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Osir looks around the new estate with no small amount of disgust.

Shitty. It's all so. . . poorly made and shitty. they think with venom. The people have no clue of what elegance or acting is. It is enough to drive one mad, if one stays in this place long enough.

Despite this, Osir sighs. Well, no matter. I can teach the new staff and the inhabitants of the estate eventually. Right now, however, my main goal is to find her. She'll likely be in the palace, so I'll go there first.

They turn away from the front door of the large 3 story villa and 32 acre estate.

Osir looks around, then chuckles. With a click of their heels, they are at the front gates to the palace, staring up at the massive gilded portcullis and the thick, nigh indestructible stone walls.

They take a deep breath, then call out proudly.

"Duke Osir Iluna requests an audience with Queen Abigail Agusti, on grounds of offering condolences and on grounds of discussing future plans for electing officials for councils," they say. Their voice was androgynous, sounding male to some and female to others, and even both or neither to the rest.

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Two guards stood by the palace doors holding Spears and covered in silver armor. This was unusual for how the queen was against violence.

A guard laughs as they watch Osir appear. "The queen isn't looking for chatting today." He had a low, masculine voice that was slightly scratchy. It was clear he had been serving for a long time. "The council is already improved by his majesty, Lord Lucifer and Queen Satan. And you are no god. Unless you are an assistant to a god, get off of this property."

The other guard by the door nods. "The queen does not wish for company…she's quite busy…" This guard had a softer voice. A female who was definitely kinder then the male. "I apologize…but we both do not wish to upset the queen…"

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Osir tilts their head.

"Do not tell me. . ." they chuckle. "You are denying a royal their right to meet with another royal?"

Osir's voice was silky, dangerous, laced with so many dark emotions and such cryptic violence that no matter who it was that they were talking to, they would be given pause.

"If so, that is treason at its finest, is it not? As well as insubordination. . ." they add. It was evident that Osir was smirking, even with the mask covering their face. They raise one of their hands, and it becomes wreathed in a strangle black light, pulsing and quivering.

"I have all the reason I need to kill you right now," Osir says.

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The female guard gasps. "Please…we may wield weapons…but it is against the law here to kill… Even the death penalty doesn't exist here…so I would advise you to not threaten us…"

She gently pushes away the male guard and opens the door. "I apologize. I didn't look at your horns…" She bows her head slightly.

The male guard sighs and stands straight.

A small white rabbit hops out from the door, looks at Osir and then hops away.

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Osir closes their hand into a fist and laughs, the strange power extinguished.

"Just playing with you. Gods, you people don't know anything about acting. . ." they say, a grin evident in their voice.

They bow to the rabbit slightly and then follows after it.

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The rabbit leads them to a beautiful looking garden, and there sitting on a large rock by a stream, was the queen in a long black dress.

The rabbit hops up in her lap and she gently pets it, muttering softly in what seemed like french. "Hello, dear friend…" She sighs and wipes her eyes, not seeming to notice Osir.

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Osir smiles beneath their mask and waits for a moment while the queen calms slightly.

After a bit, they speak.

"Greetings, Your Highness." they say, kneeling so that their masked face is pointed towards the earth.

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Osir chuckles and straightens.

"I need nothing from you, Majesty. Rather, I have come to offer my condolences and offer my allegiance to you. After all, I am unsure if the other noble families have sworn to you yet. As the parent of Iluna, one of the most powerful of the duchies, if I swear to you, the others are sure to follow," they reply calmly.

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She blinks. "And why should I believe you." She holds the bunny closer. "Everyone is untrustworthy. So why should I put my faith in you."

Her words didn't sound like a question, and her voice trembled with hurt.

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Osir tilts their head, considering, before chuckling darkly.

"Because, my dear, I do not lie often. I can assure you, I am being honest. I swear it on my mask," they reply. They have a sharp edge to their tone, one indicating that they were slightly annoyed.

If the queen knew anything about Osir, their family and the race in general, she'd have known that Osir was being genuine.

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She takes a moment, then sighs. "Alright…" She whispers, looking down at the now sleeping bunny in her arms. She looked sad. Really sad. And the look in her eyes could have broken just about anyone's heart.

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Osir tilts their head at Abigail, then steps forward.

They place a hand on Abigail's head and ruffle her hair.

"Hey, kiddo. It'll be fine. Eventually," they say. Their tone was genuine and soft.

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Osir chuckles and withdraws their hand.

"Because you looked sad. Anger or annoyance are better than that. If you aren't either, I'd settle for happy," the demon teases, tilting their head.

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Osir grumbles.

"Tough crowd. . ." they mutter before straightening.

"With whom? You? Or the council? I don't particularly feel like dealing with the old bastards though. . ." they reply.

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"I know. They're still bastards, though, like all politicians and the like. Some are still trying to cling to the old ways, though I must admit, the rest are quite fascinating in their steadfast resolve for there to be change." Osir sighs, nodding.

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Abigail shakes her head. "Well…goodbye then…" She begins to walk inside, shuddering once she turned her back to Osir. The poor girl definitely had a sad aura around her. On top of that, was a hint of anger that lingered throughout wherever she stepped. Her once happy and pure nature had been clouded by sadness.

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Osir tilts their head again, and sighs.


The word rings out into the garden, giving even the insects pause. It wasn't a tone usually used against the monarch, but Osir was a little impatient.

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"I wanted to ask you something, Abigail," Osir says.

The demon narrows their eyes beneath their mask, and a black nimbus of raw mana appears around Osir.

"Something about you has changed. What was it?"