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Eli told me to tell yall this

Hey guys. It’s Eli. Rhys probably already told you but notebook got blocked for me. I’ll miss you all but I may possibly be able to say hi in the mornings.
You can also reach me on, and google docs/gmail

If you don’t know me, don’t message me. Unless you’d just like to roleplay or something. I’ll miss you all.

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(Sad news. Just an idea. Maybe delete Eli's email and mention people can ask for it in a pm from you or Rhys if they really want it. We generally try not to post overtly personal information like emails or phone numbers in the public forums [just cuz there are trolls and bots and stuff who come through looking for that kind of thing])

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No I asked for them to post that. And I don't really care much. (Its not my actual email. It was given to me as a alt acc anyway.) Also a little update. I may be able to talk in the mornings on weekdays. There may be days where I'm on almost all day. Or days where I'm not gonna be on. Either way, I love you all.

For those who still want to role play or chat, of course I'll be available at any of the cites listed before.

Keep yourselves safe and happy. At least for my own sanity. I love each and every one of you.

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I know we don’t talk much but I actually will really really miss you, you’re such a sweet and funny person a delight one may say and I’ve enjoyed seeing you around the forums for the past few months- I haven’t been too active but I do still lurk (and have been eyeing some of your rps, even though I have yet to answer to others but idc sue me)
I just hope you’ll be alright and when you can, definitely come say hi to us once in a while, you’re one of the people that first comes to mind when I think of NB these days and tbh this is gonna sound so fucking cheesy, (I honestly couldn’t give less of a shit though) but you guys genuinely mean a lot to me, uhm I suppose it feels a bit like family, so when I say I’ll miss you, that’s an understatement.

I also literally just woke up so when I read this, this was (and still is) my genuine reaction:

Anyways, we love you lots too and please take care of yourself as well, it’s shit when what we love gets taken away from us but like Winter said, know that we’ll be waiting here for you if you’re ever able to make a full return, or at the very least I know I’ll be waiting and will definitely make a huge deal out of it when the time comes <3