forum What would you say to someone who kin/found comfort your characters?
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"First of all, what the actual f*ck

Second of all, I love and deeply care about you and you literally made my whole month because I'll keep replaying your kind words in my head and smiling every single time for real and in real life and I now consider you my family and you have no choice about this

Third of all, for the love of God go get therapy. Except if it was Marylinn. She's wholesome. Very nice gal. And if it was Henka, don't do drugs for Jesus's sake and FOR THE LOVE. OF. GOD. AND EVERYTHING THAT'S SACRED. GET. THERAPY."


If it was Naomi or CJ, I'd probably jump to a few conclusions and tell them that veterans' support groups exist. If it was Brandee, I'd be kind of worried. If it was Kieron or Talula…I doubt I'd complain, to be honest.

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Again, haven't shared any of their pages yet.

Mari: Why are you so oblivious
Celeste: Stop locking yourself in your room and maybe actually talk to people for once.
Any of the Prisoners of Lab 13 characters: For the love of god please get some therapy.

@trainwreck404 group

Simon: Uh…buddy…get some help but also please be my bestie.
CJ: Honey. Go talk to your family. Y'all just need to talk.
Logan: C'mere. You need several thousand hugs. Also you need to go to therapy. Fanfiction does not count.
Dean: Ha lol daddy issues. Also step away from the Supernatural. It's not as good as you think it is.
Henry: Ah yes, both a superiority complex AND an inferiority complex. The best combination aside from anxiety and depression. Bestie. Drink some tea.


Broadly, that's really sweet and I hope you're ok and would like to get to know you. More specifically:

Aoife: I hope you're doing ok with your religious guilt. Please try to make better choices in your love life.

Gabriel: Dude you ARE one of the bad love life choices. Either ditch your shitty family or go to family therapy. Read "Why Does He Do That" and stop copying the people who are described, tbh.

Lucio: Please don't mind control your significant others and best friends or lead a cult this time around. Also I hope you're not actually rich.

Eva: Girl you need therapy. Also how do you remember your past life, you're not supposed to be able to.

Rowan: Me too, dude. Please find better friends.

Giovanni: WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE-. no. just no.

Sienna: hugs. Please don't do drugs, cinnamon roll.

Kunigrunde: Please get evaluated for ADHD.

Sadie: Me too. Despite being in a cult, you're also the smartest of this lot.

Romero: I can't decide if your mind controlling crimes are worse or better than Lucio's. Either way please never be a religious leader again. Sorry about how you died tho.

Cenric: You really just ended up in a shitty situation and trusted the wrong people. Best of luck.

Any of the gods, but especially Otleich: Good luck with your god complex, pffft.

Isabelle or Luna: I AM SO SORRY.

Niamh: For all that you talk about how gullible other people are you're pretty gullible too. You should probably work on that. Also, read about consent and emmeshment.

@YumiGalaxy A Not Ok Artist

Gabriel: Dude you ARE one of the bad love life choices. Either ditch your shitty family or go to family therapy. Read "Why Does He Do That" and stop copying the people who are described, tbh.

I… I don't like how this one hit me in my current situation… how fucking dare you

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Kumi - Dude, do you need a hug? Maybe some therapy? Both? Don't get sad.. I kin her too so.. let's go to therapy together and give eachother love and hugs <3


REI : you're a psycho.. but you juste had a bad past where you didn't recive any love or attention so your trying to give it to the person you love the most

NYX : you were like alwayss controled and coudn't make a choice on you're owne but now you're free and you're trying to live you're life the fullest

im too lazy to write the other so that it


If it was Hector that would be understandable, hes just a bookworm and anti-sociall guy. However if it was Kenzo I would kindly like them to get away from me and send them to therapy (even though he can be a cassonova- dude kidnaped someone) And if it was SILVIA, I would have my phone dialed to 911…


"is it the trauma or something else that did it for you?"


nadia- the diagnosis is girlboss. also, sorry about the daddy issues.
rhea- ily. I'm proposing rn. down on one knee.
maisie- reading wikipeda to numb the pain as a child really defined you huh.
callisto- I'm so sorry.
pluto- ur so attractive
jonah- autistic (/pos)
briar- the main character
max- you know you're not the main character but you still have stans (and cater to them.)
elio- marry me. hot mess, emphasis on the "hot."
wren- only other mlm trans guys will relate to him and Im ok with that!
lewellyn- you are the sugar daddy you want so bad. how's it going having infinite secret admirers?
jamie- teddy bear.
eva- UR SO HOT! you may also actually have your life together!
lou- I'm SO sorry!
ari- you kin at least one succubus character. also pretty badass.

@tazu group

andrew: you like to be alone but don't at the same time
canarie: i can understand + you need a hug
iris: religious trauma and disgust of adults (men)? i totally understand. difficulty with showing empathy? hm, please go to therapy
jackie: most normal of the bunch, i applaud you
rin: i see you're a girlboss… respect you
leo: your childgood must've been hell