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Who's your favorite character to write and why? Everyone has multiple characters to form a story, but out of all your children, who is the favorite? Who gets the most attention and development? Also, if you want to, tell me about the character you feel you neglect the most.

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my fav character to write is my girlo Kirsten Abruzzo!! she's like… all the anger bottled up inside me but in character form and i love seeing where my anger takes me when i write her. it's just dbjsjhsj absolutely lovely. she's like,,, best angery child in my story tbh. (she's also the only angery child in my story but whatever)

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Hm, probably my little child Prosperine Nyx. She's just so precious and I have a lot of fun writing her feelings because that's usually what I'm feeling. She's so scared that people won't accept her for who she is and she's having a hard time adjusting to human life. I do have fun writing Gavin, but Rin has to be the one I like writing the most.


Gosh I love writing about Raafi. I've considered on multiple occasions giving him his own story as I don't want to limit his role to a gateway to information on my antagonist. He's great prequel material.

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I think that my favorite child is Braddi Cosmor. He somehow manages to keep his feelings to himself and keep himself in control, even when he doesn't want to. Also, he stays patient even when Jenylyn is quick to judge him and hate him.

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My favorite boy has to be Sadon. His character arc is super interesting to me and I love writing about this kid who was raised in less-than-favorable circumstances and him learning that what he was taught as a child is wrong and different and he doesn't have to act a certain way and by the end, he has a ton of friends and a boyfriend and he's almost completely changed his actions.

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Not a specific character, but I realize that I'm always happy to read or watch a sassy trickster outlaw type. Tybalt from the October Daye series… Bartholomew Fatima from Xenogears… Oberyn Martell from Game of Thrones… Balthier from Final Fantasy XII… They don't have to be dudes, but for some reason they usually are.


For me, it isn't a specific character, but a character archetype. I love writing about absolute assholes. Just, the most scummy, immoral characters in my roster. From the semi-abusive irritator to the trio of literal serial killers, I find myself so excited whenever I get to write their scenes.

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For me, it’s 100% definitely Night. She’s one of the only characters who I really consider “fully developed;” she’s just so unfathomably kind and considerate I just want to hug her. She’s a total sweetheart and is pretty much incapable of doing any harm… but then again, if you’re a threat to what she believes in, she will deal with you, however much she would like not to. She’s amazing. I just can’t help but love her.

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My favorite of my characters to write would either be Ree, the bookworm like me, or Sage, the healer who's really tired of dealing with these idiots. Ree is a lot like me-really smart, knows a lot, but can't make words make sense to anyone else. Sage just wants her friends to stop getting hurt doing something dumb. She's pretty much the only one of my characters with common sense.

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Hex for sure, I love a good snarky boi. He's a bit of a know-it-all even though he actually knows basically nothing and gets in over his head a lot. He pretends not to care, but lay a finger on anyone he cares about and you're in big trouble. He gives off a little bit of a Stan Pines vibe, which is one of my favorite character tropes, and I just love him to death. Gracelyn and Jesse are both fun too, though!