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Sorry for the wait here's my boy!
NAME: Jasper (Jas) Heart
AGE: 21
GENDER: male
APPEARANCE: slightly muscled, lean build. Stand around 5'9, 6'1 when he wears healed boots. while Jas had never really paid attention to his looks, he has been told he's handsome, even though he doesn't really see it. He has dark brown hair that falls in curls to the nape of his neck. Streaks of deep purple highlights can also be seen in his hair. He has deep green eyes that shift slightly in different lighting. He usually rims his eyes in black eyeliner to enhance his eyes. He has full red lips and a nice smile though very few to see him smile. Very angular features
PERSONALITY: Jas is usually very reserved and quiet. He likes more to observe than actually confront a situation. he's likes being around people but he also does like having his alone time and relax. Around someone he likes, he'svery flirtatious and doesn't really care about how his actions affect others as long as he gets the attention he desires
OTHER: affectionately dubbed the 'cat boy' of the restaurant he works for