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(It was a gender reveal party. I guessed correctly that my sister is having a little girl!!!!! 😍 I already have 3 nephews and a Heavenly niece, so having a niece that I can spoil is going to be great. She's already got me wrapped around her finger!)

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LEVI: [Looks at her suspiciously.] "I doubt that. Surely you must know about what I mean." [Looking directly into her eyes.]

((I was going to incorporate the lyrics into this, but in order though…. Just leave that to me? We can disregard the part that you had about the mirrors and the pink champagne.))

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(Me: Watching a movie while doing two rps and also playing a game.)

DEAN: "Yeah, we are. Glad you finally caught on, sweetheart. Now either help us get out of here, or get out of our way."

LEVI: [Sighs.] Why is he always like this when it comes to confrontation?

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(Oof…. I had a long break. Got busy with family time and other aspects of my life, but didn't forget about this. I'm responding to the other rps that I'm doing atm. I'll come back to this as soon as I can.)


"Oh, clearly." She surveyed them coolly. "Good luck with that, I'll be at the bar."
And with that, she turned around, black hair swinging, and headed off to the bar, heels clicking on the marble tiles.