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Okay: @Nyx-Is-Dating-Jaiden! and @Jaiden-is-dating-Nyx!

The plot for just in case:
A demon and an angel who have been at odds for years have been faced with a new challenge. Who will be the first to impress the girl? In the late 1800s, the grand Victorian era, there is a girl who is of great prowess. A sweet voice, possibly nauseating to some, and completely absorbed in the ballet. Many people come to see her perform, but her performance has piqued supernatural interest.

The demon is on the lookout for a girl who can help them carry out their evil scheme. To use her solely for the sake of her pure soul. Their challenger prevents them from letting all of hell loose, but no angel can harm a girl. A girl, on the other hand, would never trust a demon. They disguise themselves as a lovely angel to deceive the girl, but when they're not around, they curse the angel for their folly.

The angel is looking for a companion. One who could keep them company while they were on this planet. Their adversary keeps him in the background, and they must compete for the girl's attention. They pursue her to a location where the demon is unable to enter. The theater's upper tier. They must prove that they are the true angel who isn’t after her purity.

In her free time, the girl goes to rehearse her dances and pamper herself in the dressing room. Unfortunately for her, these locations are located on the theater's lower level. This level is known as hell, and it is here that the demon dwells. This is the point of no return and where he can deceive her at best. The adventures and performances of the girl, on the other hand, take place on the second level, where the angel resides. But there is a catch to the second level.
She is not interested in a lover but is suggested to take up one by her mother. She starts to consider one of the two, but whom?

The story begins at a masquerade ball, where each guest will be masked. During the long night, the girl runs into both of them. Both have a chance to swoon the girl in one night, but neither succeeds. This begins the demon's masking and the angel's wall of defenses in order to protect her from an uncouth creature. Will the girl be safe from the demon's mask, despite the angel's efforts?

And the thing I hate so much:


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Name: Salazoth Kingkiller
Age: Born pretty early on, in the 3rd century AD, so pretty damn old
Gender: Male
Species: Demon
Appearance: (Demon form) (Human form) (Clothing)
Personality: He has a personality like an ocean trench: unfathomably deep, dark, frightening. . . yet wildy exciting.
Background: Little is known about them. They aren't mentioned in any books or tomes, so anything that is "known" is probably rumours and speculation.
Other: Not much else to put here.

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(Okay, lol. I just figured I should get mine up sooner rather than later)

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(I've changed him like 3 times, but I think imma land on my boy Asa)

Name: Asa

Age: Shrug Like 2000 something, but looks 25

Gender: Male

Species: Angel

Appearance: Asa is 6'2 with wavy black hair. It’s ear length. He had soft, round bright blue eyes. He has an oval face with a button nose. He has a skin tone the color of honey. Asa has an average build with calloused hands. He has a couple scars scattered around his body

Personality: Asa is even-tempered and easy-going. He is a strong-willed person. He can be quite protective. He shows concern, especially towards the girl. He can be a little rough on things. Seems like he is hiding something.

Background: Asa had been trying to fight off this demon willing to unleash hell on earth, but has since been thrown off his trail. He has been clashing with what he claims to be a nuisance for the majority of his life. He’s done everything over millennia to banish the demon, but his efforts have failed.

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Name: Gabriella
Age: 22
Species: human
Gender/pronouns: female, she/her
Sexuality: straight
Appearance: she has a very distinctive jaw line, her face being over all skinny it's almost an oval shape. Her eyebrows are expressive and neatly plucked, they're more of a square shape And her eyes have almost an almond shape to them
hair is long and straight, . Her hair is healthy to the point where it shines in the sun and she has no split ends. She has no specific hair cut to it, letting it grow naturally. There are some layers to it. she usually keeps it up in a bunch or ponytail leaving a strand of hair on each side of her face
She weighs 140 lbs, standing at 5'6". Her skin tone is a medium taupe, having a natural tan to her skin. she's fit and energetic. Her waist is slimmer in shape, being an hourglass figure,"

(I'll have to put the personality later sorry)

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(And here is the starter :)

Soft classical music floated about the ballroom. A melody of melancholy drifted throughout, bittersweet nuances tuning in and out. The people who listened to it paid no mind to the notes of despair and longing. A man fixed his blazer and played with the collar of his dress shirt. He donned a half broken mask with black and white colors. He watched the ball from afar, but he was soon to join them. The contemplation that he might meet a foe was not lost, but other matters were more important to him. The importance of protecting a certain girl was part of his goal. This goal was bestowed upon him. A goal to stop the demon from unleashing hell. Drawing a deep breath, he stood, joining the mingling of people that engulfed the room. He kept an eye out for the persons of interest.

This masquerade party, however, was celebrating the smashing performance that was held earlier. Many were invited to attend and others half wondered about themselves. The managers of the theater held small talk with exquisite guests, hustling to show off their performers. This innocent man smiled as he made his way through the crowd, his eyes trained on something valuable. It wasn’t hard for him to spot his performer when the managers had them all huddled together. He smiled, moving towards the performers basking in their limelight, knocking into someone. The man muttered a quick apology before continuing to make his way over to the performers. Our mysterious innocent had a name, and his name was Asa. And he hadn’t known he had knocked into a secondary person of interest. An enemy per se. Instead, he made his way over to the performer he wanted to protect from evil schemes.

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Salazoth sighs softly, his half-moon silver and crimson mask highlighting the black of his hair and the gold of his eyes, looking about the room with a lazy, predatory sweep of his head.

He stumbles slightly, looking at the man that had bumped into him.

"It is completely fine, sir. No need to apologise," he replies, following the man's path to see that he was heading straight fo the star of the show.

Ah, fair, innocent Gabriella. he thinks, smiling slightly, trailing after Asa.

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Gabriella stood among the other performers looking around the room with all the activity and people at9it was exciting but the large groups of people made her uncomfortable especially standing with such a large group she looks over to her side to notice a man with a black and white mask waking over and behind them another man she gives them a side glance before shuffling closer to the group of people

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Asa gave Salazoth a general smile, a nervous hum coming from his throat. This man seemed familiar, but he could not land a finger on it. He turned his attention to the girl huddled among the group as the opera managers talked their ears off. Asa approached the girl trying not to scare her and took her hand gently. He kissed it softly and smiled. “Such a wondrous performance, ma chère.” Asa felt the demon’s presence, the hair on his neck standing up. He kept himself busy congratulating Gabriella. Salazoth could become real trouble… and he did not want that.

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Salazoth smiles back, just enough for the flash of perfect - and quite sharp - teeth to be seen.

"My, how forward of you." he smiles, turning to Gabriella.

"I apologise for my associate's behaviour, bella signora delle stelle." he murmurs, stepping between the woman and the angel in a way that would force them apart while seeming natural, giving them both a gracious smile - though the one towards Asa had a hint of violence to it.

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Gabriella looks between the two men in front of her slowly confused, she smiled a little at the compliments and the 'apologies'
"Ah well.. I'm glad you enjoyed the performance I hope to see you at future- oh hello… " she pauses when Salazoth steps between her and the other man smiling back at him a little

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Salazoth chuckles.

"I do believe you'll see us both, bella signora della musica." he replies, pulling Asa off to the side with a polite bow.

As soon as they step off to the side, his face goes cold.

"Angel, what are you doing?" he growls.