forum your character is asked what their family is like. how do they respond??
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"hey, what's your family like?"

i'll go first!!

titus: family? pffff, haven't seen 'em in about 51 rotations, not even at my funeral. don't need them anyways! i'm just fine here in reapergate, they don't even know i still exist……. wait, they're probably dead, like dead. and i'm still sorta living! ain't that crazy?

cyrille: oh, i haven't seen them very often in a couple of rotations… but i have a lovely mother and father back in novathres. they raised me well, i think. i hope they're doing fine. i wish i had time to see them more.

wade: i got a dad, but he's sort of… (does the cuckoo motion). mom ran away when i was a kid, and i don't know where she ended up but it doesn't really matter, i don't really see them anymore. anyways, when can i get your number honey? i've been small talking so patiently.

annie: well, they're wonderful! i was raised by my aunt and uncle, although they were always gone so i just kind of did whatever as a kid. they also went to jail for a drug bust and attempted murder. otherwise, they're great people! :] what's yours like, if you're okay with me asking?

manta: my family is very large and spreads across the rolling ray islands. we are all royal advisors to queen jallysh, so mid-noble tier… oh, relationships? i'm sorry, i thought you meant status. i'm… unaware of how my family feels about me. the only conversations i have with my kin are usually about work. other times, i am alone. does that answer your question?

skelley (when they talk, it's muffled, so hypothetically this is with their mask off): welllll….. my parents left me in reapergate before i could even understand where i was. my family are the ghouls and demons and bones beneath the trees here. i may be the only human here, but my family in this region is better than any mom or dad could be! so everything is swell.

ian: they're okay… i guess. sometimes i feel like they don't really care. sometimes i feel like… (traumadumps for a solid 10 minutes and starts to get off track and explains everything going wrong in his life).

tex: never had one. family is overrated, anyway. spent my whole life in the west, jumpin' 'round the region just tryin' to survive. everyone i ever met was temporary. and i turned out just fine.

rooney: depends on yer definition of 'family.' i've a crew back home in mongergrove, i grew up with them like blood brothers. we may have drifted, with them becoming drunken scum and i moving on, but they're still family. why do you need to know, anyway?

odessa: GOD, they SUCK. my mom is an alcoholic bitch and my dad is never home, and when he is, he's angry. i kind of just ignore the fact that i even have parents in the first place, because it's not like they act like it. i don't need them.

benny: oh, um.. i dunno, i don't really have one. i don't have parents, a brother, a sister, nothing. i've always been an orphan, but tex tells me i was raised by the circuits or whatever. which is NOT true!… wait actually, tex could count has family, right? he kinda acts like my dad. or he tries to.

salem: ohhh god.. my family they.. they think i'm crazy!! i haven't talked to them in so long, much less seen then. they cut off all contact with me like 5 rotations ago when i told them i was a girl. they kicked me to the curb, the only family i have is ian's family at this point!! and they're not great!!!!

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Isa: No clue. If asker is a friend or trusted at all : They decided they didn't want a Tiefling, so they dumped me at an orphanage. Honestly, I wouldn't say those guys who gave birth to me are my family.
Shade: Shrugs, gives no further answer
Arthur: Nice guys, they're probably been dead for a while now…
Kreo: Bunch of assholes who won't let me leave home.

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Maia: Fa…Fam-Famil…struggles to pronounce word
Addic: blank stare of confusion
Olivia: oh just wonderful. spins in fairy tail delusion
Tao: I mean, they made me, but that's all they really have going for them.

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Anjanii: "They're cool. I mean, they adopted me, you know? Don't get me wrong, they were past baby-making age and had never had kids, so they were way over their heads with me and Michi."
Michiya: "Yeahh, they were pretty great. Even if they didn't know how to raise kids. 'Janii and I could get away with pretty much anything."
Komé: "Oh, well, uh… Dad couldn't come along with my mother and I when we moved. I haven't seen him since… but at least I've got Mother with me! We don't have a lot, but we have more than enough."
Daitan: "I don't care."
Shiina: "Stupid rich bastards."


