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"I am not worrying about myself. I am worried about my fur baby and this place burning down and you too." He calls Lilith his furbaby, even though "beast" and "spawn from Hell" are more suitable.

Speaking of which, the little spawn from Hell was still fascinated by the bottle. Her tail stood up straight, swaying ever so slightly. Despite her failures, Lilith tried to get the bottle, wanting to make it shake too. Zente laughed. "She is something…"

Zente shivered. Aurel's words were ominous. They were true which is what makes him quite anxious. This is life. He should be expecting this and everything in between. "I will Aurel, don't you worry." Giving a barely faint smile, he went down the little hallway to his bedroom.


Aurel tilted his head. I assure you, your home will not be burned down. I promise, there is no need to worry. It was easy for him to say; he didn’t really know what worrying felt like. Even when he thought of how he fell from Heaven, he didn’t worry for Heaven. He only had wanted to go back in order to do as he had been commanded. He chuckled and spoke this aloud in reply, I do not worry, Zente. I only care. Goodnight.
The angel looked back at the little furball, shook the pill bottle a few more times, then raised it out of her reach. This is your human’s medicine, he told Lilith. We cannot play with it anymore, lest something should happen to it. He placed it where the cat could not reach, then reached down to pet her head.

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Zente stood at the doorway to his bedroom. His hand squeezed the handle. Is he just worrying over nothing? His brain just might be worn out after a long day. "Alright, if you need anything, just knock," He yawned. "Good night, Aurel. Good night, Lilith." Stepping inside, he closed the door. The first and only thing he did was go straight to bed. All it took was for him to take his glasses off then fall back onto the bed.

Meanwhile the cat was using everything within her capability to get the medicine bottle. At least, the furball tried. Her paw waved until the bottle was further away from her. It went back down, signaling her defeat. Lilith meowed.

(I was wondering whenever we do a timeskip maybe it could be to like later in the evening or early morning the next day. Like what if Zente gets a call to deal with a demon that's under Ullman? What do you think?)


(I like that! Although, I had thought about Aurel just going out and fighting a demon on his own to release some energy, or just going to find another angel to get information while Zente is asleep. Though, considering he’s by himself it would be kinda unnecessary? Maybe? Idk)

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(Oh nice! Maybe we could do something like Aurel going to find an angel to get information but then Zente needs help because he's getting attacked by a demon who is an underling for Ullman???)

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The time on his phone read three forty-five when it went off. "Now what?" Zente moaned. He used his elbow in order to get up. Adjusting his glasses, he took his phone from the nightstand. It could just be some alarm he forgot to turn off; happens more often than one would think. Yet his ring tone practically blared, destroying the silence that hung in the room.

His finger pressed the answer button before he could even get a glimpse of the caller ID. "Zente speaking. Who's this?"

"This is Father Agnusdei, right?"

Demons don't care if one hops out of bed in yesterday's clothing. Zente jumped out of bed, grabbed the briefcase with his "tools", then rushed out of the bedroom.

He went over by the door. Dropping the briefcase, he picked up his combat boots then rushed over to the couch. "Aurel-" His breathing was short. It competed with the quick pacing of his heart beats. His brain telling him that he has to go.

"There's a demon that possessed some poor guy…." Zente bit down on his lip while trying to put a boot on. Thanks to his shaky hands, it made the process much harder. Still, he felt sleepy. "Another exorcism…I gotta go. I gotta go."

Finally, he got those damn shoes on. "You'll be fine on your own, right?" He asked while picking the briefcase up. He looked over at Aurel. "Who I'm kidding, you'll be more fine than me." Zente rushed to the door then closed it behind him.


