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Ciarda kept sketching. She was more nettled than she cared to admit, but this was what you got for being too lazy to put on contacts.

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DEAN: [Finally unlocks and opens the door to their conjoined rooms. Walks in followed by Sam and Levi.] "Well, at least we each get our own bed."

LEVI: [Remembers the time that they all had to somehow share a bed, and that he went through one of his transformations during that time.] "How lucky for all of us."

DEAN: "We might as well try to make ourselves comfortable for the night." [Notices that the alarm clock has a built in radio. Turns it on and tunes it to a classic rock station. Hotel California is playing.]

LEVI: [Digging in his things looking for something.] "Darn it!"

SAM: "Lose something?"

LEVI: "Oh, nothing. Just my EMF detector; I must have left it in my car. I’ll be right back." [Walks out of the room, and walks over to the hotel entrance/exit only to walk back into their room through the use of the bathroom door.] "Ok, that’s weird."

SAM: [Looking at him, extremely perplexed.] "Try that again."

LEVI: [Confused.] "Try what again?"

SAM: "Walk through the door."

LEVI: [Attempts to leave the hotel again. Reenters by using the door that connects their rooms.]

DEAN: "Isn’t this the part where you usually exit the room, not re enter?"

LEVI: "Usually, yes…. Something right up our alley is definitely going on here in this hotel."

SAM: "Ok…." [For once perplexed.] "How do we find out what it is if we’re stuck here though…?"


Ciarda quietly chuckled and took off her sunglasses, revealing her empty silver eyes. Those three had no idea what they were in for.

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LEVI: "Good question." [Pauses to think. Looks around and for the first time notices that some of the guests are dressed in clothing from different eras in time.] 1920’s, 40’s, 60-80’s…. Huh, even the 18 hundreds! [Walks over to the reception desk and gets the concierge's attention.] "Excuse me, but is there some sort of costume party going on?"

ETHAN: "Not that I’m aware of sir…. Is there anything else that I could assist you with?"

LEVI: "As a matter of fact, there is…. Do you guys have wifi?"

ETHAN: [A look of befuddlement crosses his face.] "Wifi? What’s that?"

LEVI: Darn it all! "Nevermind." [Walks over to a woman dressed in 1920’s garb.*] "Excuse me, miss?"


LEVI: "Would you mind telling me the date."

LEVERNE: [Takes note of the strange clothing that Levi is wearing.] "February 8th, 1922."

LEVI: "Thank you. I wonder…." [Goes back to Sam and Dean.] "I have two theories. The first is that all of these people are ghosts, or that we’re stuck in some kind of a timewarp."

SAM: "They all seem too lifelike to be ghosts. A time warp would explain why entering and exiting rooms doesn’t appear to work as it should too. Levi, that man said there’s no wifi, right?"

LEVI: "Well, not exactly; he just said that he didn’t know what it was."

SAM: "But if the workers don’t even know what wifi is, then would that mean the building doesn’t have it?"

LEVI: "Not necessarily, no…. Older buildings get an upgrade often now, and get wired for a wireless connection."

DEAN: [Had listened to that and started to look for someone wearing a uniform for any of the many companies that provide such services, such as Charter.] "Yahtzee."

SAM: "No, what I’m getting at is-" [Sighs.] "What is it, Dean."

DEAN: "Charter guy, 11 o'clock and moving."

SAM: "Well I guess that would be the person to go to." [Walks up to Charter guy.] "Excuse me?"

JAMES: "What do ya want?"

SAM: "We were wondering if this building is set up with wifi."

JAMES: [Gives the ‘really’ look.] "No, I just wear a Charter outfit and carry around gear for setting that crap up for shits and giggles…. Of course it is! Should be online and ready to go already."

SAM: "The workers weren’t able to tell us anything. Would you happen to have the password for it?"

JAMES: [Sighs, and flips through his phone’s folders.] "I assume that you’ll know that the strongest network is the network that you’ll want…. The passkey is Phobicpond616."

SAM: "Thank you." [Returns to the others.] "So there is wifi. The password is Phobicpond616."

LEVI: [Blinks real quick a few times.] "….Did you guys know that the number 666 might actually not be the the sign for Satan? According to a discovery made in an ancient Egyptian dump just outside of Oxyrhynchus the number should actually be 616."

SAM: "Good to know. Though I’m hoping it’s a coincidence."

LEVI: "Well, anyway, what was it that you were going to say before Dean interrupted you, Sammy?"

SAM: "Well, it just seemed odd to me that even though no one but that charter guy knew what we were talking about, yet I saw that someone was using their phone so easily. I’ve been checking my phone since we got in, but it keeps turning off and on for some reason."

LEVI: "Hmmm…. [Silent.] "That is odd." [*Notices that Dean has opened the window, is climbing out of it.] Uh, Dean, what are you doing?"

DEAN: "What? You two big-brains honestly didn’t think about trying to get out by using the windows?"

LEVI: "….I don’t know why that didn’t occur to me."

SAM: "Same here."

DEAN: [Continues to climb out the window. Appears in the shower.] "Well, that didn’t work."

SAM: "Ok, in light of recent events I say we should gather info. Mainly what the people here know."

LEVI: "We should also gather names and make a list of what era everyone belongs to…. Let’s start with whoever that is over there." [Indicates Ciarda by approaching her.]


Ciarda looked up, not putting her sunglasses back on, revealing her pupilless grey eyes. "So, you've found out our secret, have you?"


Ciarda shrugged and gripped her sketchbook. "If you want me to be honest, I've no idea. I've been here for three years now, and nobody's ever been able to leave. Not that I know of."

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DEAN: "Three years?" [Looks a little nervous and uncomfortable.]

SAM: [Scratches the back of his head.] "Yeah, we can't be trapped here that long; we've got work to do."

LEVI: [Looks uneasy.] We have to get out of here. Who knows what would happen if I were to transform in here?


"Yes, three years. I just told you that. I like it here, so I've been fine with not trying to escape. Many people here are a bit batty, though." She looked around. "For most of them, it's withdrawals. Drugs and alcohol aren't exactly a thing here. Especially for Captain Pemberton." She tilted her head towards the direction of one of the hotel's two restaurants. "He's an old sailor, not right in the head, and hasn't had a drink since he became trapped here, in 1969. Don't ask me why, because I don't know, but if he sees you drinking, he'll do his best to get the drink away from you and won't stop until the bottle, or glass, is smashed and in ruins on the floor."
Her empty silver eyes flickered in the firelight, and she smiled. "Or they could just be going crazy because they're trapped in here with me."


Ciarda tilted her head back and studied the mirrored ceiling. "We do have pink champagne on ice. I've never tried it, but I know many of us like it."