Satoka (In stories that take place in Wammy's House before A died): Well… Out of my biological family, Aiichi is all I have left. He's sweet, friendly, and innocent… He's one of the few reasons I continued living. When we went to Wammy's house, we found more family in the other orphans. A is really nice. He needs a bit of help, but don't we all? B has those weird eyes, but when you get used to it and get to know him, he's great. Mello and Matt stick together like glue. They act like twins. Near… Near's a bit childish, but he's a good kid. He dreams of being L's successor one day.
Satoka (In stories that take place in Wammy's House during the Los Angeles BB Murder Cases): Well… Out of my biological family, Aiichi is all I have left. He's sweet, friendly, and innocent… He's one of the few reasons I continued living. When we went to Wammy's house, we found more family in the other orphans. I miss A and B. At least I've still got Mello, Matt, and Near.
Satoka (In stories that take place after Death Note, in a world where Kira won.): Aiichi is all I have left. I have to do something to make the world a better place for Aiichi to grow up in…


Tye: Only know one person …. -pauses- My father.
Onin: I'm not telling YOU that. (depends on the person)
Cade: Oh! My mom sleeps a lot and My brother is super cool but he's kinda rude at times!


beake: oh, uh… normal people i guess?… wait…
spoko: oh my gosh! my moms are THE. ABSOLUTE. BEST! [monologue about everything great with her parents]
maddie: oh they're nice. just don't let little ones fool you haha.
raydon: i accidentally helped him set houses on fire…
chulta: he accidentally helped me set houses on fire…
lemon: if you even go near flora, i will end you!
flora: [monologue that doesn't involve lemon in any way]
mackya: oh they're nice! well if they don't kill you, then they're nice.
olivia: they're annoying!
duke: horrible

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andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer): The only "family" I have left is Canarie, and she's the only one I could rememer. My mother and father? I don't remember them at all. Well, it's more like I can't. Canarie doesn't mention our parents a lot, but she hasn't forgotten them, that's for sure.
Canarie: andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)'s my only family, but sometimes it feels like we're strangers. And my parents… they're already gone. For some reason, I can hardly recall what they looked like. It's okay, though, because sometimes, when I'm outside with new-born flowers and the warm wind around me, I can feel their presence.
Rin: I don't know much about my birth parents, and my grandpa and grandma practically raised me as their own. They're pretty much my only family, even though my grandma already passed a while ago and my grandpa's gone on an expedition. It got a bit lonely around in the shop, but ever since andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer) and Canarie and Leo started living here, every day started to become even more enjoyable. And, Jose… shudders, she's technically my legal guardian, but we're not exactly close. Her job is to ensure I'm safe, that's all.
Iris: Family, eh? I've got no one to call family! My dad was an drunk scumbag and my mom was a weak lil sheep that ended up killed. And every orphanage that called us kids a big, happy family? They kicked me out! So much for family. It doesn't matter to me anyway.
Jackie: Oh, my parents are in another country doing some mortician work. They're doing pretty well and write me letters often. I haven't had the chance to write to them back because of that kid's been trouble and leaving to clean up her mess. Hm? I guess you could call me her caretaker, but she's only my assistant.
Leo: … Family….? Don't know…. don't remember… my head hurts…
Birdy: They were the kind of family you'd see only in your nightmares. Now that they're all rotting corpses, they can't replace the monsters in people's nightmares anymore.


Hector: They're pretty kind, y'know normal people were just a group of nerds chuckles awkwardly and looks at the distnace
Kenzo: My mother was wonderful, I miss her so much… my father, well… you could say I despise him, he is the reason my mother was in so much pain. I cant bare to even say that he is my father.
Silvia: MY family was amazing, I mean we took care of Kenzo after his mother died, what more could he ask for. Our father showered me with gifts and my mother was so caring

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Simon: Well, uh, parents are dead, so there's that. My brothers are great though, love them…and I guess the team is my found family. Sorry, I just don't usually talk about my family situation.
Casper: …next question.
Logan: Bad. But I've got the League now, so…it's fine.
Dean: Dead mom, dead brother, dead shitty dad. Next.
Henry: Oh gods, I love my family. Ma and Dad are still well an' alive and I've got three younger siblings: Julian, Andrea, an' Evelyn. Love 'em dearly. My, uh, partners don't have the best family situations and my ma is well aware of that, so she kinda took 'em all in. She gets mad when they don't call her Mom.

