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Aurelium watched with great interest, if his large, singular eye didn’t convey that enough. He went very still, with the eye being the only thing that moved. For a moment he tried to calm himself, in case he got too excited and his excess energy set Zente’s apartment on fire. Lilith would probably notice the angel’s normally very warm temperature to go down a bit.
“OH, I SEE!” Aurel said. “I’VE NEVER SEEN A HUMAN’S EARDRUMS EXPLODE BEFORE.” He seemed a little too interested in this possibility, but then he blinked and flapped his wings. “OH! LET ME TRY SOMETHING!”
An eerie silence fell over him, and a few moments passed. Then, his voice emerged again. It was at a more tolerable volume, but it still carried an inhuman quality and seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere all at once.
How is this? I think this way is more fun. He lifted his wing off of the little furball and watched to see how she reacted as well. Though he was generally confused with all of the food talk, he still watched Zente’s movements with fascination. Ramen… noodles? My, tasting and eating are such interesting concepts. It is good that you are familiar with such arts, and that you know how it affects your mortal body.

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Zente glimpsed over at Aurel and Lilith. At first the cat seemed to be fine, but she probably felt the sudden change in temperature and started to try to wiggle herself out. It felt weirded out when Aurel wasn't moving, and it tried to touch the angel's wing multiple times but was unsure. The conniving kitty became stiff, yet stayed put.

He drew his attention back to cooking and Aurel. The water started to boil. He turned the heat on low. "Well if you really want to see, maybe I should take these off and we can both find out if human eardrums can explode."

It was awfully weird after he spoke. Sure, Zente is one for sitting in silence and all, but just the sudden welcoming of it now was just eery. The cat had busied herself by jumping on top of the fridge and attacking a spider on the ceiling. Before Zente could say anything about the cat ruining the apartment's good luck, he shivered.

He could hear Aurel still and it doesn't really feel painful to hear with the headphones on. "It's alright, thanks, but I…Are you….Are…Are you talking the same way I am right now?" He pointed to his lips for a second; he isn't sure, he just had to ask that.

The sounds of the egg cackling brought him back to what was going on. He took the spatula and slid it underneath the egg. "It is interesting," Zente concurred while sprinkling some spice on the egg, "Although, I don't know much, but at least I'm not burning the place down or making terrible food."


The angel was not fazed by the tiny thing’s wiggling, and he let her slip away from him when she wanted. His eye flickered, but did not move from what Zente was doing, not even when he began to speak to him.
I think I would like to see, he agreed, But I do not think God means for your body to be damaged just now. Besides, children of Adam and Eve can feel pain from such damage, is that not so? I do not want you to feel pain, Zente.
Pain was just as strange as food was. One sustained a mortal body, the other was a sensation meant to signal damage to that body. Aurelium, of course, did not have such a fragile, changing vessel to house him. He had no need of one. Was feeling pain like tasting food? From what he has heard, there were as many ways to feel pain as there were to taste food. Savory, sweet, sour. Aching, stinging, throbbing. Senses, he remembered. The instruments with which mortals use to understand the world. So perhaps they really were alike.
Aurel considered the next question. Hm, I do not think so. I think before I was speaking like you do, with my own internal force to carry my voice. But now I use the environment as my vocal instrument. I am creating sound waves with the gas molecules around here… for a moment he slipped back into his angelic language, but he stopped himself. Perhaps he was getting better with this voice control thing.
Aurel laughed as bells ring. His wings fluttered, and his eye flickered shut, but only for a moment. Yes, though I don’t know much of this either.

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At first Zente did not say anything. To him pain is as natural as the sun and moon; it's been with him all his life whether it be physical or mental. "Thanks," was all that he could manage to say. He took a small red bowl out and sat it down on the counter beside the stove. The smell of the noodles filled the kitchen. He took a deep inhale then slowly let go of the exhale. Leaning over, he put the timer on for three minutes.

Glimpsing over his shoulder at Aurel, he stood back up. Just hearing however the angel is talking is still so weird to him; not in a bad way or anything, just in the fact that he is obviously a human and not necessarily built for such scenarios. Honestly Zente is surprised at Lilith being able to handle this situation very well, and she's a cat who needs to have SpongeBob on the TV when it's raining outside.

He pushed his glasses back up to his face using his thumb and middle finger touching both sides. "Alrighty then…." He mumbled to himself. The whole voice thing kind of makes sense to him. He doesn't really know, there might some scientific matter that he isn't really aware about. "That's really impressive, Aurel. I appreciate you doing that."

The timer goes off, and he swiftly presses the button to turn it off. Lilth jumped down onto the counter then onto the floor before scurrying away. Zente shook his head. The egg still needed a minute, but he already went to putting noodles into the bowl.

