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Beneath the Heavens

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AU of Sky: Children of the Light where Light Creatures and Dark Creatures are different races of people with certain abilities.

For many years, there was a great war between the Dark Dragons and the Jellyfish. There were many casualties, and tensions were high. With the Dark Dragons prevailing in the war, the Jellyfish turned to the other Light Creature kingdoms for help. Namely, the Mantas.

For many y...

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Echo’s Excellent Ensemble of Entropy

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My own version of the story created by Chonny Jash in his music album, “Chonny’s Charming Chaos Compendium.” Elements of Miracle Musical’s “Hawaii: Part II” are present as well.

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Gates of Slaughter

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An alternate universe where Cyrus Allen and Cesaria Allen are no longer the antagonists, replaced by Kody Tsethlekai Stryker and Alexander Blackett.

(Will add further description later)

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