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Oh, I was just asking because some people would rather do a straight romance. That's all. I don't want to force someone to do something they don't want to do. And here's the template.








Normal Outfit:






Thank you! I apologize if it takes a little bit. I need to make another OC, as all of my female ones seem to be from BNHA. My only exceptions are a couple of Korean OCs I made at a sleepover… However…I feel that would be a bit awkward… I need to stop making OCs based off of my few interests…


Name: Yasmine Blanc (Basically white jasmine flower. I thought this was cute and fitting for a cute, sweet, nature-loving girl)

Nickname(s): (These usually develop in the rp)

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Sexuality: Panromantic asexual (based off of my own because why not?)

Ethnicity: French

Appearance: She has pale skin, freckles across her face, hazel eyes, brown hair, being darker at the roots. She is around 5'3, being a short girl. She looks generally innocent and caring. Her hair is also short, messy, and fluffy-looking. Her cheeks have a slight rose tint to them, and she almost always has a small yet sweet smile on her face.

Normal Outfit: She likes to be comfortable yet cute. She usually wears a gray hoodie with almost whatever, whether it be leggings, shorts, or a skirt. She also tends to wear black Converse despite whatever else. They're her favorite shoes, having been given to her by her old best friend before she moved away. They were painted to have some custom designs the day before that happened.

Personality: She is incredibly caring and would do anything for her friends to ensure that they're okay. She is a bit shy at first, but once she gets to know you, she's talkative. She's also protective, so if anyone hurts someone she cares about, she will go from innocent to angry. However, even angry, she's still quite shy and would only mutter a few insults. The only exception is if the person is severely hurt. Then she'll get revenge. She is scared of this side sometimes. She is loyal and forgiving, believing in second chances. She's also understanding and only ever considers a person rude if she can't find any reason for them to treat others poorly.

Likes: She likes animals, nature, her friends, food, supporting and helping others, and generally trying to make the world a better place. Oh, and drawing. She loves drawing.

Dislikes: Rude people, not being able to help others, feeling like she's completely useless, which is often when she feels like she isn't helping people.

Other: She had a childhood best friend until high school. Then they were separated, but she made new friends eventually. She is closeted to most people, worried about their opinions since it wasn't accepted well where she grew up. She is also an only child in her eyes, no longer associating herself with her siblings who never liked her or others. Like with her mother, they eventually went to crime. That's when she moved to America with her father. Despite that, she's quite optimistic, caring, and forgiving.

I apologize for some of this.. Names and where the OC is from isn't my best area… It's more of the details…and even those are bad… A little help would be appreciated, but no force!!

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Name: Jacqueline Waterson

Nickname(s): Jackie, Jacky

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity: White British

Appearance: Jacquline has long brown wavy hair. Her hair reaches to her waist and It’s styled in two buns on the bottom. There are times where her hair isn’t in two buns and when it’s not, it’s in a half down with a crown braid style. Her eyes are a beautiful honey brown. She has two piercings in each ear, and she wears silver round glasses. She’s roughly about 6 foot 4 inches and weighs 170.6 pounds. Her face has some freckles here and there, she has a greek nose, goldilock lips and she’s slightly muscular.

Normal Outfit: A yellow shirt with a flower design on it. She usually wears black denim jeans and black converse high tops with flame print. On very cold days, (which is very often.) she wears a long sleeve shirt, sweatpants or warm pants, a sweater, and then another sweater.

Personality: She’s smart, sharp, and speedy. She is shy around people she doesn’t know, but when she’s around people she knows, she’s energetic and social. She’s also Naive, but at times, she’ll act like she isn’t Naive at all.

Likes: She really loves anything that has the color purple in it, because she thinks it makes it looks a bit mysterious. She also likes almost all types of chocolate, especially milk chocolate.

Dislikes: Dark chocolate, annoying siblings, family vacations, and being pretty much alone in a huge house.

Other: She has three brothers and one sister. Her brother Richard (34) is a professional basketball player, her sister Amaya (10) wants to be a teen pop sensation, her second brother, Jackson (15) wants to be a writer when he grows up and her third brother, Adam (4) is an adorable toddler.

Her family moved from the United Kingdom to the United States when she was ten because her father’s new job was located in the United States. She had a hard time making friends, but she soon befriended a lot of people.


