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Demons are real. Now let's be clear, we are not talking in a metaphorical sense. Nooo way in hell; pun intended. We are talking like the ones who go out of their way to escape hell, disrupt fate, possess people, kill, and wreck havoc with mortal masks. Yes, the ones like in the movies or TV shows, books, video games, and whatever folklore that the kids are into these days.

But what does demons have to with our story? You see, my friend, there are two characters that have to deal with those pesky devils. Let me explain.

Angels exist too, you know, but there's one in particular that we must focus on. For now, we will call him Sunshine. Sunshine, like every other angel, has some sort of job; his is helping angels who go to Earth to get the demons. He is loved and adored by many, but when a demon kills an angel and enters Heaven, it creates chaos. Sunshine does his best to fight back, but somehow falls down to Earth. He just happens to crash into a bush in the park of a city where someone finds him.

And that someone is our other character; let's call him Grumpy. And boy does he not know how to smile! Anyways, Grumpy was a priest, an exorcist one, but left the church after being temporarily suspended from a case leaving another priest dead. But the thing is, Grumpy has a gift and is a damn good exorcist. So the church has him do jobs while he does some exorcisims on the side among other things. Grumpy finds out that demons are like enemies in spy movies, so now he goes out, catches them, and finishes the job off.

There's one demon in particular that he's after called Ullman, but he never seems to catch him. The demon has been around for years, waaay before Grumpy was born, and he has connections deeper than tree roots. Grumpy gets so close one day, but fails again. He wanders to the park with some ice cream when he watches something crash into a bush.

Grumpy meets Sunshine. Sunshine tells him his story, but Grumpy doesn't believe him. Somehow he convinces Grumpy to let him stay with him and the story goes from there. Hopefully they can work together to get Ullman. Hopefully Sunshine can make it back to Heaven soon. Maybe they will make a great duo, and maybe even lovers perhaps? We'll have to wait and see.

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  • At least one paragraph per response
  • Given that there's demons and all that fun stuff in this, there will be mentions of blood and gore.
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  • That's it for now. Have fun! Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or such. :D

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(no problem! i can't wait to see him!)

Name: Zente Dominic Agnusdei
Age: 31
Gender: Cis male (He/Him)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Appearance: Standing at about six foot one, Zente has a somewhat muscular build and well defined features. He has silver eyes and warm ivory skin. Most of his hair is jet black since there are a few white strands. It is long and pushed back. His head is oval shaped and his body is rectangular. He wears black square rimmed glasses. Zente does have two tattoos. One on his left shoulder blade says "age quod agis" which means "do what you do" or figuratively "keep going, because you are inspired or dedicated to do so." He also has one of prayer hands on his lower left abdomen. Zente does want to get one on his left wrist to cover scars there, but he always wears some long sleeve shirt or jacket to cover it up.

There are some scars on his upper and lower back from exorcisms and fighting off demons. In fact, he has one that goes diagonally across his right palm. Below his left eye there is a scar from when he fell as kid. And there’s a little birthmark on the lower right side of his nose. His features are sharp yet refined; they give him a mean look that he always tells people is not intentional. Although, he does have a bad case of looking like an evil handsome villain and a resting stone-cold callous face.
Personality: Despite being a former priest, he is, strangely, a cold person. He isn't the type to immediately open up to people after meeting them. Generally he is a quiet person. It isn't surprising if he comes across as cynical or closed-off. Generally speaking is a frank and direct kind of person. On the other hand, he loves helping others and even enjoys being around people. He has a compassionate, selfless heart, but doesn't know (or is afraid) to show it. Having kind acts and words being reciprocated makes him feel awkward. Believe him, he is trying to work on himself to be a better, more brighter, kind of guy. While his words are bleak and sometimes ambiguous, his actions are warm. Whenever there is task to be complete, he puts all his focus into it. He won't stop till it's done.
Backstory: Zente does not know where he came from or who his parents are. All he can say was that he was taken into an orphanage and that's it. He was a sweet and happy boy growing up. Although he was often lonely, he helped the other kids at the orphanage. He had a friend named Basil who was practically like a brother to him.

From the time he was five, he knew that he was strange. He would hear whispers, but always ignore them. Eventually it came to be that shadows would move or there'd be someone else in the mirror. Zente had no clue what was going on. He told Father Sokol and the nuns about it, but they didn't believe him. That was until another kid at the orphanage became possessed and attacked Zente. Thankfully Basil broke up the fight and another priest, Father Aita, had the other kid exorcised.

