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(Helloooo. casually somersaults into the chat)

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(Wat? casually gets shot with an arrow and falls to the ground… tragically.)

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(Don't worry. I'm okay… Tries to get up and falls again)

("MonsterTea…" weakly lifts arm.)

(Nah, but really, what are we gonna do?)

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(so is it like humans with powers, typical medieval times, or like modern fantasy?)

(yeah, modern fantasy is cool.)

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(ha we could do one where ur just in constant life threatening danger and im ignoring it half the time lol)

(hm, that's an interesting idea)

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(Well, yeah. Or we could have our characters bump into each other and have a fight somehow. Idk just a thought.)

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(Okay, that's cool. How about we put in our characters?)

@UnidentifiableBrainFungus book

Physical Appearance
Eye color:
Hair color:
Skin tone:
Body Type:
Other Identifying Marks:

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(ok i'll just borrow a template. and is it just human or other races to?)

(Whichever you like, but i think human would fit the rp better)

@UnidentifiableBrainFungus book

Name: raydon marvic
Age: 18
Gender: male
Sexuality: ace\pan-curious
Race: human
Physical Appearance
Eye color: silvery gray
Hair color: jet black, with a bluish tinge on the ends (failed hair dye)
Skin tone: think snow white
Body Type: stick thin
Height: 5'9
Weight: 138
Other Identifying Marks: always wears goggles, has a lot of scars.
Personality: always curious, never stops moving for too long, loves doing experiments and making gadgets and robotics in general, he's kind of unintentionally rude, kind of like a little kid.
Magic(optional): semi-decent telekinesis, and parallel minds (i'll explain later)
Background: amnesia. one day, just woke up in a garage full of machine parts and has lived there ever since, building random machines.
Likes: new things, mice and magpies
Dislikes: boring things, dogs, and quiet people (not hate but he doesn't really want to talk to them much)

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(Huh, he seems pretty ✨ i n t e r e s t i n g✨ )

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Name: Cassandra Burnes

Age: 18

Gender: female

Sexuality: straight

Race: human

Physical Appearance: [Cassandra's Picture]

Eye color: sort of between grey and brown

Hair color: dark brown

Skin tone: mocha skin

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 140 lbs. (idk?)

Other Identifying Marks: has a fake tattoo of a kawaii cup of coffee on her left hand (she is planning to make it real one day and place it on her arm.)

Personality: She is very outgoing, talkative, and cheerful, she also is very much a "Mama Bear" of sorts. She is very good at comforting people, as she is a bit of an empath, but is willing to punch assholes in the gut, though.

Magic: She can cause telepathic pain via a small teddy bear she keeps in her purse; she is also learning how to levitate.

Background: (Idk yet, tbh.)

Likes: Oat Milk Vanilla Lattes, working as a barista in her coffee shop, kawaii things, crafts and DIYs, hanging out with her small niece and nephew, meeting new people

Dislikes: rude and impolite people

Other: (idk yet)

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(So, where and how do you think we should start?)