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Did I quote Shrek? Yeah I did- fight me-

Character b (your character) is a social worker/cps worker who was just informed that there has been reports of a child living in the forest. Fully alone with no one looking after them. B is asked to go and find the child and convince them to leave their home and come back with them to civilization. The only problem is…the child is very stubborn and also dangerous. Along the way on this journey, B learns more and more about the horrors of this poor souls past.

Will you be able to convince this wild child to come with you? Or be stabbed in the process?


Try not to give any one liners. Give detail!

Be nice! There’s no need for any meanness of any kind.

A character can be an ass, but YOU cannot!

Andrews rules apply ofc

Cussing is allowed. But since your character is an adult and mine is a literal child, there will be NO sexual content besides mentions of rape.

⚠️ Warning! ⚠️

There will be mentions of sensitive topics! If you are not comfortable with mentions of suicide, rape, abuse etc, DO NOT STALK. Readers are warned!

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(sure why not… we could probably do a new one feat. Aloe (if u want))

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(Ooo ok. Would you like to do it in pms or just make a new one?)

(we could just make a new one in Limited if ur cool with that)👍🏽

@Eli-the-transboi group

Aloe wandered around their forest, humming a soft tune as they plucked perfectly ripe blackberries from bushes. They were collecting food for their next meal. They remembered their father teaching them how to cook…and it stuck. They enjoyed the little things.

As they were collecting berries, they spotted a shiny thing in the ground. When they managed to dig it out, they learned it was a giant thing of clear quartz. “Awesome!” They jump up and down in excitement, then shove their new rock in their bag. They did a little happy dance before they went on their merry way collecting more food and cool drift wood in the shape of a heart by the river. They then hear a rustling sound, and turn to see their pet Chico had followed them. They laugh and pick the squirrel up. “Chico!”

The squirrel nestles into his owners fluffy hair and curls up. This made Aloe laugh. “Silly.” They then stiffen as they hear something else. It was definitely not an animal…

Aloe hides in a bush, going completely silent as they listen closely.


Jared wanders the forest looking for game to hunt and hears leaves rustling, he cautiously pulled an arrow out of its holder, loaded his crossbow and raised it up to aim “Come on buddy, come on out of the bush” he kept his voice calm as he didn’t want to scare what he thought was a wild animal he could cook.

“Come on little fella” he aimed his crossbow at the bush praying something would exit the bush, he threw a stick praying that whatever animal he thought was in there would come out and he could shoot it.