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(You're allowed to create drama too, you know-)

"I remember very well that some of the members aren't big fans of certain. . . events. . . that transpired in regards to my rise to power," Osir explains with a disgusted sigh.

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(I laugh)

Osir chuckles.

"Me too, but again. . . it will be on them for whatever happens," they reply, pushing open the doors and stepping into the open air meeting area.

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Several gods were seated at a round table, talking with eachother. Then, a tall man with purple eyes turns and smiles at Osir. "Ah yes…pleasure to meet you. My name is Kreo." He nods.

(ill show you kreo)

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(Ah, the aforementioned creator god. . .)

Osir grins.

"The aforementioned creator god, eh?" they say, elbowing Geo playfully.

They look back at the god and wave politely.

"Duke Osir Iluna. A pleasure, Kreo," they reply casually.

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"Orderly, eh?" Osir chuckles, looking at the rest of the gods. "With this bunch, that seems like a mighty task, even for you."

The chuckle again, and nod at the question.

"Indeed I do. I am here in regards to the matters of the Viscount ne'Remnb, the Duchess Iuwara, and the Earl of Greyhaven. Each have estates that border my own in the east, and they are all conjoined in a conflict that has now spread partially into the lands of the Viscountess Frei, Baron Theo and Marquess Brentwalf. The east is dangerously close to civil war which will impact the future of not just the Iluna duchy, but even the west, north and south estates," Osir says, their voice ringing out clearly.

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Osir chuckles.

"I would like to hear your views on the matter before I take individual action. After all, the last time I took it upon myself to interfere in politics was with my own family. . . and there are still those among you who find the way I did so deplorable and cruel." they say, their voice silky.

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Kreo huffs a soft laugh and nods, "I suppose so…well…id say we all can help you defend yourself… But if war comes…we will not get our kingdoms fully involved. Just enough to help and support. We may even send you backup."

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Osir laughs.

"Thanks. I just want to know, will there be any backlash if I wipe the instigators off the map?" they ask with no small amount of humor or violence in their voice.

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"Then ne'Remnb, Iuwara and Greyhaven will be stricken from the world," Osir smirks.

They reach up and release the clasp on their cloak, letting it fall to the floor, letting their armor and bare skin show. Their wings unfurl and create eddies in the wind as Osir flaps them, once, twice.

They rise up into the air, and their mask falls to the earth.

As it hits the ground, a wild burst of black static crashes over everyone, causing the earth to crack and the sky to shake as Osir's aura is unleashed for the world to feel.

It was, in a word, terrifying. Unlike anything seen outside of the upper echelons of royalty, yet still nowhere close to the power even Geo commanded.

But it was certainly more than enough for Osir to be considered a calamity to the rank-and-filers of the Under-and-Overworlds.

Without another word, Osir flits off, headed east, to put down the offending partie's they'd mentioned.

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Kreo gasps and looks around once the static disappears. He laughs and puts his hands on his hips. "Well then…" He looks over to the now panicking Geo and sighs, going to calm him down.

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(Damn, apparently Geo's having war flashbacks even though Osir would stand no chance against him-)

A few minutes later, the earth shakes.

A black nova is clearly visible on the horizon, clearly from an attack on a scale that only a certain masked demon or a seriously toned down attack from a god could imitate.

Two minutes later, a second explosion.

Then a third.

A foot messenger would arrive in a panic in the council chambers reporting that the estates controlled by ne'Remnb, Iuwara and Greyhaven were gone, only craters where they used to be. There would be no survivors to be found.

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(So. . . the force of Osir's aura was close to, if not stronger than that? Hell-)

About 5 minutes after the message was relayed, Osir returns.

They hide their face as they bend down and grab their mask, extinguishing their aura once more.

They straighten and grin beneath the mask.

"It's been taken care of," they say brightly. Though it's a surprise that Osir was still standing, with how much they were swaying.

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(Naw it was the whole boom, darkness thing that got him. Since that's the last thing he saw. Its called ptsd for a reason.)

Kreo moves to them and helps them sit. "I must say that flashbang wasn't nessasarry. He grins, trying to be funny, but also scolding them at the same time.

(omg what is wrong with my autocorrect-)

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(Ahhh. . . interesting. So most of Osir's powers are a bad matchup for Geo's PTSD?)

"It wasn't intentional. That was simply my aura, you see. You know, the excess magic particles that linger around someone as a usually visible phenomenon?" Osir laughs. "My mask suppresses it and keeps the excess magic particles inside itself. When I take the mask off, the full force of my aura, or as close as I can get without causing people extreme distress, is unleashed."

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(Yup. XD and also, no fire directly in his face plz. He may have a hobby of working in his forge, but there's a magic there that doesn't use fire)

Kreo nods, "ah…I understand." He sighs.

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(Oh, fun. The closest Osir has to fire, though, is their Nova power. What was being used to demolish the estates was just raw explosions of mana. That's why Osir isn't in a coma, as a matter of fact, since that's the side effect to Nova, Umbra and all of their fighting powers.)
(Though due to mana exhaustion [since the estates were a few acres worth of land, including a mountainous area], they will be going into rest mode for a day or two.)

Osir nods.

"Yep," they say cheerfully, before passing out.

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Kreo blinks, then sighs and gently picks them up and brings them to his place, laying them down in the guest bedroom and sighing before walking put.

(hes like that chill uncle-)