Zente did his best to move on from that moment. He was an excellent student throughout his school career. Basil did get adopted, but they kept in touch. Zente would go on to become a priest. With Father Aita becoming his mentor, he became an exorcist. He is a damn well good one, though his anger and inner troubles would always get in the way. One case with Ullman led to him beating the mortal's body badly and Father Aita being killed. Yes the Catholic church did put him on suspension, yet Zente thought it'd be best to leave the sermon.

Somehow they always call him in for bad cases and he just shows up to do the job. Is it more risky now that he's faking being a priest? Yes, but 9/10 times the demons are stupid. Now Zente lives in a decent apartment near a boxing gym that he helps manages. He has a black cat named Lilith and is Basil's second daughter's godfather. While he is busy with different jobs, he knows that he has to defeat Ullman once and for all. And he will, he knows it.

Other: No matter what he wears, he finds a way to incorporate his favorite black leather jacket. Zente is also a part-time college student. He loves chocolate ice cream, boxing, historical fiction books, kdramas, his cat Lilith, his beta fish Cyril, Basil and his family, and drawing stick figured cats on sticky notes.


Name: Aurelium Ardenti
Age: older than antiquity, that’s for certain
Gender: agender (he/him)
Sexuality: unknown, even to himself.
Apperance: he technically does not have a physical body with which to describe, but uh. He can take on different forms, which I have illustrated for your viewing pleasure
Personality: Aurelium is a very vivacious and bubbly character, and has the hyperactivity of a four-year-old on a sugar high. He is very friendly and talkative, and seems to have an ever-present smile on his (humanoid) face. He feels emotions very strongly, however, and this often affects his decision-making. He is also extremely, brutally violent. These two things combined can make him extraordinarily dangerous, but that tends to only apply to the demons he fights. He loves the thrill of killing demons, maybe a bit too much. Essentially, he’s the type to smile innocently while slitting your throat. He doesn’t know the concept of pain or fear, but neither does he understand romance, gender, sex, or any of those unique things God gave to humans.
Backstory: Aurelium is an angel of the Power Choir, so from the moment Lucifer was banished to Hell his purpose was to fight the demonic forces and defend Heaven. After Lucifer’s first major rebellion against God, Aurel was rewarded for his services in the battle with a flaming sword, which has continued to be his signature weapon to this day. From there, not a lot changed. Fighting demons is, after all, a full time job. He quickly gained favor among those in his own choir, as well as others in the other spheres. Sometimes, if there was free time, he would look down on earth and watch humans wage their own wars. Aurel was always confused by them, but at least they were entertaining. Sometimes he would help Virtue angels with running the universe, and act as their body guards. Other times he would help the Principalities whenever the communities they guarded were suffering from a particularly nasty demon attack. That’s how it was, for millennia upon millennia.
Other: Aurelium was the name God gave him when he was first made, he earned the name Ardenti when he received his flaming sword. Likes to hang out with one of the Virtues, an angel named Aitne, who governs over the planet Jupiter.
theme songs: “Heaven Up” by Hideki Naganuma, “Arrow” by andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer) Applepie & Bjurman, “We Are Love” by Don Diablo

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What no one knows about ice cream is that it also cheers you up after you get your ass beat by the demon you've been going after for the last nineteen years. Zente knows this all too well, but hey, at least he doesn't have to head home or the hospital. And thankfully the poor dude that got possessed is back to normal. Somewhat.

Leaning against the wall at the ice cream shop, he kept his chin down. Not to look edgy or anything. The weary and groggy feeling from preforming an exorcism for an hour then fighting an actual demon had begun to settle in. But no one is going to believe that, so he just says it was leg day. Everyone believes leg day. Well, all the humans he comes across.

His glasses were sliding down his nose. Frowning, he used his middle finger and thumb to push it up at the sides. By the time he looked up, he saw the worker put a plastic dish up on the counter. "Chocolate ice cream with rainbow sprinkles in a dish?" The worker called out.

Thank God. Zente walked up to get it then picked up a spoon. Giving the worker a nod, he walked out of the shop. It was a little after eight. The street lamps were already on. He crossed the street, deciding to take a stroll in the park.

He ate a spoonful of ice cream as he stopped to look up at the sky. Usually there would be this one star in the sky that he would look at, but today it's not there. "Where did you go, friend?" Zente mumbled to himself while getting another spoonful of ice cream. He kept on his stroll.