A faint smile pressed onto his cold face. For a second, he stopped to look at Aurel then went back to focusing on turning the stove off and taking care of the food. "No worries, my friend. There's nothing wrong with that. Now we have the opportunity to learn, if that's what we want to do."


Hm… what is the expression humans use? It’s no biggie, Aurelium laughed. Though I will say, interacting with the material plane is always an enlightening experience.
His eyes stayed on Zente, ever watching, but after a moment he took on his humanoid appearance and glided over to him. Curiosity showed in his expressive face. He spoke, but his lips did not move.
I should like to learn, son of Adam. This interests me greatly; all the things of your earthly life do. Especially since God did not give me much information about you beforehand.

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Covering his mouth, he chuckled at the angel. He looked up from the food, letting his hand drop to his side. "You really are in with the cool kids, Aurel. That will get you ahead if you ever talk to anybody else here."

To describe feeling the eyes of an angel as weird is an understatement. Whenever someone tried to flirt with him using the "eyes of an angel", he always thought of it to be a strange pick-up line; guess he's right.

But Zente kept on, as if all of this were normal. He opened up a drawer and picked out some lilac colored chopsticks. His brows jumped up then settled. Taking the bowl, he turned around, leaning against the counter. "There's not much you need to know, Aurel. There isn't much about me except for what I am now," He explained, "But what I can say is that, I can do my best to teach you. Although, I'm still learning about this earthly life myself."


The angel tilted his head, not really understanding what that meant. I suppose… I should hope so. I don’t want to frighten other humans with my voice and my words, though I may not speak to other humans much. I thought using more current language would help me seem more… understandable to the human mind. Does it help you?
Having been somewhat still for a while now, Aurel stretched out his wings and flapped them a bit, careful to not let them hit anything. I must disagree, Zente. Regardless of how much you think there is to you, or how much God chose to reveal to me, humans are not simple beings, as I’m sure you’re aware. There is a wealth of information inside you, there’s a lot you could tell me about yourself. What matters is how much you feel comfortable disclosing, yes? What you are now is only one version of yourself. Your cells have died and replaced themselves millions, trillions of times over the course of your lifetime. How can the present moment be all there is to you? He blinked, realizing he may have been talking too much again. But he smiled. You need not teach me anything. We shall learn together, yes?

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"Oh shit…." Right, he forgot about how Aurel probably does not understand concepts such as "being in with the cool kids" or some kinds of slang. Sarcasm, he needs to be aware of it. You see with demons, Zente does not give a single damn. Half of the times, they know because they have been lingering on this planet with humans for longer than necessary. Doesn't matter either way because Zente always sends them back to where they cake from.

"Yeah, it does," He replied. Before continuing, he used his chopsticks to shove some noodles into his mouth. He coveted his mouth wjth the back of his hand while eating then went on with speaking. "I was just being sarcastic to be funny, but I guess my humor is obscure. It's okay."

No matter how stuck he is in an abyss of his pessimistic mindset, he had to agree with what Aurel was saying. The whole time the angel spoke, he kept eating. Might as well as his new friend is talking. But as he glimpsed up from his food, he stared at the angel and their smile. The sight of it made him smile for a couple of seconds.

"I suppose that you are right. There is a lot to me, just as there would be about anybody, but….if you really want to know something specific just ask. I normally say there isn't much because who ever really listens? Me now is what I know best," He shrugged. "But yeah, we shall learn together. I think that would be great."


Ah, wonderful. I am glad. His wings lowered as a sign of relief. He watched as the man began eating, fascinated by the way his mouth moved and chewed the food. Although he has seen Zente eat the ice cream earlier, he had been to preoccupied with other matters. Now, he could see it up close, and besides, this movement was different than when he ate ice cream. He listened, and tilted his head. He was trying to be funny? I am sure it is just because I am not human, Zente. Maybe if another human were here, they would understand and find you humorous.
Aurelium was beginning to feel rather restless. He started walking around the kitchen, moving his wings around. I will be sure to ask, then, he nodded, still smiling. I am a curious being, and I am especially curious about you, Zente. However, I will not overwhelm you with questions just now.
It has already been too long since he fought a demon. Aurel itched to go out and slash his sword into something, but he kept himself where he was. It was strange. It felt like he was disobeying God and not doing his job, but really it was the opposite. It was quite jarring to be fighting and defending Heaven for millennia upon millennia, only to suddenly be on Earth, among mortal beings.

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"Good." Zente grabbed more noodles with the chopsticks. The moment he was about to stuff it all into his mouth, his hand stopped. Closing his lips, they curved into a little smile as he laughed a little. He couldn't have guessed how curious angels could be; not to the point where one would be watching eat with wide eyes. It was funny enough to make him smile, even for just a little bit.

