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Hey, I'd like to do a small group of assasins thing. Basically found family. Yada yada. Andrew's Rules. If romance between characters, send anything overly explicit to PMs. No smut in the event of two (or more) characters hooking up. I mean it. Cursing is fine. Other than that, let's have some fun!

(I'll get a template up whenever someone joins.)


(Oh, hello! More like a sort of. . . found family [?] I guess. But yeah, ninja-y shit.)


Name: Name unknown, goes by "Cavendish"

Race: Presumed human

Age: Presumed to be in their early 20s.

Gender: Unknown, presumed male.

Appearance: Unknown. They wear a concealing outfit that covers every inch of skin, including their neck. They wear a full length coat (Unknown material, it can withstand 10 shots from a high-power .50 cal sniper rifle. Examination of the chemical structure of the material only raised more questions), high lace-up combat boots (cleated soles), a pair of black combat gloves, and carries a sort of bandolier, adapted and modified to fit a high-power sniper rifle, a combat knife and other such equipment.

Abilities: He has been shown to have an unusual ammount of speed and strength, with a cognitive ability far better than many humans. He has been known to survive falls from 100 feet and higher, and has been known to be able to break bones with a slight flick of his wrist. He has superb hearing.

Personality: Unknown. Whenever he is seen, he is silent and always performs his job well.

Other: Presumed colourblind and farsighted. It is unknown if the voice he has is his real voice, or if he has a voice synthesizer.

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Name: Junifer and Donevan Ward
(June and Devon/Dev)

Race: presumed human.

Age: 19 ish

Gender: Female and Male

June- 5'5 black hair she keeps pulled back and deep red eyes. She wears only black and red, normally a dress, even though her outfit choices cause her to stand out, her innocent face and demeanor keeps people from asking questions. She has a sword across her back, as well as a bow. she keeps a knife on her belt.
Devon- 6' with black short hair and blood red eyes. He wears all black, blending into the shadows, almost completely if his eyes didn't seem to glow. He uses a longsword he keeps on his back and a pistol on his belt, and wears a trench coat over his clothes, hiding most of him and his weapons.

June- super quick and agile, often seems to move faster than the human mind can comprehend. She is skilled in any weapon she tries. She does not have a lot of strength, but she makes up for it with speed and knowledge.
Devon- He blends with the shadows, seeming to travel through them. He is silent when he moves, and almost never speaks, making him invisible to most people.

June- Hyper active and loves to fight. She isn't scared of people knowing, which can often get her in trouble. She is chaotic but calculating. She knows how to read an opponent well, and challenges anyone willing to spar.
Devon- No one knows much, except that he is almost nothing like his twin, although they are almost never apart, he is often hidden in the shadows, both literal and figurative, of his sister.

Other: June makes herself known, and likes the publicity, and getting all up in other people's business and personal lives. Devon often has to drag her back into the shadows when she gets to wound up.

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(She's good! I've messaged Cinnamon, but I'm not sure when they'll be back. I'mma go message a couple others, just in case.)

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(Sorry this is super long)

Name: Bane Malice

Race: Hellhound (Here’s a document if you want to know more:

Age: Chronological age: 24-25, Physical age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: He is 6’5. He had tousled ebony hair with short bangs that slightly cover his right eye. It’s ear length and short in the back. His hair is always described as fluffy. It’s like a trap for water. Bane has upturned eyes with sweeping eyelashes. His eyebrows are arched. His nose is a bulb and has a kink in it from a fight. He has a cupid's bow. His face is diamond in shape. He has long, slender ears. They are a mix of demons and wolves. He has sharp dog-like canines. His eyes are a reddish-brown onyx with amber specks. Has sectoral heterochromia in his right eye. Part of it is a light blue. Eyes turn red when extremely mad and on the verge of going fully feral. They also turn red when zeroed on targets. He has a mocha skin tone and his body is sturdy and he’s fit. He is defined as lightly muscled meaning in regions like his arms, muscles will be slightly defined. He has broad shoulders. His hands are large but delicate. Bane’s father had scorn-claw marks across his face. It was to serve as a reminder: he was an oddity, and he'd become soft. He doesn’t like the scars, but he embraces them as a reminder he's strong. They show up as darkish pink. He has a small scar on his neck. It shows up as darkish pink. He has a black right triangle-like mark under his left eye. It's a hellhound mark and serves no initial purpose than to recognize a hellhound. A drawing for more of a ref:

Clothing: His basic gear: A black jacket with a buckle at the top to clasp it closed. He wears a red t-shirt underneath his jacket. He has a leather belt with a sheathe to hold his weapon on missions. Wears black jeans and black boots. He wears a beaded necklace. He also wears an ear cuff on his right ear. His umbra sword and other umbra weapons

Wolf Form (Just in case): Can shapeshift into a big black wolf creature. His form is tall and huge. It's bigger than an Irish Wolf Hound. He has long fur around the neck, along the back, and by the bottom. They have long tails that are like big, poofy wolf tails. The muzzle is long and the ears sit angled on the head.

Abilities: Here's a document. There are a lot, but I’m not 100% sure they’ll all be used:

Personality: Bane has a fearless demeanor with strong convictions and speaks out when questioned. He’s willing to put himself through any level of danger or agony to protect the people he's attached to. As a logical person, he wants to express himself greatly but can be largely concerned with practical application than theory.

However, Bane can be blunt, it being part of his direct thinking and forthright communication. He is a born leader who tried to remain calm in high-pressure situations. His antagonism may irritate, but his attempts to be kind are not in vain. Bane is passionately affectionate to his loved ones and incredibly compassionate, especially with little animals and small children. Putting others' feelings and emotions last makes him seem inconsiderate. Being impatient makes him work at his own speed, hindering his ability to slow dowing if someone is struggling. He must exert effort to concentrate for a long time.

He is protective of friends and family, which makes it difficult for him to see different points of view. He always chooses loyalty when fighting and protecting people from threats. Being overprotective forces him to protect friends and family from things he perceives as threats, leading to injury. He isn’t afraid to tread into new, dangerous territory without considering the implications. He might break a few rules and receive a lecture. This leads to his stubbornness which makes him appear to be difficult.

Being as stubborn as Bane is, he presents a brief apology or sensitivity, then goes on his way. If influence is presented through habits, lifestyles, or views, he becomes irritated and abrupt. He’s bored easily. When something is finished or understood, his interest is lost. He goes to find something better. Bane’s fury makes him aggressive or will control him. If provoked, he’ll become enranged and enter a feral state.

Other: He has retractable claws underneath his human nailbed


(Ooh, French! Love it! Anyways, let's go then! I'll go first. Then you two. And then we wait for Jacen, yes?)

Cavendish lurked in the shadows as he examined the storefront. Today, he was out in his usual civilian clothes: black hoodie, black jeans, black running shoes and a face mask obscuring his features. His eyes flicked from person to person, assessing them each seperately then as a cohesive whole. No threat. No threat. Intermediate threat. No threat.

And then he spots someone that doesn't seem entirely. . . human. Huh.

He stares at the man's back, for he was a man. He tilts his head, and leans against the wall, assessing this person more. Long ears. Not a human trait. He has a sharp scent, almost like black pepper. What is it about him that gives off this feeling of otherness, though?


Naize walked along the sidewalk, watching people around her. A laptop bag around her shoulder. The pride mask she wore covered a good portion of her vertigo and her long sleeves and high-rise pants covered the scars and more of her spots.
She noticed the men but paid heed to their conversation