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After watching for a bit, Beau decided to step in, making sure his dagger was within arm’s reach in case something went wrong. “Uh… hey, what seems to be the problem?”


The fight going on outside of Yama's home was indescribable, people summoning armies and flying around and wantonly using magic. He didn't even need his Seismic sense to know that some real shit was going on outside.
"Alright, armor up!" he called to his parents. Sharla and Aqua still seemed to be asleep, or they were so far deep that they didn't know what was going on. It was up to Yama and his parents to try and hold off whatever threat was beyond the granite walls.

With a flick of his wrist, the Half-Dragon summoned his trusty cannon hammer, the Dragon Sledge (Dragon Sledge). The surprising heft of the weapon wasn't an issue with his Earthbending magic, and in conjunction with his Powder Horn (Powder Horn), he could create ammunition very quickly. He then encased himself in stone armor like solid plate-mail.

Guinevere already had her Greatsword, the Sieglinde Rose (Queen's Venom), and she took up a position at her son's left. She always wore her armor, even underneath her pajamas. She could be prepared for war before anyone else was ready for breakfast.

Gawain, the massive dragon that he was (Gawain), decided to take the high ground by using his Earthbending to tunnel through the high ceiling and be ready to burst out at a moment's notice.

Everyone had managed to perfect their technique during a previous siege from Gawain's entire family, but there was also the concern that something would eventually give in this fight. At this point, things were happening too quickly for anyone to strategize. Yama held up his claws, signaling Guinevere to advance with him. Yama, feeling that stealth wasn't a viable option, decided the best course of action was to use some cheap intimidation. He fireman-kicked the makeshift door, causing it to explode into pebbles, dust, and the occasional fist-sized rocks.

"EVERYONE, COOL OUT!" he bellowed.


(Sorry I wasn't on, I had a lot of school things to take care of. To answer your question, this takes place in an alternate Earth where the dinosaurs never went extinct, but evolved into dragons and wyverns. There's a whole bunch of stuff I could go into, but the tech we have is Post-WW1 but Pre-WW2. Magic is super rare and highly illegal, so this fight's gonna draw some attention depending on how big this gets.)


Guinevere shouted "Because you're all fighting in front of our home! Do you always just barge onto someone's property and start fighting like this?!"


Yama wasted no time in attacking the interloper, rocketing upwards with a flap of his terrifying wings. The head of his Sledge shifted, placing itself at the edge of the cannon like a blocky bayonet. He squeezed the trigger, and a three-pound cannonball shot forth with a deafening boom!


Yama growled in frustration looked around wildly.
"Where'd she go?!"
Guinevere approached Nathan, who was cowering behind a boulder while the fight raged behind him. She held her large, poisonous (venomous?) sword uncomfortably close to his jugular. "You. Talk," she commanded.

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Nathan, despite being the easily scared guy that he is, stood up to Guinevere and spoke out loud “…and what happens if I don’t?” Both of his hands are in his pockets and his messenger bag is still with him.

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Hinata ignored them all, only focusing on her sister.

"Si-ster…" Michi gasped out.
"Michi!" Hinata reached for her sister.

Hinata channeled her rage, her despair, her fears, her all into her hand. She grasped her sister's hand, power radiating like a thousand suns. She channeled her past; her world's destruction, her parents' deaths, the stress of having so many survivors look to her, the death of her family; the court removal of her adopted child; watching everything she loved crumble. All of it was channeled into her hand. She tore the spirit from Michi's body, making it crumble to ash. Her full power was unleashed, and unless it was reigned in soon, the entire world would burn.


Brykin felt the wave of magic and cursed. Well, that was one way to be noticed. She teleported back towards it. And saw Captain "I'm-So-Powerful" and her sister. "Well, shit," she muttered.