle green eyes. He exudes a constant nervousness, which he tries to cover up with his expensive and modest dressing.
Personality: Reserved to most, but goes out of his way to be caring for the girl. He's constantly trying to impress her, showing off the best aspects of himself and sometimes going to grand and failing.
Background: Ever since Sebastian was first created, he was alone. He almost always went on solo missions, and found in hard to befriend other angels, or even humans when he spent time on earth. He accepted himself as a lone-wolf kind of dude, but was often lonely. He began changing himself to appease others, making everything worse. TL;DR Lonely boi wants a partner
Other: Finds comfort in animals, and in turn has a pet dove (also his messenger), that seems to constantly follow him around.

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Name: Nathaniel Nightseeker

Age: Appears to be around 22, but no one knows his real age

Gender: Male

Species: Demon

Appearance: Nathaniel’s 6’3 with messy dirty blond hair, and bangs falling in his left eye. It's ear length and short in the back. He has layered bangs. Nathaniel has sharp, predator-like navy blue eyes fringed with long eyelashes. His nose is pointed. He has thin lips. He has dark freckles doting his cheeks and across his nose. His face is triangular. His skin tone is warm ivory, on the paler side. He is lean and toned. He has defied muscles on his arms and abdomen. His shoulders are broad. His body shape is that of a rectangle, is quite muscular, and has rough, calloused hands.
He has scarred burns on the left side of his face. They are spread out in patches. He has one over his left eye extending down to his a little past his mouth. It also extends above his eyes, but his hair covers most of it. He has a patch on the left of his nose. The scars appear a dull pink.

Personality: Nathaniel is a mass manipulator and is willing to do anything to get his key to unleashing hell—even if it meant murder. He acts nice, caring, and as if he was acting in your best interest. He’s strong-willed and bad-tempered. Any person that gets in his way will be on his hit list.

Background: Nathaniel had been trying to carry out his scheme of unleashing hell on earth, but has since been thwarted by the angel. He has been clashing with what he claims to be a nuisance for the majority of his life. He’s done everything over millennia to get rid of the boy, but his efforts have failed. He turned to find a partner to use and manipulate, but he always hit dead ends.

Other: He can play the piano to the extent of luring people in


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Name: Chris Gardner

Age: 22

Gender: male

Species: human

Apperence: Chris is 5'1 T_T and has short silky hazelnut brown hair he has soft light Caramel skin and dark chocolate eyes

Personality: Chris is kind and nice to his frienda but if he meets new people she is a bit more. . . Fiesty ("who do you think you are fucko!" "Watch it you ass" "do you try and kidnap every pretty gut you see because that is fucking stupod you fucking dick" ect) once he trusts you he stays by your side until you give him reason not to trust you.

Background: Chris has been doing Ballet his whole life ever since he was a kid she is now a professional ballet dancer and almost lives in the theater. he lives in a small one bedroom apartment with his cat Enzo. Aside from dancing he also loves reading.

Other; that is it :)

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(Aww, I love her. Hm, I’m okay if you’d like to make them male and make it gay, but it also depends on what AAA_Batteries would like. I’d also like to say I won’t be on for majority of the weekend [Mainly Saturday])