Madeline: Mother dearest is off wherever doing her thing and Father dearest sends me cards for my birthday and Christmas but doesn't talk to me otherwise. Oh, and the cousins. They're…interesting.
Ava: I have two brothers, Levi and Isaac. They're quite nice and we try to FaceTime every once and awhile. Anything else?
Peter: Fuck my mom, Dad's off doing fuckin' something, and I got three siblings: Anna, Carter, and Maura. Anna's my rock though. Definitely wouldn't be here without her.
James: I've got a sister, her name's Claire. I'm her legal guardian too 'cause Dad's a dirtbag, but…we care for each other. We gotta talk more.
Xavier: Like I give a fuck about family.

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savannah: my mom and dad are never home, my grandfather tested his f-d up experiment for military soldiers on me. basically if a solider is too tired too continue, the mutation would kick in, putting them into a trance with their only objective is to take out the target…thankfully, he trained me hard so my endurance levels were high enough to cause the mutation to never kick in..his training was brutal but I become an assassin and my cousin (basically my brother) blew up our house and shot me in my arm as I escaped
Paris: I had three brothers and my parents before a bomb blew up our house, killing my parents and my eldest brother. my older brother died three days later in the bomb shelter because we were trapped in an active war zone. after being rescued, my little brother Jamie had his leg amputated and it was discovered he was blind in his left eye. I was furthest from the blast so I walked away with only a broken hand and a nauseous feeling every time I see meat. thankfully, we were taken in by our uncle and Jamie got accepted into a school for geniuses


(Idk names yet)

Protaganist: . . .kind

Fallen goddess: family is a mortal concept

Antagonist: controlling

Enchantress: I can't remember. . .

Cursed magician: kill yourself (she doesn't remember either)

Pirate scrunkly: dead lol (they blame themselves)


Melody: Well, my parents were…great, well, as good as they could be, and Klaus is…well, he's a bit weird and some might say evil, but he's still my brother. Besides, my crew is my family now
Lemon: I don't remember them, leave me alone doesn't like her family being mentioned to her, and is now grumpy
Lola: Oh, my mom ignored me and my dad was a deadbeat, and my brother went missing years ago, so not great shrugs
Zach: I don't wanna talk about it, go away, asshole. (If you know him well) Zach: My dad sucked, he burned me with cigarettes and ahit, and my mom ignored me until it was convenient to remember me, and I accidentally stabbed her and killed her. So not good
Chase: (TW, MENTIONS OF SA) Well, my "real dad" he doesn't believe his father is his real dad touched me in weird places, so I didn't like him, but my REAL dad he thinks Klaus is his real dad locked me in a basement and fed me humans until I grew big and strong, so pretty great!
Magma: I don't know my real parents, never did. Lola did though. She says they were alright.
Liane: Oh, well, they were okay. They did use me for their business sometimes though.
Klaus: HA! dead! he murdered his parents and I try to kill my sister like, every day.
Strava: Meh, so so I guess. Average pretty much

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Pazia: [dialtone] Are you referring to the Six?
Abel: [Vietnam flashbacks] Eh, don't remember.
Rhyda: [smoking a cigarette] …. [upon further investigation she is actually asleep while smoking a cigarette]
Shea: I don't know!!!! none of us fuckign know!!!! thats why im causing all these problems to try and find out!!!!??!?!
Grace: I mean they're probably good?
Felix: fuck if I know
Bianca: It was… it was good. I miss my dad a lot.
Drew: jesus christ get me out of this fucking house I think my sister is planning to kill me with a hoverboard, a comedically placed rake, and far too many sharped forks.

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(im going to use all my fav characters for this if no one minds)
Alice: I never met them I was raised in a lab! how about yours?
Carmen: Did you even have parents? yeah I didn't think so
Caramel: m-m-m-my m-m-m-mo-mom (starts crying hysterically)
Candy:I killed them because they didn't get me the right candy
Austin: don't mind flake, SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU STUPID BITCH, so anyway my parents were amazing
Justin: ummmm please don't talk to me
Marco: my parents were c0keheads

