info Overview
Name - What is Aloe’s full name?


Role - What is Aloe’s role in your story?

Chaos gremlin

Gender - What is Aloe’s gender?

Aegender (they/it)

Age - How old is Aloe?

Definitely not over 18. But they honestly have no idea.



face Looks
Height - How tall is Aloe?

5' 2

Hair Color - What color is Aloe’s hair?

Pastel green with purple highlights and pink tips.

Hair Style - How does Aloe style their hair?

Short, curly and very poofy. Has the sides shaved to where there's only fuzz.

Eye Color - What is Aloe’s eye color?

Sky blue with purple around the pupils.

Race - What is Aloe’s race?

Gremlin. Literal gremlin- (they've got the cutest elf ears)


Skin Tone


Body Type

Flat chested with a slight curve at the hips. (Kinda pear shaped) and lightly muscled.

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Aloe have?

Has freckles and scars covering them head to toe. they also have pale white splotches of skin in various places.

fingerprint Nature
Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Aloe have?

Hyper as shit- arsonist. CHAOS.

Motivations - What motivates Aloe most?


Flaws - What flaws does Aloe have?

Has a short attention span.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Aloe have?

"People who don't use someone's preferred pronouns. ...I will light them aflame."

Talents - What talents does Aloe have?

Singing, dancing, being able to find shiny shit-

Hobbies - What hobbies does Aloe have?

gardening, collecting shit, Decorating their hobbit hole/house, playing with animals


Mental: Ptsd, OCD, Mild bipolar disorder, Depression, schizophrenia

Physical: particularly deaf, (can't hear at all in his left ear, can hear, but not ad well in his right.)
Blind in his right eye. (He had trouble with depth reception because of this.)

They also stumble around a lot cause of this. But DONT WORRY! They're not drunk.


People, loud unexpected noises, cold weather, bad textures, getting lost


fire, animals, food, warm weather, rainbows, cool stuff, nice people, music, dancing, their tree house, exploring

Magical abilities



They can only use this when they are calm


Being alone

groups Social
Religion - What religion does Aloe practice?


Occupation - What is Aloe’s occupation?

Favorite color - What is Aloe’s favorite color?

Green, purple, pink and blue

Favorite food - What is Aloe’s favorite food?


Favorite possession - What is Aloe’s favorite possession?

Everything they've collected. ....holds up a small doll made out of gym socks. It looked like a white alien with a yellow dress and this-

Favorite weapon - What is Aloe’s favorite weapon?

anything they can grab.

Favorite animal - What is Aloe’s favorite animal?

Any animal.

Job - What job does Aloe have?


date_range History
Birthday - When is Aloe’s birthday?

They have no idea so they just take random days and throw a party cause why tf not?

Education - What is Aloe’s level of education?

"Bitch I never went to school I learned from EXPERIENCE-"

Background - What is Aloe’s background?

They lost their whole family and now they live alone in a tree house that their father built them. Though they've turned the entirety of that huge tree into a fully working house with lightning and everything.

device_hub Family
Pets - What pets does Aloe have?

They gotta pet squirrel named Chico.


They have no idea where she is but they don't care really.


They watched him die so they assume he IS dead-


All 3 died right in front of them as well.

edit Notes

The pic is close enough for you to get a feel. Ill make a better one soon

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accessibility Outfit
what does your character wear?

Lose hoodie or sweater with overalls and high tops and mismatched socks. They also wear homemade jewelry from cool shit they found.


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