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ok so, I have this world I've created. you might need to read this to understand what to do.
(exuse the terrible spelling)
In a world of demons, devils and creatures, theres a place where everything colides. gods, deities, elves and even werewolves all gather to what the humans would call, "the underworld." this place has been forgotten by most humans. so now, these creatures live in secret. hiding their true form from the humans.

of course, this is only part of this story.

your character has lived in the celtic underworld for a while now, and they have also lived through the terrible tragities of the royal family. Lord Lucifer, (or also known as Geo) has seen hell and beoynd. but now, finnaly, peace has been brought to the celtic underworld. along with this peace, came the king and queens three children. Prince Aurthor, Princess Feyre, and Princess Abigale.

as centeries went on, the children aged, and one by one, they each took their parents places on the throne. Princess Feyre took the throne of Leviathan, the god of chaos, and Princess Abigale took her biological mothers throne of beauty and purity. Prince Aurthor, sadly has not been heard from for 10 years now. all the kingdom knows, is that the sickly boy is still very much alive.

your character has been keeping up with the royal family the entire time you were alive. even if it was just hearing someone speak about them on the news. you cared enough to at least want to know whats going on.

of course, the royal you were most intrested in, was the Princess Abigale. youve heard stories on her latest whereabouts. and on this particular day, you hear the princess has faced a great loss. no one is sure who or what that loss was, but from how the new Queen changed, you grew concerned. so, you decided to move to the queens domain and investigate further.

with meeting the Queen, you also meet her giant family and learn more of her origins. and you soon learn, that even the most forgiving can have their heads turned by evil.

ANYWAYS- sorry bout that!

so heres the deal, you can either make a new character, or use a preexisting one! if you wanna make a new character, just let me know and ill give you some rules. ^^

rp rules and tips in general:
your character will be immortal or just age VERY slowly. (or very quickly and then they just stop aging at 21) your character should live through several decades.

your character can be human, but they will have to have died. alive humans cant willingly enter the underworld, only humans who have been taken there. your character CAN be taken to the underworld, but then they would have stopped aging.

if you are confused or dont know anything, then just ask and ill tell you! your character probably knows EVERYTHING about their own species.

since physical age is harder to calculate, people in the underworld calculate age by mental age. your character can look 30 and act like a 5 year old, and be concidered a 5 year old! hence, if your character is mentally under the age of 18, they cannot drink, live my themselves, drive by themselves, (if they live somewhere with cars and they cant teleport) and so on. this means, yes, your character should be living with SOME adult or athority figure. but, Abigale is 21 so if you wanna be with her, your character also has to be 21.

anyways! im done for rn. ill get abbys character up soon!

rhys, if you see this, yes if you want you can join and play your ocs occasionally. (no. this is not FULLY based off of our rp. its a spin off of if a certain someone goes bye bye-/j)

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(yup. and their definition of a demon is a being with powers and flaws and they have horns. pure bred demons have tails and any demon with human blood do not.)

@Eli-the-transboi group

(so- a demon CAN have fairy ears and still be a demon. as long as they have horns (or the horns were broken off which would make them insane-) then they are classified as 'basic demon'. more rules aply too that ill rant to you about in pms)

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(Hmmm. . . so there's three basic types of demons. Pure blood, half-blood, and broken.)
(For when you get back, I'll need a summary of hell's demon ranks and lords.)

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(Gotcha. So, there's the common demons like- they are just citizens. They will have plan looking horns. Then there's the human known types like succubus, incubus and so on. They have kinda prettier horns. Then there's the demons of 'high blood' which have colored horns and they have basic markings. Then you have royals/deities. These demons have colored horns with intricate details. You can have your horns changed through time if something happens. Most demons are from different mythologies. Like- from ANYTHING.)

@Null-Gravity language

Name: Osir Iluna (oh-SEAR ill-OO-nah)

Age: Unknown

Race: Demon /\ Lower level royal

Demon Subspecies: Cassi Ha'auluo (One of 4 high/royal demon species that exist in one of my fantasy world; kah-SEE hah-OW-loo-oh)

Gender: It is unknown if the Cassi Ha'auluo have genders, due to their masks and the clothes they traditionally wear, which cover and obscure the areas where one would check to see if one is a man or woman

Height: 8 feet 2 inches /\ 248.920 cm

Weight: 210.213 lbs. /\ 95.3496521 kg.

Eye Color: Unknown

Eye Shape: Unknown

Hair Color: Snow white /\ #fffafa

Hair Style: Middle of the back, straight, unbraided

Skin Tone: Blue-grey /\ #8a9da8

Horn Shape-

Horn Color: Vantablack /\ #010100

Horn Details: The horns have designs of musical notes engraved in them at the base, while the rest of the horn is decorated with thin, spidery silver lines that glow slightly with a blue light. 

Face Shape: Unknown

Body Type: Slim shoulders, wiry, corded with muscle. 

Usual Outfit: A featureless black mask covers Osir's entire face, from hairline to chin. Black, streamlined plate armor covers their torso, forearms and shins; black greaves protect their heels, and each hand is covered with an articulated metal glove. Everywhere not protected by metal is open to the air. They usually wear a black cloak over top of all this, which they never take off. 

Other Details: 2 pairs of feathery wings, which have the same color as Osir's hair, sprout from their shoulder blades and waist; the first pair is 24 feet (7.3152 meters) in span, the second is 16 feet (4.8768 meters). Their blood is blackish-gold, and is thinner than human blood; it causes irreversible physical changes in those who consume it :)

—Personality Type: They seem to enjoy flustering people with words quite often, and tend to go out of their way to do so. They find pleasure in causing people slight amounts of discomfort, and adore watching people blush. They are an effective leader, capable of taking control of a room just by being there. They seem to take pride in their horns and mask as well. 

Sexuality: Bisexual

Likes: Men, women, food, music, wine, poetry/prose, dancing

Dislikes: Extreme violence (though they're very proficient at it), direct confrontation, dissonance, chaos

Hopes: Unknown

Fears: Unknown

Hobbies: Masquerading (as in, going to masquerade balls), devouring unsuspecting lesser demons and humans, forging contracts

Talents: Fighting, magic, diplomacy

Motivations: Unknown

Goals: Unknown

Physical Conditions:

Mental Conditions:

Unique Powers: Musician's Mark, Umbra, Dark Soul, Profane Interdiction, Nova, Call of Osir, New Law, Variable Destruction, Reversal, Degenerate, Ultraspeed Processing, Monarch (I will explain what these mean later. They are all powers unique to either Osir's race or Osir themself.)
Basic Powers: Instant Regeneration, Telepathy, Telekinesis (These are exactly what they sound like. Will explain during roleplay as well.)