He went back to eating. The feeling of the warm noodles in his mouth is just something that is only noticed after a long treacherous fight. It's like the same thing when someone takes off their shoes when they get home from a long day of work. Demons….He's not saying they make him enjoy noodles more.

"No no no…" Holding the bowl, he shook his head. "You can ask whatever," He assured, "Besides, after days like this, I know that I'm always more willing to answer whatever is thrown at me….Ah sorry, whatever I'm being asked."

The cat jumped up onto the counter behind him. She reached her paw out towards the bowl, but Zente repositioned himself and moved the bowl away. With the back of a chopstick, he poked his pet's forehead. "I see you are curious too," He said.

Zente's mind drew a blank. He fell silent. Focusing on the food, he kept his glance down to floor while he ate. When he made up his mind that he was done, he walked over to set the bowl down in the sink. "I don't get overwhelmed. At least, not when I'm tired like this….Go for it, if you want to."


He stopped and laughed when Zente caught him staring. Oh, I can? he tilted his head. I don’t want to throw anything at you Zente, I’m sure that would cause you pain. Oh, is that not what you meant? Humans say a lot of things they do not mean, I’ve noticed.
Smiling, Aurel went over and pet Lilith’s back. His eyes went back to the man, though, and stayed there as he placed the finished dish in the sink. That is good. Just tell me when you would like to stop with questions, the angel said. You’ve been able to see demons since you were a child, yes? How long have you been fighting them?
Perhaps he could let out his energy through asking these questions. Though, Aurelium planned to go out for a bit later.

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Zente could see where the angel is coming from. "No, it's fine," He assured. Although humans tend to be influenced by their own will, they often go against what they mean or just say something for the sake of it; believe him, he does it all the time. Except this time, he means it. "Go on before I get tired or change my mind."

Crossing his arms, his fingers rested in the crevices of his elbows. His chin was tilted downwards, yet it was still elevated enough for him to look at Aurel. He bit on his bottom lip while his mind counted back all the memories of the exorcisms and demon hunting. "That's correct, but it's only been eight years…I'd say. Yeah, eight years." Gosh, it felt like he has been doing this for centuries.


Eight years. Aurelium grinned. Nothing compared to my time of service to the Lord, but I suppose you would be considered a seasoned demon exorcist.
Indeed, eight years meant little to him. Time in general meant little to him. He had always wondered why humans were so obsessed with time, but he supposed that’s what happens when you are mortal. There is only a certain amount of time on earth that God has allotted to mortal beings, and they use how they wish, knowing their time will eventually and inevitably run out.
I can tell you have grown in that time. Tell me, Zente, how do you exorcise demons? Is there a certain way you approach it? Aurel’s eyes glittered as he flexed his wings. I have seen many proclaimed holy men exorcise incorrectly, in some way or another. Not many have been granted permission to see beyond the material plane.

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"That is true on your part," He agreed. "For us humans, eight years is surprisingly a good amount of time."

Eight years is a lot to him. What is even weirder is how he barely remembers a lot of it. Really all he can think about is any moment he had to deal with Ullman, that's basically it. Not to mention all the times he had to call a friend to bandage him up before being forced to go to the hospital or urgent care.

"Hm?" If he had a dollar for being asked that question, he would have enough to buy twenty large chocolate milkshakes. Yes, he has done the math for that and he does have some addiction to chocolate milkshakes and ice cream.

Zente shoved his hands into his pockets. "I don't know. What those 'proclaimed holy men' do amuses demons. I use it to lure them….." His mind drew a blank. When has he ever had the opportunity to explain this without being called insane? "I use my sight, trickery, lying, bribery, and sometimes those old methods. I talk to them, pretend that they're a friend. It's always never the same and I don't want to hurt the person who's affected by those things, but sometimes I have to…"


The angel nodded, seeming to expect that sort of answer. I see. That suits your kind. Using their own cunning against them… it is effective. He tilted his head. A person who is affected? You mean one who is possessed? Hm, I rarely come across something like that, I don’t often visit Earth.
Right, this was Earth. He had to be gentle here. Or at least, less violent than he normally was. If they came across a possessed human then… well, his sword would not harm mortal bodies. He just needed to be careful of his heat and flames.
His being hummed with energy. He stretched again and laid himself across the counter. And how do you protect yourself from the demons you fight? It still must be dangerous for you, even though you can see them.

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Zente gave a nod. He finds it that the Chruch sometimes does not really look at cases seriously nor do they even care about the people affected I particular. "It happens more than humans think, but only every now and then," He explained, "Who knows? They get to be tricky. Sometimes they'll possess someone who's terrible and everyone finds it to be normal. Nothing is monolithic for the better part."

Leaning back, his hand rested on the left side of his abdomen. It felt like someone stabbed him with a sword then dragged the blade up. He shrugged, "I don't, but I know I am vulnerable and that I am not someone like you. Holy water and rosaries do work, but they can only do so much."

