forum The innocent's hand in hand with the evil. (OxO with LegoBatman'sLeftLeg! [A.K.A. Lynn])
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So, hi @LegoBatmansLeftLeg! Here's our place to be the… whatever we'll be.

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ayy! Yeah.. the place with the… stuff and the… thing… and the… guy. yeah.

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hey, and i'll be the scronkly smol. Im good at those B)
do you have any basic ideas for the plot? I can help come up with some if not


Kinda just… hero meets villain, for some reason likes the villain, the villain offers the hero the mercy of living life as villain, blah blah blah villains win yay the world dies!

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Yay!! Are we goin like superhero route? Or like mafia underground black market route?


Little bit of both, I suppose. More the latter than the former, though. A lot of torture and breaking minds is in the future.

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Ah, gotcha. So maybe your character is like big scary crime boss and mine is random oblivious bystander that maybe witnessed something and had to be held captive or something?


Maybe… but superpowers and magic and shit. Like, your character is just, like, an innocent magic user or something, like a baker, and then just… meets this tall, tall brooding figure.

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yeah that sounds perfect!! Do you have a temp in mind? I can also make one if you need


Here's the temp:









Other (Optional):

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Swag. Also, do you have a preference on what type of pairing we do?

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Sweet. I’ll have someone up in a sec


Name: Saul Jinx (SAW-ool)

Aliases/Nicknames: Vex

Age: 23

Gender: Non-binary

Sexuality: Demiromantic Bisexual

Appearance: Saul is 7'5" with shoulder length salt white hair and black irises. He has caramel skin and a scar stretching from the left side of his hairline down to the right side of his jaw. He also has a criss-cross pattern of scars across his back, remineiscent of whip lashes. On the back of his left hand he has a scar in the shape of a crucifix, and on the back of his right hand he has a strange, twisting glyph.

Personality: He is a psycopath/sociopath, and takes pleasure in causing people great pain. He has spent most of his life figuring out how to cause people the most ammount of pain in a short ammount of time, and has learned many ways to painfully kill people in ways that look completely natural.

Powers/Abilities: He is a master of abjuration, necromany, conjuration, illusion and destruction magic. He is an amazing actor, and can hide his violent tendencies very well. He is an accomplished liar and manipulator.

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Beautiful! I love them!!

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XD love when that happens

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yuhp. sorry I'm taking so long lmao

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Name: Augustine Spring

Aliases/Nicknames: Gus

Age: 21

Gender: Demiboy - he/they

Sexuality: Pansexual

Appearance: His bright, gold eyes are set neatly in his chestnut-colored face, accentuated with soft cherub features and framed by curly mocha hair. They stand at about 5’2”, with a pudgy figure dotted with freckles and a few odd burn scars. They typically wear loose, oversize clothes, mostly graphic sweaters and cozy ripped jeans

Personality: extremely trusting and a little naive. He always sees the good in everyone, no matter what they have done, and constantly looks for ways to make people happy - which mostly manifests itself in his baking. He loves going for walks, petting animals, and snuggling into blankets while watching a good movie

Powers/Abilities: can manipulate light - their freckles glow wherever they use this ability. Also has weak psychokinesis abilities - only able to move small things (as of now).

Other: Work at their family’s bakery, eventually training to take over.