Aurel didn’t sleep, as he had no need to. By now he had settled down in his true form, with Lilith buried in his wings, her zoomies having subsided. His form glowed with heat as his eye followed Zente as he entered. It blinked once, probably the only time it would for a while.
Then it widened, and Aurelium was quivering with excitement. A DEMON! How wonderful! Of course, he meant that in the sense that he would finally get to destroy something after a rather uneventful night. Perhaps the most uneventful in his entire existence. Zente, what—
Before he could finish, Zente was gone. The angel stared for a moment, then laughed. He carefully adjusted his wings so Lilith could get off, then followed after that son of Adam. No way was he going to miss out on this.

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(i feel like Aurel and Lilith are going to become besties or some. i love it)

Three times has he almost fell down the stairs. Three times. Somehow God blessed him with good enough balance to fall onto his face. Zente normally did not leave the apartment in such a hurry. Even if it were a dire emergency, he would rush yet he wouldn't be a bundle of nerves. Why did it have to be so early in the morning?

Zente didn't bother taking his bike or finding an Uber to take him to the location. It was only a couple of blocks away after all. If his feet end up hurting from this, then oh well. Not like the rest of him is still aching from the one he did only hours ago.

The call was about a kid who had started to not be himself almost two weeks ago. It was the "usual" with a lack of eating and sleeping. Parents took him to the doctor, yet they said he was alright. The father on the phone didn't say much, but Zente could tell that they were in serious trouble. He could just here the language of tongues and screeching in the background.

So that's why he's making a run for it. He'll run and run until he's in that room with the possessed kid. And he won't leave till that demon is back in Hell.


Aurel kept pace with Zente. He could go much faster, he could, but he wanted to wait on the little human. Besides, the presence of an angel would only agitate a demon, and he didn’t want to make things harder on Zente.
Oooo, I sense the vile thing’s wicked presence from here! The angel squealed with delight. He itched for his sword. If Zente gets to tired or the demon escapes him for whatever reason, then Aurel would be happy to finish it off. Maybe he is underestimating Zente a little, but still. I will be here for you should you need me, he told him.

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Zente kept on. Honestly, he should have expected Aurel to show up. It would be nice to have someone like them to be there just in case something happens to him. He laughed at the angel's excitement. Guess that's makes the both of them.

"You should hide….It…It will…It will kick my ass once in finds out that you're there and you're there with me." Demons are stupid, but some of them can be smarter than the rest. Ullman is another one. Regardless, demons know when there's an angel nearby. Eventually they'll know that Zente isn't even a real priest. Not anymore. They'll take the advantage if their stupid hellish minds can figure that out.

Just outside the place he was called to, he put his hands on his knees. Jesus, he really needs to catch his breath. He can bet five bucks that he will lose it again soon. Zente looked up at Aurel. "Thanks. It shouldn't be long. Rowdy ones always get short-circuited."


Aurel’s singular eye looked down at him, something like amusement glittering in it. Oh, son of Adam, there’s no use in hiding. If I can sense the demon’s presence, then it can surely sense me. It’s not everyday that a Power comes to Earth, after all.
Powers often resided near the borders of Heaven in order to quickly see possible threats, and usually their presences, their spirits, could act as shields from weaker demons. And since Powers were harbingers of God’s wrath, well. Their presence and heat was a little sun compared other angels’ stars.
This will surely make things more difficult for you Zente, and for that I apologize, the angel said solemnly. Then he immediately brightened again. But, if or when you do exorcise it, I will gladly destroy it for you. God bless you. He said it as a sort of equivalent to “Good luck.”

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A feeling anchored itself within his heart. Zente always got one as he got closer to a demon, then it would disappear once he finishes them off. In the time before that happens, the weight held him down, reminding him of why he is here in the first place. Actually, it makes him feel nauseous half of the time.

He scoffed. "Well, it is only your day on Earth, Aurel….They are stupid…they are idiots." They all are idiots. Even Ullman, despite the fact that he is rather intelligent for being a sinister being. He always gets the weaker ones to do the job for him. This one that Zente (and Aurel) is going to face is one of them. Is it bad that he sort of pities them?