He grabbed a bottle of medicine and took two tylenol pills out. After swallowing them, he close the cap then held it between his index and middle fingers. "Mental fortitude, that's how I protect myself."


Interesting. Even though he just laid down on the counter, he raised his legs and his hips so that his feet were touching the counter around his head, as though he were some sort of heavenly gymnast. They are tricky. I’m not surprised they get away with things, especially here.
Aurel looked over. He could see Zente’s pain, but he could not understand it. He wanted to help, but he was one of those angels that brought down God’s wrath, not peace and healing. You are courageous, Zente, and hardy. The Lord has surely blessed you. His voice sounded sad. He meant to be comforting, but he could now see the burden the man must have been carrying. He lowered his legs and sat up, stretching his wings again. I have heard of holy water and rosaries being used to invoke the Lord’s power. That also fascinates me. Ah, what was that you swallowed?

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Watching the angel move around is a sight to see. Part of him wondered if his mind was seeing things due to exhaustion. On the other hand the aching pain reminded him that no, this is reality. "It really isn't, but I admit that sometimes I am surprised."

The only thing he could say or do was nod. Sure, he probably was blessed by God, but he feels like a lot of it just came from the fear of dying and letting those evil bastards win. And failure, just the fear of failure too. The sentiment of thought was sad, yet he was fine with it.

Zente looked down at the bottle of pills. He held it up so Aurel could take a look at it. "Pain medicine," He replied before lowering it to read the labels. "My sides hurt so I took two of these." The bottle rattled as he shook it.


Aurelium still had a lot of energy, but seeing Zente’s expression, he tried to appear slower and less flexible, not wanting to startle the man. However, that excess energy was instead released as heat. His form rose in temperature, and wisps of flame alighted on the tips of his hair and in his eyes.
Aurel focused on the pill bottle. He did not really read the label, but saw through the bottle and examined the contents, sifting through those tiny capsules with their little chemicals inside. It was fascinating, that is what he always seemed to say. He didn’t remember humans using this the last time he came to Earth. Each time he visited Earth, the human society it contained was never the same. It was always changing, so unlike Heaven.
I see, that is good. He watched Zente for a moment, and a smile came to his face. You should rest then, friend. I will not ask more questions from you.

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He just stood there and watched with amazement. As well as worry. Tilting his chin up, he stared at the fire alarm. The green light remained still. Hopefully Aurel doesn't set it off.

Zente held his hand out, shaking it. "No no, it's fine. I'm alright, Aurel," He sighed. "Lilith usually has her zoomies in an hour or so anyways. If I get rest before then, I'll regret it."

The cat pounced on his feet just as he finished his sentence. "See?" Bending down at the waist, he scratched the top of Lilith's head. Truly she is a beast that is to be reckoned with. He doesn't want to fall asleep then have Aurel startled by the little beast anyways.

Shaking the pill bottle, he watched as the cat's ears perked up. He laughed then looked over towards Aurel. "Wanna shake this?" Zente put his arm out, offering the pill bottle. "It's like maracas. Lilith always love it."


It seemed like making the man more comfortable was a fruitless endeavor. Aurelium was just too unearthly. He just smiled at Zente as more flames sparked. I can keep the little creature busy, if it is well with you. I have a lot of energy myself. He looked towards Lilith, amusement dancing with the fire in his eyes.
The angel blinked. Oh? He had to take a moment to remember what maracas were. He took the pill bottle, turned over and back around in his hand. Shake it? he shook it once, then twice. He assessed its motion and sound. He then moved over to Lilith and shook it again, in front of her.

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Comfortable is not a word that is in Zente's vocabulary. Even in a moment where he is at home and somewhat safe, the most he can do is relax his shoulders; like right now. Should he really be putting an angel in charge of babysitting a sweet yet slightly mischievous furball? Is it bad that he is doubting an angel and himself? He sighed, "Well, if you really want to….I guess that's cool with me then."

He gave Aurel a thumbs up. Anything that shakes is one of Lilith's favorite things. The cat's ears perked up again. This time she turned in Aurel's direction. Her head tilted as she reached a paw out in an attempt to whack it. She missed, but she kept on trying.

Zente laughed, "See? I don't know why, but she is fascinated with these things."


Worry not, Zente, the angel assured. I will make sure that you are not disturbed. He watched as Lilith swung her paw at the bottle, and chuckled. I know a housecat's eye is drawn to movement. She must like the way it moves. He kept shaking it, keeping it just out of the cat's reach. This was quite enjoyable, watching the little creature hop about. Maybe he could spend some of his extra energy this way.
I still encourage you to rest, friend. He kept playing with the cat but spoke to Zente. You will soon need it.