There was only the sense of being hurtled through space, of his own movement being constricted and pulled against his will. Pulled, towards something, as if God Themself had hooked him with a fishing rod and was reeling him in with the speed of light.
So this was what it was like to fall.
Then there was the burning, the lovely burning as the shift from empty space to cluttered atmosphere took over. Then, a rapid succession of movements and sensations, of smells and sounds and textures on another plane of existence, passing him by. White feathers engulfed him, shielded him.
Then all at once, everything stopped. Aurelium opened his singular eye, letting his wings unfold. Everything was so loud and dark, nothing like Heaven. But Aurelium knew this was, at least, God’s creation. Nothing existed that did not have God as it’s ultimate origin. The vocabulary came back to him. Grass beneath him, a tree beside him. He was on Earth.
On Earth? But how? Confusion and shock roiled through him, so much so that he accidentally set the grass (and the bush he had not yet realized he had flattened) ablaze.
“OH, LORD ABOVE!” He shouted, quite loudly. He tried to smother the fire with his wings, but quickly realized he was not helping things, and resolved to just fly back into the air. He sometimes forgot how fragile the things of Earth were. Hopefully this would resolve itself, and Therranœ, the Virtue who oversaw this planet, wouldn’t mind or chastise him.

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It is weird how things are just normal after all the exorcist and strange things he witnesses. Yes he is aware that there is more to the world than the immortal beings that plague it for better or worse. On the other hand, that is all his world has been ever since he could remember. He tries to see the world as he is seeing the park right now, but it seems impossible for him.

He sighed to himself. His feet kept dragging despite the fact that his steps were incredibly slow. The park lamps illuminated the better portion of the parts he walked through. Only a few people passed by, going on with their lives. He didn't hear anything out of the normal so he is thankful for that.

Or maybe just not yet. A loud boom sound shook the ground for a second. Zente looked up from his ice cream, glancing around the area. Did anyone else hear that? Or was it just a loud truck moving? He wondered if he should call the police or something? No no, those guys won't help and they won't take him seriously too.

Though this maybe a stupid decision or one that he will deeply regret, he decided to go to where he heard the loud noise. Matter of fact, the place where he is seeing a small fire. And as he got closer….well…let's just say that he had to pinch the side of his neck to make sure that he was not dreaming.

Yes this is in fact reality. And yet, he has no idea what he is standing twenty feet away from. "What the hell is going on?" He asked himself. Zente wasn't even sure if he should step closer, stay put, or run away.


Should he just ask a passing Archangel or Angel how to fix things, or just go back up to Heaven and hope this doesn’t get worse? Of course, nature could take care of itself, right? Even if earthly things were fragile, they were relatively long lasting and could heal themselves.
Besides, Aurelium had a job to do. Heaven was… in danger. There was no time to worry about the things of Earth.
A voice. He turned his eye in the sound’s direction, only to find a human man staring at him. Aurelium let out an inhuman shriek, though there was no visible mouth for him to use.
He covered himself with his wings, and when he opened them, his form mimicked that of the man’s. Sure, his eyes might still look strange, and there were wings extending from behind his head, but it was better than nothing. Now that he actually had a mouth, he smiled brilliantly.
“Be not afraid!” He said, his voice somehow relatively normal too. “I just… made a blunder. I am what you call a fire hazard, yes? Where is your guardian Angel? Maybe they can help out with this while I go back to Heaven.”

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As one could figure, he does have a degree in theology, but oh boy is he staring at whatever it is in front of him with a complete poker face. Is he more than a bit scared? Well, of course. No one wouldn't be scared of a being in the park that is causing a small fire. On the contrary, the bastards from hell have made him see some pretty terrible things.

Yet nothing could prepare him for the shriek. He did his best to cover his ears as he took a step back. Using some not-so-clean words in response, he tried to make it not so painful for himself to hear. Son of Adam? But he is an orphan. Wait…..Oh wait, now he just feels stupid.

Zente thinks he knows what's going on. At least the thing is more humany, yet, he did not know how to feel about the thing looking like a human and smiling at him. Somehow his brain gathered up some cells to make him go back to eating his ice cream.

Looking around, he shrugged at the angel? He's guessing it's an angel or maybe Ullman managed to get him wacked out of his mind. "More like a charge of arson and destruction of park property, but fire hazard is a good one," He responded. "I'm sorry but I don't think I have a guardian angel. It's just me, fire hazard."


(Aurel: but your honor, I just made a blunder)

Aurelium was pleasantly surprised by the man’s response. Yes, he sensed his fear and confusion, but everyone in the lower choirs, as well as the Virtues who sometimes had to deal with humans, always said that the typical human response to seeing creatures such as themselves was to scream, run away, or go insane. Or all three. This was a nice subversion of expectations, especially because Aurel did not want to cause the poor son of Adam to go insane, on top of setting the vegetation on fire.
“Oh? Is that those human laws you have? You’re always going on and on about property, whatever that is. And why wouldn’t you have a guardian Angel? I thought all the children of Adam and Eve did!” He looked around, then focused back on the man, his questions rapid-fire. “You should be able to see them, right? If you could see me? Oh, WAIT! WHAT IS THAT?” His voice warped and rose and sharpened as he noticed the ice cream in the man’s hands. The wings on his head quivered, and his mouth was wide open as he asked the last question.
So much for having no time for earthly things.