(I mean, with what I said, my amount of Japanese or Korean OCs prove it. I also have one that's Russian, but she was for some BNHA rp from the Amino that took place in Russia. Jay's presumably American, but I'm not sure if America would exist after a vaccine went wrong, mutated DNA, and created superpowers… I'm not sure where he's from… I took the pandemic and implemented it into a story set three hundred years in the future… I'm weird… Anyways, thanks! Her name will be added soon!)

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"Come on, Yasmine. The party won't be much fun if you're not there," Jacqueline said as she petted her cat. She had called Yasmine with the purpose of trying to convince her to go to the party with her. So far, she hadn't much luck. This was quite surprising to her since she was great at convincing people. Or so she thought. Until this problem emerged and now she was seriously wondering, if all this time, it was just stupid luck.


(I do apologize if this reply is bad. Kinda supposed to be asleep, but I can't sleep.)

Yasmine sighed. "I don't know… It's not that I want to let you down…it's just that I'm worried that you'll get hurt… Besides, my siblings went to parties and they never ended well… I mean…they're criminals…but still…" It was clear that her past was causing her to be unsure of this. Optimistic, she was, but she was still worried about those close to her. "My siblings convinced my friend into going…and they almost killed her… I guess that's all in the past, though. My siblings are gone. It'll just be us and whoever else. As long as you promise we won't do anything stupid, I'll go." She wanted her friend to be happy, as it was all that mattered to her.

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(Oh, it's fine. My replies may not be the best since it's late here and I didn't sleep much last night)

Jaqueline smiled. She knew that Yasmine was trying to protect her, but sometimes it was a bit annoying. "Dear, nothing is going to happen to us. First of all, it's Marilyn's party we're talking about. Nothing dangerous ever happens at them. Something crazy, sure. But something that can hurt the guests? Absolutely not." From her side, her cat could be heard meowing. "See? Even my cat agrees. Second of all, it's only going to be us, Marilyn, and a couple more people." She paused and thought of something that might seal the deal. "I promise not to get into any trouble or drink any alcohol. That way, nothing bad could possibly happen to me or you."


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"Well, you're right. I guess I'll see you later. I apologize for mentioning my past and having it hold me back. I just don't wanna lose you, you know…?" She absolutely despised the thought of losing her best friend, especially to something that she could've prevented. "So, when does the party start? I'd rather not be late. I wanna spend as much time with my best friend as possible. I enjoy it! As long as nothing bad will happen to you, it'll be fun!"

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(Yeah, that's pretty much me when I'm not in school. When I'm out of school, my sleep schedule is screwed up and I go back to being nocturnal)

"Yeah, I know. And It's nice that you're looking after me. I really appreciate it, Yaz." She hummed a bit as she grabbed her iPad and looked at the text Marilyn had sent her a couple of days ago. "It says here that it starts at five…" She looked at the clock and then back at her Ipad. "Which is about an hour from now. I can pick you up in thirty minutes if you want."


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"Yeah, thirty minutes sounds good," Yasmine said. "Well, I should probably start getting ready for the party. I'll see you in about thirty minutes, and then we can leave and have fun! Bye!" She hung up and immediately went to her room to find something to wear.

After finding something, she went back to the living room to wait, looking at her phone to check the time and thinking about what will happen at the party.

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Jacqueline put her phone on the bed and opened her closet. She looked through her outfits and finally decided on something casual, yet fancy at the same time. She did her hair and applied some makeup. She grabbed her purse and phone and went downstairs, grabbing her car keys on her way out of the house. She got inside her car and drove to Yasmine's house. She got out and walked to the door. She took a deep breath and knocked on the door.


Yasmine immediately got up and opened the door as soon as she heard the knocking, knowing who was there. "Hey! Your outfit looks amazing!" While she'd never admit it, seeing someone she loved happy like this was enough to make her happy and not worry about things. Sometimes her feelings for people are stronger than those of losing them. "Anyways, I think we should get going! I'm sure this will be fun! We just have to make sure that we aren't late, you know?)

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(Ah, it's fine.)

"Ah thanks, Yasmine! Your outfit is amazing too." She said with a small giggle. "Yeah, you're absolutely right!" She waited for Yasmine to exit her house. "I'm excited, really. It's the first time I went to one of Marilyn's parties, even though she has invited me a couple of times." She opened the door to the car and waited till Yasmine had buckled up and entered the car. She started it up and soon enough, they were on their way to the party.