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(hello hello! I have been summoned! I'd love to join, I'm not on as much I used to be cuz of the holidays and personal stresses but I'd love to join!)

(Also NotDrowning, which rp's did we have together before? And thank you for tagging me!)


(When there was a man in a cottage in the woods and he took in a 12 year old girl and a demon teenager and life happened. Also I remember a vending machine scene.)


(ok! I remember the girl and the dude, and partly the demon! Those were fun!)

(I don't have much experience writing tough guys, most, if not all of my male characters are on the soft side. Maybe not the best for that role.)


(not really sure, which characters other than the tough guy were you thinking of having?
Read through the plot and was maybe thinking a younger sibling or if you're comfortable in a poly relationship, someone poisons Maine's food/drink, feels guilty or realized that main is a good person and doesn't deserve death and tags along for the ride, maybe also falls in love other characters?)