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Some of the flames were spreading out. Zente ran over and stomped on whatever ones he could. Maybe he should call 911? But what the hell are they going to do with Mister Fire Hazard with wings over here? And he knows that firefighters and police might not believe him if says something like faulty wiring or blaming it on a teenager.

Once he was somewhat satisfied about the flames, he went back to the ice cream. Now it was beginning to belt, but hey, at least the worker there gave him a lot of rainbow sprinkles. But he had to hold his hands up to ears as the angel fire hazard thingy shouted again. Jesus, this guy is really hyper for starting a fire in the park.

His mind froze trying to go through every single question that he heard from Fire Hazard. It's like those computers from the 90s where you cannot use the telephone or otherwise you screw everything up. "Uhh…well, those were just some. And they don't really use them woth certain people so it's useless anyways," He shrugged. "Property is like something or somethings that one owns collectively if that makes sense."

Right those were two questions down, he thinks. He looked over his shoulder and up at the sky before back down at Fire Hazard. "I am sure everyone has one. Maybe mine's on vacation in Sicily." Zente remembers all the nuns and priests telling him about having a guardian angel all ever since he could remember. He knows Basil has one cause sometimes he sees a little light behind him, but he's never seen one behind him.

"I don't know. I have only been able to see demons since I was like five, so maybe I am not a favorite son of Adam and Eve," He said before eating another scoop of ice cream. Oh shit, Fire Hazard asked about that too. "This is called 'ice cream' and the little color things are 'rainbow sprinkles'. It's a frozen dessert that just happens to be my dinner."

"If you put the fire out and tell me how or why you're here, I'll let you have some."


Aurelium did not think it made sense, at least to him, and frankly, he did not care. If he wanted to know what property was, he would have asked a Principality, since it was their job to guard and protect human communities. He turned upside down in the air, watching the man stomp on the flames then turn to speak.
“Angels don’t take vacations! None of us take vacations really, we don’t need to. Perhaps you have one Angel that is the guardian for you and your family. I’ve heard some guardians do that. WAIT. DEMONS?” Aurel’s eyes grew large, perhaps too large for his skull. His wings snapped, and in a moment he was right side up and mere inches away from the man’s face, still smiling brilliantly. “Son of Adam, you must be a truly gifted human, if you could see them. It must be something God gave to you! I fight demons every day, but I am not unloved by my Creator.”
He focused on the thing in the man’s hands again. “Ice cream? Rainbow sprinkles? Oh right, you have to consume things in order to sustain your mortal body.” He tilted his head, then looked back at the small fire, still crackling away. “Oh, you’re right! I wouldn’t want the Virtue of this planet or the Principalities around here to get angry with me.” Drifting over to the spot where he crashed, Aurel saw the now blackened earth that surrounded a squashed, flaming bush. After seeming to mull it over for a bit, he reached behind himself and pulled a flaming sword from out of nowhere, then held it over the fiery bush. The flames were absorbed into the sword, leaving the bush blackened and withered. Aurel placed the sword behind his back, where it disappeared. “There we go! It still looks bad, but hopefully Therranœ won’t mind.”

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Zente kept eating the ice cream even though he just witnessed Fire Hazard here turn upside down. Every couple of seconds, he would proceed to look around to make sure no one else was there. Hopefully nobody is watching except for him….and God, he supposes.

Despite the fact that his whole life has been surrounded with seeing demons and kicking their asses, he never really thought much about angels, especially guardian angels. At this point, he doesn't believe that he has one. "I guess….What the living f-" He jumped up, moving a few steps back. Is it humanely possible to see someone's eyes as big as softballs? Well he's in front of an angel right now….

Whether it be out of some hint of fear or the sluggishness from fighting Ullman, he just nodded his head. Gift? "That's one way to put it….." Zente mumbled. "It's only a gift when I get to kick their butts and go home."

Resorting back to watching with an existential crisis or fever, his eyes were glued to the angel? He still isn't sure whether or not to believe any of this. The last gazillion things he has witnessed in the past ten minutes or so is nothing that he's learned in all his years of schooling. Do not even get him started on the sword thing. He swears this is some He-Man or superhero type of stuff happening right in front of him.

At least the flames are gone. There's ash and residue, but the flames are gone. His lips puckered out as he bobbed his head with satisfaction. "Therran whatever their name probably won't mind. City government would, but c'est la vie, Fire Hazard."