The neighborhood they appeared in was well off. Most of them didn't have their lights on, except for the second townhouse on the left side of the street. That's it. Zente rushed up the little flight of stairs, his fist held in front of the door.

"Thanks." Looking over at Aurel, he gave a long drawn-out sigh. "All I ask is that you wait here. I'm sure you'll know when I'm in trouble."


Quite true, that, Aurelium conceded, snickering. Still, that only makes hiding more pointless. Even up above, where he had most of his past battles, demons were no strategists. They came in droves, attacking indiscriminately, but with no direction. This made them rather unpredictable, but it has gotten to the point where they’ve ironically became predictable because of it.
He also sighed deeply. If only he could go in and fight the demon, it has been too long since he had destroyed something. But, he digressed, there was a chance he could harm or even kill the human host. He was more suited to dealing with demons when they were not possessing someone.
Alright… his eye was dulled with slight disappointment. Yes, I will be peering at you through the walls. But don’t worry, I will also keep an eye out for any outside trouble. The angel lightened up a bit, flapping his wings.

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"Thank you, Aurel." He knocked on the door. No one answered. He wanted to knock again, but he had a gut feeling leading his to grabbing the door knob and twisting it open. Great, it's one of those cases again. Everyone else must be out or hiding in a closet while the host's body is crawling up the walls or something.

From the outside, everything looked fine. Lights were on. He had gotten a call from the mom just moments ago. Demon must be going on a rampant. Sucks that they rarely don't tire themselves out. Zente left the door opened a little; he always did that, just in case.

He went up the stairs, down the hall to the left. The floor was cluttered with shards of glass and pieces of wood. Broken picture frames leaned against the wall on the floors. He even had to step over a broken baseball bat. As he approached the kid's room, he stopped.

As Zente turned, he saw the lanky sixteen year old sitting on the edge of the bed with his head down. He reached for the rosary in his pocket. This isn't good. He can feel it.


The angel hoped no other spiritual beings tried to intervene. This was quite a delicate situation, and Aurel wasn’t sure if an angel from the lower choirs would be able to help. If more demons came, though, he would be able to handle them. If it humans came, or another possessed human… well. There was something to be done about that, actually.
Aurelium reached and pulled out his flaming sword, seemingly from out of nowhere. Turning his back to the house, he pierced the ground with the sword, blackening the pavement. This should create an aura that would keep both outside mortals and demons away. Aurelium closed his eye, peering into the house and quickly pinpointing Zente’s location. This should be interesting.

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Zente stopped in the middle of the room. The floor creaked underneath his left foot. Aside from the ringing in his ears and heartbeat, all was silent. The kid didn't react to any of this. Even with the rosary close, he didn't move a muscle. His eyes were barely open.

Usually he says something at this point. Asking if the person is alright or if there's any evil spirits present, but he found himself not being able to say anything. So, he took a few more steps then stood in front of the kid. Although his knees are already getting old, he crouched down so he could get a better look.

"Dan…" He whispered. "I'm not going to hurt you. I'm here to help." Then he made the sign of the cross. Zente held up the cross on the rosary, gently pressing it against the kid's forehead. Nothing. He briefly touched the side of Dan's face. Ice cold. Not a single reaction.

Letting go, his hand rested on his knee. His eyes fluttered shut as he began to recite a prayer. "Lord, please help this soul and expel the evil spirt that plagued him." Something down the hallway creaked. He tried to ignore it and continue on. "Our father who are in heaven-" Another creak. "Hallow be thy name…Thy kingdom come…thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven…"

As he recited the prayer, the creaking continued. It got closer and closer. He used his other hand to fetch the holy water that was in his pocket. The little bottle stood next to his knee, ready for when the time comes.

Across from him, standing two feet away from the door, was the real Dan….Or a demon-possessed Dan. His eyes were all black. Right as Zente sat the bottle of holy water down, "Dan" threw a small ceramic flower pot at the exorcist at full speed, hitting him in the side of his head.

Zente fell back, the rosary wrapped around his hand.