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What the title says
Edit: I forgot to do it for my own characters (whoops)
Ren - Milk before cereal
Elyas - Cereal before milk
Zephyr - Hates cereal with a passion - only drinks the milk
Chan - Eats them separately

@SpookyScarySnoteleks group

Azami: Cereal before milk
Jax: She just eats plain cereal
Peregrine: Milk before cereal out of pure spite
Teigi: Eats a handful of cereal, drink a glass of milk, mixes them in his mouth
Tori: She despises cereal
Maia: Cereal before milk

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Natalie: Cereal before milk.
Mia: freestyle
Lansing: Pours dry cereal out of the box into his mouth
Austin: Pours them in at the same time.
Jenna: Hates soggy cereal with a passion, gets to bowls and takes a spoonful of dry cereal, puts it in the milk and eats it. Everyone thinks she's being weird.



catori: eats it dry but only sometimes. normally skips breakfast
jo: his moms are rich this fucker eats like. pancakes and full breakfasts every single day
cisco: milk and then cereal
kas: milk. that's it he doesn't like cereal and even if he did, he lives with so many people that there's never any for him

agency kids

lorelei: cereal then milk, or coffee instead of milk.
thema: really prefers eggs and balanced breakfasts, but will eat the cereal and drink the milk separately.
alexis: depends on the day
gabe: cereal and then milk. very adamant on that being the proper way to do it. everyone jokes that it's the only reason he hates his sister(lorelei)
mihael: he doesn't know what cereal is


Jason-Way too much cereal, Way too much milk
Stephen-Cereal, just cereal, milk is for the weak

@Young-Dusty-the-Monarch-of-Dusteria group

Dar: Milk first, then cereal, he's a cook and knows how important it is to add the ingredients in the right order.
Kineta: Dry cereal's faster, cheaper, and more portable. She has straight water separately instead of milk.
Luke: Usually skips breakfast because he doesn't have much appetite when he first wakes up. Also milk spoils if you don't have a fridge, which he doesn't.
Nina: She has cereal with chocolate or strawberry milk, it's her guilty pleasure and she quickly pours it out first so she can put it away before anyone comments. Nobody would, though, she's just self-conscious.
Bernon: Has literally written sonnets about how much he would love a bowl of cold cereal. Dystopian living isn't all fun and games, you know. If he did eat some, he'd pour the milk first since he hates soggy food.
Mike: Doesn't actually like milk all that much. He may have developed a mild lactose intolerance as he got older. He doesn't like sugary-sweet things either, so he'd probably just have dry trail mix for breakfast and call it cereal.
Gage: Definitely has a lactose intolerance and several food allergies, but he hasn't realized yet because there are almost no options when it comes to food where he's from. So….we may never know how he eats cereal.
Mia: Pours a small amount of milk first, them mashes the cereal into it and eats it like porridge so her metabolism can more easily acquire the pure sugar held within the junky cereal she buys.
Boar-back: That one guy who eats kale chips like it's no big deal. He prefers pouring in the milk second to really drench his meal.
Brandon: Consumes weird foods and horrifying flavor combos just to be rebellious (and to wake himself up in the morning). He's tried cereal with pickle juice, black coffee with cornflakes, milk with day-old Chinese takeout, milk with sour candy, fruit smoothie with spicy taco mix…..still more evidence that he was the changeling child of a dumpster goblin.


Alywna: Cereal before milk.
Danae: Milk before cereal (sometimes cereal first, if she doesn't forget to put cereal to the milk).
Savi: Puts the cereal first, but after a while she serves a lot of milk just because the cereal 'wasn't wet enough'.


lyss: you ever seen someone eat cereal with a knife? well, he does it. he uses orange juice, pours it first, and then proceeds to eat the cereal with a pocket knife

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Colby: Oatmeal
Duxe: Also oatmeal
Tyler: He'd first make his own cereal, then pour it in a bowl, then the milk.
Hunter: Milk than cereal
Catiline: Cereal than milk, than back for more cereal
Kandy: Cereal than milk


Kevin- puts cereal in a mug and drinks it like its coffee
Cody- puts obscene amounts of sugar in a bowl, the cereal, and then the milk
Zachery- likes to always use strawberry milk and fill the bowl to the brim with cereal
Jomei- Bowl, cereal, milk

@Fangirl616 group

Zenith: Does it either way, not really caring. He'll sometimes just eat cereal dry.
John: Milk before cereal.
Jayden: Cereal before milk.
Katsumi: The opposite of whatever the person near her does.
(I have more characters but idk what they would do lol)

@GameMaster group

Alec Boyd: butter and biscuits
Asia Chiu: cereal first, but she puts extra milk to drink at the end
Isaac: milk first
Jolene: cereal first
Amara: cereal first
Marco: eats his cereal dry

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Kip: Pours milk into a cup, pours cereal, eats cereal with a fork
Aydin: Dry cereal with a glass of chocolate milk
Malcom: No one has actually seen him eat anything…


Amelia: Orange juice and cereal
Roman: Milk before cereal
Bao: Eats it dry sometimes, but puts just a bit of water to soften it up


Lincoln: Cereal then milk, makes him seem normal.
Oscar: Eats cereal without milk no one taught him you mix milk with it.
Landers: grabs a glass of water (Or what ever liquid he wants to try) dumps bunches of different kinds of cereal in the glass and drinks it.
Harli: Puts dried leaves from his garden in water. He doesn't know what cereal is.
Clov: Pours the cereal then dumps in his coffee.
Leslie: Doesn't eat cereal, but he does crush up Oreos into milk and eat it with a spoon.