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Alright, here’s sir tough guy

NAME: Ezra Vasquez
AGE: 19
SEXUALITY: Demisexual, Panromantic
APPEARANCE: 6’2” and 220 lbs. has deep chestnut skin and dark, fluffy brown hair. His honey gold eyes are cold and untrusting, and a few light scars decorate his arms.
(Random pic I found on Pinterest »)

PERSONALITY: very quiet and reclusive, can get a bit aggressive if provoked. However, if he develops trust in someone, he opens up and can be really sweet. He protects his friends with a passion, and trusts no one.
FLAWS: paranoid and nervous, believes if he can’t protect and help his friends, he isn’t much use to anyone. Has lots of self doubt, and does things before thinking
OTHER: Leo’s best friend, and pretty much protector of the cinnamon roll >:)
Surprisingly a really good singer + actually enjoys shopping