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Anyone wanna be an army squad?
Ok cool

Premise: We are a squad of 8 fresh from boot camp. We're heading out in to active duty across seas (in a country that will remain unnamed, and we're also from an unnamed country), and in our first week in enemy territory, a raid on our camp kills our CO, the other officers, and the other four soldiers. We're the only survivors, but are we going to get captured? Have to find our way back to safety? Get lost?
We'll have to find out, huh.

First come first serve, but you do have to ask before joining
This is not going to be army accurate, because I know little about the army. And that's OK this is a silly rp. If you have some knowledge, feel free to impart, but let's just keep it fun and basic <3
I may ask for a writing example if we haven't rp'd before
Will contain some pretty dark themes
Do not be rude please
andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)'s
If you have any complaints, do not hesitate to bring them to me!
I may change or update these at any time
Please be active. If you can't keep going, just let me know, it's no problem
Please have good grammar. Thank-you. Occasional slip ups are fine, of course
Swearing is fine, and allowed, just don't go too overboard
Romance and such is okay too, but keep it PG
Violence and gore is expected, and graphic descriptions of such is fine.
No god modding
Please keep your replies a little longer. Doesn't have to be more than 3 lines, but wherever you can, try to stay above 1.
This will be our rough turn order: Brooklyn, me, Stark, and then Coffee :) this doesn't have to be super strict, if you get addressed directly, feel free to cut, but this order is what we'll try and keep in mind.

Character sheet:
Will post if I get any interest.


(Heyy!! Feel free, would be glad to have you ^^ And don't worry, I also don't know too much, so we'll be making stuff up as we go along, that's ok ^^)



Character's name:
Character's age: (Between 19 and 30)
Physical Description:
Brief Backstory:

My guy:
Character's name: Sasha Kinglaive
Character's age: 25
Gender: Male
Personality: Sasha's cheerful, independent, but team-minded. He's confident in himself and friendly. He can be authoritative, but if someone else steps up, he'll let them lead. He's happier in second place, but if needed, he can take charge. He can get nervous easily, and would NOT do well if in an interrogation situation. He doesn't like getting hurt, though he's fairly tough. he's a tiny bit of a coward
Physical Description: Sasha has shoulder-length white-blind hair he keeps in a short ponytail, and blue eyes. He's not super tall, but is VERY well muscled. With an easy grin and a sparkle in his eye, he's a fun guy to have around.
Brief Backstory: He comes from a life-long military family, mother, father, aunts, uncles…pretty much everyone in his family since WWII. He's never really wanted much more, though he never wanted to be deployed. He was hoping to stay in his home country.
Other: He can be fairly emotional. Boot camp wasn't enough to beat the softie out of him, and he does cry when he gets scared, sees something sad/cute, gets happy, relief, etc. He's very heart-on-his-sleeve.


Name: Oliver 'Canvas' Winslow
Nicknames: Ollie
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual

Appearance: Oliver has dark grey eyes, ash blonde hair with the tips dyed black, fair skin, dimples, and a cute smile.
Distinguishing features: ear piercings and a tattoo of an anchor with a rope wrapped around it on his arm. It's about 3 inches square

Personality: Oliver is a quiet soul. He likes to study things and think about things rather than making rash decisions. Oliver likes strategy and lengthy plans. While he may be quiet, Oliver will not hesitate to end you. He hates people who like to out down others, dislikes when people think they can get away with anything bad they do. He can, and will come after you.
Likes: rain/thunderstorms, forests, early mornings when everything is asleep
Dislikes: injustices, dogs, thick blankets, campfires
Habits: bites lips, likes to make sweater paws when upset, bites his lip a lot
Backstory: TBD

(I had his character typed out already so I just edited parts of it to fit this rp)


Character's name: Valerie Sato (Her friends call her Tokyo)
Character's age: 21
Gender: Female
Personality: This bitch isn't afraid to kick ass, but is afraid to ask the waiter for a drink. I don't know what to tell you, man. She is chill, laid-back, logical, and likes to think everything through, she does great under pressure and is usually non-reactive. She hates interacting with strangers though. When you get to know her more, she opens up more easily. She is also witty and has a sense of humor. There are times that she can be a tinsie bit judgmental and hostile..
Physical Description: She has wavy black hair that reaches her chin and bangs that stop slightly above her eyebrows. Along with hazel eyes and very light skin, she stands at 5'4 and has an athletic build.
Brief Backstory: shes always felt like she could do something more for the people and wants to leave the world in a better place, more to be revealed
Other: She's thinking about getting a K-9

@PaperHats business

Character's name: Korren York, but he goes strictly by York
Character's age: 26
Gender: Male
Personality: York has that very specific “big brother” energy. He can be very caring at times, and will comfort you in whatever way he knows how, but can turn on a dime and start slinging playful jokes. He’s moderately dense, so some jokes go right over his head, and he’s pretty blind to social cues. He can’t tell what someone is feeling unless they openly express it in one way or another. York can be sort of closed off in regard to his own past and his own feelings, but when something he’s feeling is true, he knows it, and is unafraid to express it. Although, he’s not very emotional in the first place, and sarcasm is intertwined with his daily speech.
Physical Description: Tanner skin like a light mocha, often times spotless except for the occasional freckle in the summer. His eyes are a piercing mischievous amber, always sparkling with charm. His hair is a short dusted blonde, and he has quite a muscular build, but not enough to be considered buff. His body is littered with scars that he refuses to tell the stories of, and he keeps them hidden often. Stands at roughly 6’0”.
Brief Backstory: His family wasn’t very intact, so he decided the military would be a nice escape from it. He would rather face the fears of war than the fears of his own household and family issues.
Other: He can speak fluent Scottish Gaelic, due to that being his place of origin / homeland.