dinosaur cookie

Kika: …I haven't… I don't know? I think… I think they're good. I don't… ask Kya. Anyways, so…
Xander: Which family? Like, because biologically, I am technically related to Arrow because the… (proceeds to spiel a whole bunch of nerdy bio stuff)
Brian: ignores. /when he is comfortable: sharply Oh. Yeah. We get along great! My dad abandoned me when I was in first grade, and I just recently met him, which was when I found out he is actually trying to capture my best friend so that he can sell him to the highest bidder, kill me so he can steal my spirit, and cause the apocalypse of the gods! And my mom… my mom is convinced I need to be 'fixed' and get therapy, and not even because I tried to kill myself yesterday again, but because I'm gay. At least since last I saw of them. Sorry, what did I just tell you?
Cole: My dad trained me by stabbing me with starblade [non-lethal to dragons, but hurts like hell]. My mom hated me from the day I was born… I ran away when I was about 5 and now my twin sister, Meridian, may be becoming a tyrant that cannot die, and I killed Sera when she was 2. So the situation is great!
Kya: My father is extremely rich and raped my mom. My dad dad, though, was hired by my father to take care of me and Kika, and my half brother sexually abused Kika.
Nova: starts to cry I'm sorry. I just… haven't seen them in so long. smiles softly I miss them. But, you know, this little band of misfits is my family too, so I guess I have seen them recently.
Meridian: fu** you. blood. means. nothing.
Aurum: what's a family? like, Mistress, or Py, or Brian?
Arrow: good. i guess.

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Shiori: They suck! They don't let me do anything! I ran away home for a reason!!
Raiki: …They're nice. A little big, but I love them. ….Just a sec, Shiori got into some trouble.

@spacebluelily language

Astrea: My family? I haven't been asked this question in a very long time. They're dead now. I don't think any escaped the curse that was placed upon us for slighting the gods. They were kind people…who cared about their people very much. My mother…descended into madness when I was young, but she had these moments of clarity, and when she did, she would go out, and help the common people.

Simmons: Not the greatest people around. They were tyrants, both as rulers and as parents. Kinda glad they were executed…though, there are times when I miss them, and I'm not so sure why. I mean, I have a much better family now! One that actually cares about me and makes sure to include me on their adventures… ugh emotions are complicated.

Cassius: (Before) Ha! Family is just a weakness. We can not be our best selves if we are being held back by the parasites that some people call family.
(Now) I don't…have anyone that I would consider a family. I've fucked up things so many times that I've come to accept being alone.


Rhoten: "Ah family. An interesting little tribe of backstabbing, tribalistic, superstitious, worthless little individuals. Aside from Taxus I suppose, any chance I had at having a real family died along with my wife and child… Are you satisfied?"

Azizi: "Oh geez, um… Well my family is old fashioned, but they're good people. Uh, when I came out to them, they encouraged me to take our tribe's coming of age ceremony, specifically the one for males, which was kinda wholesome. I mean, they always wanted a son anyway, so it just kinda worked out heh. I should… take a trip back there soon."

Kiira: "We have a pretty matriarchal society, so my mother and aunt led the household when I was younger and my father and brothers took care of the house. Every now and again I had to put my siblings in their place a few times, but with Mother and Auntie, we whipped them into shape. Not literally though."

Ratty: "How do you people keep getting in here?! Get out! What? Family? No? I have plants and other things to worry about! Out with you!"

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Siirawyn: I loved them. Truly, I did. Not Aeth users like me, but they raised me as well as they could have, given the situation. Part of me wonders how things would’ve turned out if I listened to them. Part of me also fears if the afterlife is real, and do they feel disgust looking down on me now?

Kyrios, before Istrad incident: That’s some human thing, is it not? I don’t really care.
Kyrios, after Istrad incident:

Robi: I have only flashes of them. Maybe it’s the virus, maybe that’s just how I am, but I don’t really feel motivated to go out and search for them. Something tells me that they gave me up willingly, after all.

@squiddicus language

Roger: My parents have always assumed I'll grow up to be like them; in other words: entitled, arrogant, cruel. I can't exactly tell them I'm a completely different person to the one I've always pretended to be. I do have a sister, Jocelyn, who I used to be close with, but I haven't seen her in many years.
Brent: I love my family! I still go round to my parents' all the time…mostly for the free food but also to see my little sister Belle! She's adorable!
Ember: I don't know what my parents were like, but they must be better than my aunt and uncle. Apparently having the wrong kind of magic 'disgraces the family name' or whatever.
Heather: Oh boy. It's chaos in my house! I have three older brothers: Oleander's a poet, Basil teaches arithmetic at the common school, and Rowan's training to be a dancer, plus my dad runs the bakery downstairs. Wanna stay for a cinnamon roll?
Wraith: I live with my grandma, mum and dad on the family farm. We get on alright, except for when my dragon breaks something…which does happen quite a lot.